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Thursday 28 July 2011

The Penang Bookshelf - July 2011 Newsletter

The Penang Bookshelf
July 2011 Newsletter
From The Penang Bookshelf

Dear Friend,

Swamped by Books  

Not only was I tripping up over second -hand books most of the time I was in the UK, but my Penang family have been extremely adept at skipping over the bundles of new books from Malaysian and Sinagporean publishers that have been arriving since my return.   

In the UK the major event was, of course, the book auction where I and my younger daughter - brought along for not only a bit of bonding, but for some muscle work as well - were made to feel more than welcome. I suppose that it did help that we walked off with about 90 books, most of which I hope are on the high seas to Malaysia at the moment. If you're at all interested to know what I picked up, do check here. These books and about 50 more that I picked up while away should start turning up on my shelves, either in Penang or on the web, in August.  (Actually, some are there already.) 

Back home, I've taken my first deliveries from Monsoon Books, the National University of Singapore Press and the Strategic Information and Research Development Centre (SIRD). I've also been travelling inland to collect books, to Ipoh. There I met the very friendly team at Media Masters and picked up books from them, from their associates, Perak Academy, and a couple of self-published books. 

And, believe it or not, some of this activity is reflected in  the section New Arrivals in July on my main website. Other orders have turned up as well. I will  keep up my practice for the time being of notifying you of orders in advance on The Penang Bookshelf Blog ,  so do keep checking in between newsletters.  I think if you're really keen, you can subscribe to receive emails of my blog. Could lead to information fatigue, I suppose.  

Bookseller and Now Book Distributor

In the course of the month I was flattered to be asked to be the distributor in peninsular Malaysia and Singapore by the author, Tom McLaughlin, for his new book Borneo Tom  Borneo Tom
Price Including Shipping
Or Email Me To Order
McLaughlin has an unusual story and an unusual way of telling, in both word and cartoon. I like his humble, but humourous style.  If you still need convincing,  have a look at  Borneo Tom Reviews.   

I'll devote myself in August to doing the rounds of the Penang bookshops and wander further afield later. If in the meantime you would like the book stocked in a bookshop near you, do contact me. Maybe life does go around in first job while at university was selling encyclopaedias!  

A Jewel in Johor 

You may have noticed that some of my  ageing stock has been given a new lease of life by being rebound in either blue or green leatherette.  If you have a book that's falling apart and you want to knock it back into shape again, I would strongly recommend   The Johor Area Rehabilitation Organisation (JORAS). If covered in this style they cost about RM35 (including return postage within Malaysia) and if they're  with leather covered corners and spine  they cost about RM55.  JORAS has customers, including major libraries, all over the world and they're lovely to deal with. You can email Mr Ong Hon Yew, the Operations Manager, or speak with Letchimi, who's in charge of the book binding section. Her number is +60-7-224-5632.  

What's a Book Worth or What will it Sell for?  

When I was a regular browser of second-hand book stalls and shops, I used often to wonder how much of a mark-up the book seller was making.  Now that I'm on the other side of the counter, I find that pricing 'rare' books is the most difficult part of this business. (It may not surprise you that one of the reasons I loathed being a lawyer was that I squirmed most times when I had to deliver a bill.)  

Take this example - I bought a book in Penang this month for RM15 (US$3). When I got home and checked on the price, I found that the only copy available on the net was being sold for a nearly US$330! In fact, in such cases I have a weird formula which means I usually end up charging two-thirds of the price of the competition, but I'm still not comfortable with it.  

I suppose I'll learn that the value of a book is what the market will bear, but that doesn't really relieve my discomfort, if I think my profit's too much. Fortunately, that's rare. More than 95% of my stock is charged at about 30% of what I've paid for the book, particularly for books currently in print.  So, if you're ever puzzled as to how I've priced a book, don't be shy. I'll be more than happy to tell you. 

An Interview with the Authors of Heritage Trees of Penang, Just Published by Areca Books.

I first set foot in Penang in the early 50s, when my father was a Singapore based journalist for a British newspaper. He first came to Penang about ten years ahead of me when he had the misfortune to be part of the Indian Army drafted in to defending the peninsula against the Japanese.  Of course he ended up as a prisoner of war under the Japanese.  

Perhaps in homage to him I have decided to try each month to interview an author or a publisher. My first attempt was earlier this month with Simon Gardner and Lai Ee May, two of the three authors of Heritage Trees of Penang  just published this month by the Penang publishers, Areca Books.   
Heritage Trees  

I hope they didn't find the results too gruelling. If you want to know a bit more about the book and what we chatted about, you'll find it here.  
Price Including Shipping
                                     Or Email Me to Order a Copy
 What About the Fiddley Bits? 

Although this newsletter hasn't been quite as painful to produce as the first, I have made life a bit more difficult for myself by playing about with PayPal buttons and putting in a few more links to my own and others' websites. I wonder does this help or just add too much clutter? I'd love to know.

By the way, I did have a question from a customer this month about PayPal. He wondered who they were and whether they were trustworthy. If you're wondering about them too, they're a subsidiary of EBay and claim to be the most popular way of paying online. You can either make payments through your own PayPal account, if you have one, or pay via PayPal using your credit card, if you don't have a PayPal account. Most of my Malaysia based customers pay by deposit into my bank account here. I have also used my UK bank account similarly, if anyone would like to use this option.  

I'm also still ready for any other feedback that you'd like to give me.  My initial newsletter seemed to get off to a reasonable start, more than half of you opened it and only one person decided they couldn't face receiving another one. However I'm always ready for new ideas about this newsletter, what I should stock, my prices or anything else. Just shout!

Thanks for reading this far. I look forward to being in touch again.

With my best wishes,

William Knox
The Penang Bookshelf 


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Yixing Teapots 

One of the more enjoyable aspects of bookselling are bursts of popularity for some books that I find ia bit puzzling. In this case the book has been lurking on my shelves and websites for a couple of months or so. The first sign of interest I had was a call from a journalist on Malaysia's Star Newspaper.  She was researching for an article on these marvellous objects. The article duly appeared without any mention of the book because I couldn't get it to her in time, but within a fortnight I had orders from, firstly, New Zealand  and then the UK with promises of more orders to come! I know I'm selling this out of print book cheaper than anyone else on the net, but that still didn't stop me from wondering about an internet conspiracy. The booklovers' equivalent of the hacking group, Anonymous, perhaps? 

If you're interested in a copy, do contact me as I still have copies, for now, at this price.

                Book Price Including Shipping

One happy byproduct of all this is that I'm off to meet the journalist this weekend for an interview about the Penang Bookshelf... 

This Month's  Top Selling Categories

Customers' Wish List

As you may know, I not only supply books from my stock, but also can help find books for you too. I charge 15% of the cost to me of obtaining the book, with a minimum charge of RM15 and a maximum of RM55 per book. Most of the time I'm successful, but some of the time I'm not. So I thought it might not be a bad idea to publicise what some of my customers are looking for. In some cases they're looking for specific titles, in other cases books about a particular subject.

If you have anything in the list below and want to part with it, do contact me and I'll see if the searcher is interested. I would charge the searcher a handling fee based on the rates outlined in the previous paragraph.

Of course this could be a marvellous excuse for you to set off for a browse in your neighbourhood bookshop and earn some money for yourself. Anyway, whichever way suits you best, I'd be grateful for your help.  

The List

  • Bijdragen to de taal-, land en volkenkunde - Deel 131  (1975) 
  • Federated Museums Journal  Vol 21 (1976)  
  • Green is the Colour by Lloyd Fernando (original edition) 
  • Hikayat Abdullah (Original Malay Version, not the English translation)   
  • Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Vol 12, No 3 October 1934
  • The same - Vol 24 Pt 1 May 1951 
  • The same - Vol 27, Pt 1 May 1954
  •  Pending Permata by Shamus Frazer  

Finally, I have a customer who is writing a novel set in the Portuguese Eurasian community in Penang in the 1970s/80s. She was wondering if anyone had any memoirs, novels or other literature about the community at this time.

If you have any wants/wishes that you would like added to this list, do let me know  

Two Cheers for Pos Malaysia!

The Malaysian postal service, Pos Malaysia, is vital for my existence, but like any other monopoly worldwide, I suppose, they can be frustrating. Generally visiting a post office is far from a pleasant experience. Most of the staff I've come across can hardly be said to be models of efficiency or inspiration.  

However there is one exception, a post office about ten minutes drive from my home. It's difficult to spend longer than about 10 minutes there whatever the length of the queue. I can't think of another post office anywhere which is quite honestly a joy to visit. By now they're getting used to this book laden customer who's become a regular. The staff are  friendly as well as efficient. So far not a single parcel I've sent has failed to reach its destination in good time. Oh sorry, there was one exception  - an unfortunate cutomer who had to wait for two months for some books to travel by surface mail from Penang to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah! 

On the receiving end I have also had a 100% success rate, but there have been some close calls. I received a book today that had been posted airmail from the States in April. I also once had to wait for five, instead of the usual two or three, months for a book to come by surafce mail from the UK. It was a bit nerve wracking as it was quite a valuable and rare book. In the end I resorted to the Knox family remedy for anything that's missing - a prayer and an offer of cash to St Anthony. The book turned up the next day!

I also know that when I order from one of the largest booksellers in the UK, there's almost a 100% chance that the books will be delayed because they're opened by some annoying team in Kuala Lumpur. I don't think they're censors, but lackeys of something like the Ministry of Agriculture checking to see whether I'm smuggling in plants or seeds that will upset Malaysia's natural beauty.  They always indicate they've had a look by slapping yards of their own embossed sticky tape on the parcel. In one case they completely re-packed the book in their own very handsome packaging.

Given all this one can understand why several international booksellers refuse to post to Malaysia. Based on my experience, I would say Pos Malaysia are fine, but you do need patience and, in some cases, prayer helps too.  

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Wednesday 27 July 2011

Heritage Trees of Penang - A Chat with the Authors

To coincide with the start of the Penang Festival, Areca Books of Penang published Heritage Trees of Penang. Shortly afterwards I went along to meet Simon Garner and Lai Ee May, two of the authors, at the Areca offices. The other author, Pindar Sidisunthorn, has also contributed a lovely set of botanical illustrations which accompany the colour photographs throughout the book. She has given the originals to the Penang Botanical Gardens.

The book came into being as a result of  a meeting between Lai, who had been attached to the Penang Botanical Gardens as well as to FRIM, the Forestry Research Institute of Malaysia, and Gardner and Sidisunthorn, who had already jointly written A Field Guide to Forest Trees of Northern Thailand. They not only wanted to fill the gap in botanical and general literature about Malaysian trees, but also to highlight Penang's rich treasury of trees.

Penang's Botanical Gardens are the second oldest in Asia and is packed full of trees that it's difficult to find anywhere else in Asia. Despite what many residents may think,  the Municipal Council and State Government have also been making efforts to keep public trees flourishing. Most of the colonial roads still have a fine crop of impressive trees. Gardner also mentioned that some new industrial estates on the mainland of Penang State had also laid out a significant avenues of trees which will be impressive when they reach maturity.

The book, amongst other things, highlights various trends, for example the disappearance of fruit trees for domestic use. The only palm tree in the book, the Pinang Tree, after which the island gets its name, also falls into this category. The areca nut, a vital ingredient in the preparation of betel chewing, is the most notable product of this tree. However as betel chewing becomes less popular the pinang trees still standing become more onamental than anything else. The book covers over 200 species of trees, categorising them into chapters dedicated to their various uses. Penang, not only still has reasonable areas of indigenous forest on its hills, but also its Buddhist and Hindu communities venerate trees as can be seen by the many tree shrines dotted about the island.

I wondered which is the oldest tree known in Penang. Gardner said this a difficult question to answer since tropical trees are difficult to date. We don't have the such contrasts of seasons in the tropics, so trees don't have seasonal marks to help determine their age. However the earliest recorded tree is near the Western Road cemetery. It was a mature tree in 1817 when there is a record of a specimen being taken from it.

Given that I was having a chat on behalf of book fiends, I also wondered what other books and publications there were around. Of course the book itself has an extensive bibliography, but the authors said that EJH Corner's Wayside Trees of Malaya, although its two volumes don't allow it to be called a handbook, is still the bible. The original editions are fairly scarce and pricey, but the authors thought that the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) may well have published a reprint. (Unfortunately when I checked their site their 'Shop' page was blank as it was under construction.) There's also the Dictionary of Economic Products of the Malay Peninsula by I.H. Burkhill and others, but that too is pricey and rare. Slightly more accessible is Ivan Polunin's Plants and Flowers of Malaysia which is still in print and more of a handbook. He's also written a similar book about plants and flowers of Singapore which may not be much different! Otherwise FRIM and MNS do have a range of publications in English and Malay on various aspects of plant life in the country.

We ended up the interview by me asking both Gardner and Lai about whether there were any gaps in current literature. Ee May immediately said that, as a mother herself, she'd love to write something for children as she feels that they're "the generation who are going to lose out." We had earlier discussed how the trend, in Penang at least, is for many house owners to destroy whatever plants exist in their gardens in favour of concreting over the remains for more living and car parking space. It's a pity really since there used to be a time when most people chose their living accomodation because of the shelter given by neighbouring trees. Now people may feel they can retreat into their air conditioned pens which in turn results in a worsening environment and a strangling of community cohesiveness.

Gardner and Sidisunthorn are currently working on a companion book to his Field Guide to Forest Trees of Northern Thailand, i.e. A Field Guide to the Forest Trees of Southern Thailand. He said he would like to see a similar guide to trees in Malaysia, something that was more portable, more reasonably priced, while still being authoritative, than what's currently available. I did notice that, given his current publishing commitments, he didn't offer to take on such a project himelf!

Finally I was reminded that this edition of Heritage Trees of Penang, priced at RM100, is heavily subsidised by grants from various donors interested in the environment. The second edition is unlikely to get such sponsorship and may well be sold for at least RM150. So rush and get your copies now.

Price Including Shipping

                                                  Or Email Me to Order a Copy

Thursday 21 July 2011

Penang Bookshelf Full Catalogue as of 21st July 2011

The Penang Bookshelf Catalogue
As at 21st July 2011
Details of most of these books are not on my website yet, so if you are interested in further details on any of the books listed below,
do contact me at
Please note the currency rates are valid as of today, but, obviously, may fluctuate. I hope they're useful as a guide.
Choi! TouchwoodSN35RM65 $20$21€15£13$25$26
Chronicle of Malaysia: Fifty Years of Headline NewsML540RM100 $31$32€24£21$39$40
The Fifth Year of the War in PicturesAS80RM20 $6$6€5£4$8$8
Landmarks of PerakML464RM195 $61$62€46£40$76$79
Malaysia at RandomML211RM50 $16$16€12£10$19$20
Malaysia ChicML462RM70 $22$22€16£14$27$28
Old Sarawak: A Pictorial StudyML521RM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
The Maps of MalayaML509RM100 $31$32€24£21$39$40
Peking Opera Facial DesignsCN80RM60 $19$19€14£12$23$24
Penang Information GuideML544RM235 $73$74€55£49$91$95
Penang Information Guide - September 1935ML572RM200 $62$63€47£41$78$81
Penang Pearl of the Orient - Information Guide - 1963ML38RM90 $28$28€21£19$35$36
Penang Pearl of the Orient - 2002ML41RM30 $9$9€7£6$12$12
Penang (Prince of Wales Island)ML569RM805 $251$255€189£167$313$326
Vietnamese Feminist PoemsVN4RM50 $16$16€12£10$19$20
Vietnamese TheatreVN2RM35 $11$11€8£7$14$14
Abidin, Mohd Asri ZainulIslam in Malaysia: Perceptions & FactsML244RM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
Abidin, A Zainul and Abdullah SalehLife in the Malay Kampongs of Kuching, 50 Years AgoML474RM90 $28$28€21£19$35$36
Ackerman, Susan & Raymond LeeHeaven in TransitionML454RM60 $19$19€14£12$23$24
Adam, AhmatLetters of SincerityML327RM70 $22$22€16£14$27$28
Ahmad, Abu TalibMalay Muslims, Islam and the Rising SunML307RM100 $31$32€24£21$39$40
Akashi Yoji & Yoshimura MakoNew Perspectives on the Japanese Occupation in Malaya and SingaporeML296RM55 $17$17€13£11$21$22
Al-Attas, Syed Muhammad Al-NaquibComments on the RE-Examination of Al-Raniri's Hujjatu'l-Siddiq: A RefutationML418RM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
Ali, AnuwarMalaysia's Industrialization: The Quest for TechnologyML14RM30 $9$9€7£6$12$12
Ali, Husin SSocial Stratification in Kampong BaganML287RM80 $25$25€19£17$31$32
Ali, SalimBook of Indian Birds 11th edIN45RM75 $23$24€18£16$29$30
Ali, Syed AkbarMalaysia and the Club of DoomML212RM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
Ali, Syed HusinTHE MALAYS, THEIR PROBLEMS AND FUTUREML234RM35 $11$11€8£7$14$14
Allen, Charles edTales from the South China SeasAS29ARM50 $16$16€12£10$19$20
Ambler, EricPassage of ArmsML46RM20 $6$6€5£4$8$8
Ambler, EricThe Night-ComersID7RM25 $8$8€6£5$10$10
Ampalavanar, RajeshwaryThe Indian Minority and Political Change in Malaya 1945-1957ML584RM175 $55$55€41£36$68$71
An Chee MinThe Last EmpressCN27RM35 $11$11€8£7$14$14
Anderson, JohnMandalay to MomienMY4RM120 $37$38€28£25$47$49
Anderson, JohnPolitical and Commercial Considerations Relative to The Malayan Peninsula and the British Settlements in the Straits of MalaccaML367RM160 $50$51€38£33$62$65
Anderson, PatrickSnake WineSN9RM70 $22$22€16£14$27$28
Appudurai, Jayanth & GA David DassMalaysian Indians: Looking ForwardML647RM10 $3$3€2£2$4$4
ARMSTRONG, AnthonyCAPTAIN BAYONET ANDML512RM75 $23$24€18£16$29$30
Arney, GeorgeAfghanistanAF1RM20 $6$6€5£4$8$8
Ars, BrigitteDe sprong van de Maleise tijgerML558RM25 $8$8€6£5$10$10
Aslam, NadeemMaps for Lost LoversPK5RM25 $8$8€6£5$10$10
Azra, AzumardiThe Origins of Islamic Reformism in South East AsiaAS27RM70 $22$22€16£14$27$28
Aw, TashMap of the Invisible WorldID3RM35 $11$11€8£7$14$14
Aw, TashThe Harmony Silk FactoryML24RM30 $9$9€7£6$12$12
Aw, TashThe Harmony Silk FactoryML24ARM20 $6$6€5£4$8$8
Awang GonengA Map of TrengganuML638RM35 $11$11€8£7$14$14
Axelrod, Herbert RKoi of the World: Japanese Colored CarpJP17Z1RM30 $9$9€7£6$12$12
Ayoob, MohammedThe Many Faces of Political Islam: Religion and Politics in the Muslim WorldAS92RM45 $14$14€11£9$18$18
Bai, D. DevikaThe Flight of SwansML636RM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
Bailey, WEIsland of Love and DeathML403RM300 $93$95€71£62$117$121
Bakar, Rumaizah AbuThe Female CellML396RM35 $11$11€8£7$14$14
Barber, AndrewPenang Under the East India CompanyML113RM110 $34$35€26£23$43$45
Barber, AndrewPenang at WarML281RM85 $26$27€20£18$33$34
Barber, AndrewMalaysian MomentsML282RM50 $16$16€12£10$19$20
Barber, AndrewMalaya: The Making of a Nation 1510-1957ML283RM80 $25$25€19£17$31$32
Barber, NoelThe War of the Running DogsML53RM15 $5$5€4£3$6$6
Barber, NoelThe War of the Running DogsML53ARM20 $6$6€5£4$8$8
Barley, NigelRogue Raider: The Tale of Captain Lauterbach and the Singapore MutinySN48RM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
Barley, NigelIn The Footsteps of Stamford RafflesSN50RM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
Barlow, HSBoats, Boatbuilding and Fishing in MalaysiaML240RM80 $25$25€19£17$31$32
Barme, Geremie RThe Forbidden CityCN84RM35 $11$11€8£7$14$14
Bary, Thomas deSources of Indian TraditionIN76RM50 $16$16€12£10$19$20
Batchelor, BrianPost "Hoabinhian"Coastal SettlementML414RM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
Bates, HEThe Purple PlainMY5RM25 $8$8€6£5$10$10
Baum, VickiThe Weeping WoodML310RM35 $11$11€8£7$14$14
Beaman, John H & Peter J EdwardsFerns of Kinabalu: An IntroductionML372RM135 $42$43€32£28$53$55
Beames, JohnMemoirs of A Bengal CivilianIN55RM50 $16$16€12£10$19$20
Becker, JasperHungry GhostsCN21RM45 $14$14€11£9$18$18
Benedict, RuthThe Chrysanthemum and the SwordJP8RM50 $16$16€12£10$19$20
Bennet, Elizabeth L & Francis GombekProboscis Monkeys of BorneoML429RM55 $17$17€13£11$21$22
Berbar, HJourney Through MalaccaML356RM35 $11$11€8£7$14$14
Berbar, HJourney Through PenangML357RM35 $11$11€8£7$14$14
Bevan, JWL & OthersPlanting Techniques for Oil Plams in MalaysiaML426RM120 $37$38€28£25$47$49
Bhatia, GautamPunchtantraIN77RM25 $8$8€6£5$10$10
Bhatia, GautamMalaria DreamsIN78RM25 $8$8€6£5$10$10
Bhutto, BenazirDaughter of DestinyPK3RM30 $9$9€7£6$12$12
Bilainkin, GeorgeHail Penang!ML50RM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
Bilainkin, GeorgeHail Penang!ML50CRM900 $280$285€212£186$350$364
Bingham-Hall, PatrickThe New Asia Pacific HouseAS49RM225 $70$71€53£47$88$91
BLOODWORTH, DennisTHE CLIENTS OF OMEGASN20RM75 $23$24€18£16$29$30
Bois, JA duHindu Manners, Customs and CeremonisIN75RM50 $16$16€12£10$19$20
Bond, Ruskin (ed)The Penguin Book of Classical Indian Love Stories and LyricsIN49RM25 $8$8€6£5$10$10
Bond, Ruskin & Ganesh SailiMussourie & LandourIN1RM90 $28$28€21£19$35$36
Books LLCMalaysian MythologyML170RM80 $25$25€19£17$31$32
Boomgaard, PeterFrontiers of FearML190RM75 $23$24€18£16$29$30
Boon, KNMalaysia Banknotes & CoinsML295RM65 $20$21€15£13$25$26
Boon, KNMalaysia Banknotes & Coins - 5th editionML411RM75 $23$24€18£16$29$30
Boulle, PierreThe Bridge Over the River KwaiMY6RM35 $11$11€8£7$14$14
Boycott, RosieAll for LoveAS42RM30 $9$9€7£6$12$12
Boudonnat, Louise & Harumi KushizakiTraces of the Brush The Art of Japanese CalligraphyJP13RM60 $19$19€14£12$23$24
Bradshaw, GillianBloodwoodML516RM25 $8$8€6£5$10$10
Braginsky, VIThe System of Classical Malay LiteratureML176RM100 $31$32€24£21$39$40
Brand, Mona & Lesley RichardsonTwo Plays About MalayaML270RM80 $25$25€19£17$31$32
Brandt, ThomasAsia in Those DaysAS53RM570 $178$180€134£118$222$231
Brandt, ThomasChina in Those DaysCN59RM580 $181$184€136£120$226$235
Brazil, DavidNo Money No Honey - A Candid Look at Sex-For-Sale in SingaporeSN7RM35 $11$11€8£7$14$14
Brecher, MichaelSuccession in IndiaIN79RM25 $8$8€6£5$10$10
Brien, Harriet O'Forgotten LandMY1RM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
Briffett, Clive & Sutari Bin SupariThe Birds of SingaporeSN31RM50 $16$16€12£10$19$20
British and Foreign SocietySlavery and Slave Trade in British IndiaML66RM50 $16$16€12£10$19$20
Brohier, RLSeeing CeylonSL12RM90 $28$28€21£19$35$36
Brown, Edwin AIndiscreet Memories: 1901 Singapore Through the Eyes of A Colonial EnglishmanSN49RM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
Brown, SimonPractical Feng Shui SolutionsCN62RM20 $6$6€5£4$8$8
Bruce Lockhart, RHReturn to MalayaID5RM135 $42$43€32£28$53$55
Bryant, WilliamBirds of ParadiseML391RM80 $25$25€19£17$31$32
Buderi, Robert & Gregory T HuangGuanxiCN70RM25 $8$8€6£5$10$10
Burdett, JohnBangkok 8: A NovelTH4RM25 $8$8€6£5$10$10
Buruma, IanGod's DustAS66RM20 $6$6€5£4$8$8
Byrnes, Christopher & OthersComplete MalayML51RM100 $31$32€24£21$39$40
Cai MingjieDiary of A Taxi Driver: True Stories from Singapore's Most Educated CabdriverSN34RM50 $16$16€12£10$19$20
Calder, RitchieMen Against the JungleAS10RM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
Cameron, JamesOur Tropical Possessions in Malayan IndiaML582RM110 $34$35€26£23$43$45
Cant, RGAn Historical Geography of PahangML437RM80 $25$25€19£17$31$32
Carey, PeterWrong About JapanJP15RM30 $9$9€7£6$12$12
Carey, PeterMy Life As A FakeML215RM30 $9$9€7£6$12$12
Carey, PBRBabad DipanagaraID8RM55 $17$17€13£11$21$22
Carpenter, Francis RossThe old China trade: Americans in Canton, 1784-1843CN71RM25 $8$8€6£5$10$10
Carrington, CharlesRudyard Kipling - His Life and WorkIN44RM10 $3$3€2£2$4$4
Carroll, StevenThe Lovers' RoomJP3RM30 $9$9€7£6$12$12
Cartland, BarbaraParadise in PenangML60ERM40 $12$13€9£8$16$16
Cattan, Henry (trans)The Garden of JoysAS17RM45 $14$14€11£9$18$18
Cave, Geoffrey & Hugh B CaveThe Death's Head March and OthersML552RM60 $19$19€14£12$23$24
Cave, JonathanNaning in MelakaML334RM150 $47$47€35£31$58$61
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