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Wednesday 4 January 2012

Books Ordered in January - Offers

Books Ordered in January

As usual I'm letting you know of books I am ordering in the course of the month. They usually take up to a month from the date of the order to reach me. Please assume that the books are used, unless I indicate otherwise. I have also given the expected price when the books reach my shelves in blue. Sometimes I can offer some of the titles at a reduced price if they are ordered and paid for within a calendar month of the date of my order. In such cases I  indicate the discounted price in red. If you want to pre-order any of them or have any questions, do contact me at

3rd January

Rickshaw Coolie: A People's History of Singapore - James Frances Warren RM120

4th January
Indian Indenture in the Straits Settlements - David Chanderbali (New) RM150
Swettenham - HS Barlow (1995 Southdene Sdn. Bhd. Kuala Lumpur - New) RM100
Victory - James Conrad (New) RM40 

8th January

Malay Dialogues with Colloquial Grammar - Mohamed Ali bin Mohamed & A. E. Coope (Macmillan 1952) RM100 
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The Phonology and Morphology of Ulu Muar Malay - Rufus Hendon (Yale Univeristy Press, 1966) RM70
The Peoples of Malaysia - Fay Cooper Cole ( D. Van Nostrand Company, 1945.) RM70
Nanyang perspective: Chinese students in multiracial Singapore - Andrew William Lind (University of Hawaii Press 1974) (New) RM60
Towards A Malayan Nation -  TH Silcock (Eastern Universities Press, 1961) RM160
Suicidal Behaviour in Singapore - Chia Boon Hock (Seamic, 1981) RM90 

9th January
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The Consul's File - Paul Theroux (Penguin, 1981) RM30 
Imperial Belvederes: Hill Stations of Malaya -  Robert Aiken (OUP Asia, 1994) RM140
Burmese and Malayan Cats - Moira K Swift (Barrons Educational) RM50
To Siam and Malaya in the Duke of Sutherland's Yacht 'Sans Peur' - Florence Caddy (OUP Reprint) RM170
Malay Magician - RO Winstedt (OUP Asia) RM100 

10th January 

Legacy of the Malay Letter/Warisan Warkah Melayu - Annabel Teh Gallop (The British Library 1994) (Fine condition)  RM120/RM110
Southeast Asia: Past and Present - SR Sardesai (Westview Press, 1997) RM30
SOE Singapore 1941-1942 - Richard Gough (William Kimber 1985) RM90
Wives and Midwives: Childbirth and Nutrition in Rural Malaysia - Carol Laderman (University of California Press, 1983) RM30
Glimpses of the past: Stories from Singapore and Malaysia - Menag-Wen Huang (Heinemann) RM40
We Remember: Cameos of Pioneer Life - Yvonne Quahe (Graham Brash 1986) RM100/RM90
Cantonese Culture: Aspects of Life in Modern Hong Kong & Southeast Asia - Shirley Ingram & Rebecca Ng (Bookword Services, 1999) RM30

 11th January

 An Eye for the Dragon: Southeast Asia Observed: 1954-70 - Dennis Bloodworth (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1970) RM40
A research guide to China-Coast newspapers, 1822-1911 - HH Frank (ed) (Harvard University, 1965) RM80/RM70
Great Hill Stations of Asia - Barbara Crosette (Basic Books, 1998) RM30
The Short Story in South-East Asia:Aspects of A Genre - Jeremy Davidson & Helen Cordell (eds) (School of Oriental & African Studies, 1982) RM30
Gandhi: Selected Writings RM40/RM30
Muslims in Southeast Asia: A Study of Minority Problems - Rajinder Singh Chauhan (Kanishka Pub. House, 1991) RM80/RM60

The High Road to China: George Bogle, the Panchen Lama and the First British Expedition to Tibet - Kate Teltscher (Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2007) RM40
Tenzin Gyatso: The Early Life of the Dalai Lama - Claude Levanson & Joseph Rowe (North Atlantoc Books 2002) RM30
Shooting the Boh: A Woman's Voyage Down the Wildest River in Borneo - Tracy Johnston ( Vintage, 1993) RM30/RM20
Only Man is Vile: The Tragedy of Sri Lanka - William McGowan ( Picador, 1993) RM40
The Invisiables: A Tales of the Eunuchs in India - Zia Jaffrey (Vintage  1998) RM30
Sengoi-English, English-Sengoi Dictionary - Nathalie Means (Joint Centre on Modern East Asia) RM110/RM90
Style in the East Asian Tradition - RE Scott (School of Oriental & African Studies, 1987) RM40

16th January

British Malaya and British North Borneo A Bibliographical List - Florence Hellman RM300/RM260

21st January

Festivals of Malaya - Joy Mason (ed) (Donald Moore for Eastern Universities Press, Singapore, 1965.) RM90
The Chinese in Malaya - Victor Purcell (Oxford University Press, 1948) RM200

22nd January

Politics in Malaysia. The Malay Dimension - Edmund Terence Gomez (ed) (Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2008) RM70/RM60
British Policy in the Malay Peninsula, 1880-1910   - Eunice Thio (University of Malaya Press, 1969) RM130

24th January

Assignment Nuclear Nude - Edwards S. Aaarons (A Fawcett Gold Medal Book., 1968.) RM40
The Pride and the Anguish - Douglas Reeman (Berkley Medallion Book., 1972) RM50

25th January

Desultory remarks on the ancient history of the Malay Peninsula - Paul Wheatley (Center for Southeast Asia Studies, Institute of International Studies, University of California, Southeast Asia Series) RM200/RM170 

A Malay Village and Malaysia - Peter J. Wilson (HRAF Press, 1968) RM50

more to come...