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Tuesday 2 April 2019

New Arrivals at The Penang Bookshelf in April 2019

New Arrivals at The Penang Bookshelf


April 2019

(Last Updated 7-4-19)

This is a list of new arrivals advertised at The Penang Bookshelf for this month. Please note: -

  • Each book advertised below includes a brief description of its contents and condition as well as the price in Malaysian Ringgit. If you want a fuller description of a used book's condition, to look at the scanned contents page, if any, and or to find out the price in USD, please click on the link in blue for the relevant book. 
  • If you click on a link after the current month and find nothing, the book's been sold.  
  • Of course, if you want to buy anything you see here, you can either do so from the site or contact me at 
  • This page will be updated constantly until the end of the month.
  • The prices shown here hold good for at least this month, but for out of print books, the prices may change in subsequent months.
  • All prices include free postage to anywhere in Malaysia.


Ho Ah Chon was a historical magpie, specialising in all things to do with Sarawak. Here he presents extracts from Sarawak by the Week and The Sarawak Tribune over the period leading up to the state becoming part of the Federation of Malaysia in 1963. The text is accompanied by numerous black and white photographs. Very Good Paperback First Edition. 184 pages.

Ho Ah Chon specialised in recording the 20th century history of Sarawak by republishing local newspaper reports of the time. Here he presents extracts from Sarawak by the Week for the year 1966. The text is accompanied by numerous black and white photographs. Near Fine Paperback First Edition. 153 pages.

The Iranun of Sabah - James UH Chin & Karla J Smith (eds)   RM150

A collection of research papers by members of the Borneo and Research Council and other that seeks to fill the gap of a lack of much recent literature about this endangered indigenous group. All the contributors have experience of working with the Iranun and deal with such diverse topics as the Iranun's history, their neighbours, politics as it affects them, their music, language and various traditional practices. New Paperback First Edition 228 pages with a bibliography and index.

Malaysia & Singapore - Cooking and Food

Ulam: Salad Herbs of Malaysia - WE Wan Hassan   RM500

Malaysia's rich tropical climate is home to more than 2,000 herbs and medicinal plants. This lavishly produced book concentrates on  ulam, i.e.edible herbs and their uses.  Please see scanned photos for a list of the chapters. New Hardback in a New Dust Jacket. First Edition. 254 pages.

Malaysia & Singapore - Fiction

Prior to this novel, Halim was best known for his horror short stories. In this debut novel, Shazral returns home to comfort his dying father only to discover a demon that has been lying in wait for him since his childhood. Will he be able to overcome the demon's 'hideous and awesome' power?  New Paperback First Edition 227 pages.

In this novel, set during the Malayan 'Emergency', a young Chinese man, who has seen his father murdered by the British, is drawn to violence himself. He learns his deadly craft as an assassin from a sifu, a master, who equips him to join the fray New Paperback. Reprint. 477 pages.

Malaysia & Singapore - History (20th Century)

The noted jurist and a member of three generations of a Singapore family, recalls the Singapore and the peninsula of the 1930s with a series of anecdotes and vignettes. Very Good Paperback. Reprint. Originally published in 1934  205 pages. with 39 illustrations Please see the scan of the contents page for further details

Malaysia & Singapore - Malay Community & Culture

Malays/Muslims in Singapore: Selected Readings in History 1819-1965 - Khoo Kay Kim; Elinah Abdullah    RM120

This collection of essays from a group of academics traces the varied history of the Muslim and Malay communities from the arrival of the British in Singapore until the country's independence. Their development has often mirrored that of other communities on the island and also diverged from the experience of others . 395 pages including 14 pages of monotone pictures, references at the end of each chapter, a note from the editor, an about page for RIMA and index. New Paperback First Edition 


Penang: The City and Suburbs in the Early Twentieth Century – David Ng  RM180

David Ng compiled and wrote several books highlighting Malaysia's history mainly by illustrating it through old postcards. In this book he tackles Penang with a wide range of both colour and black and white pictures from the early 20th century. Each card is accompanied by explanatory text in Bahasa Malaysia and English. There is a foreword by Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's first prime minister.  129 pages Very Good Paperback. First Edition 

Malaysia & Singapore - Politics

Political Awakening - Tunku Abdul Rahman  RM70

A series of reflections by Malaysia's first prime minister on the moves towards, and the gaining and consolidation of Malaysia's independence. In this book he lays a special emphasis on the role of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) in the process. He also looks forward to UMNO's future. New Paperback Reprint 131 pages with an index and some black and white photos.


The Story of Loke House: A Man and His Home in the Early Days of Kuala Lumpur  RM250

This is a booklet produced by the Loke Yew Trustees at a time when Loke House, or Loke Mansion, was open to the public. The book describes the architecture of the house and has a sketch of the life of Loke Yew, the leading Chinese businessman and philanthropist, who occupied the house in the late 19th and early 20th century. There are also references to restoration work being carried out at the time.  Unpaginated, about 26 pages with several black and white plates Good Paperback. First edition

Malaysia & Singapore - The 'Emergency'

Emergency Years. Malaya 1951-1954 - Leonard Rayner   RM180

These are the personal memoirs of a British civilian, employed at Malaya's only coal mine during the 'Emergency' period. The area of Batu Arang in Selangor was also a hot bed of Communism at the time, so his life was never dull. Near Fine Paperback. First edition. 103 pages.


Tropical Trees & Shrubs Planting A Practical Guide - Ong Guan Teck  RM100

The author, a practicing architect, provides both the new tropical gardener and the expert with the benefit of his experience in landscaping gardens. The work is divided into sections on trees, shrubs and palms. Each of the species is illustrated by a colour photograph accompanied by information on its characteristics, recommended planting position and its botanical and local names. There is also an index and list of references.New Hardback in a New Dust Jacket  86 pages.


In this book Low has distilled what he has learned from various Zen monks into an amusing, yet profound, explanation of the what he believes is "a simple philosophy that points to a more joyful and enriched life." His findings are explained in cartoon form. 200 pages. For further details, please see the scanned contents page. New Paperback First edition.

Sons Of The Yellow Emperor: The Story of the Overseas Chinese - Lynn Pan   RM50

Written on the eve of the end of British rule in Hong Kong, this book explains what caused 'the most widespread and prolonged series of migrations by one nation', the China, and its subsequent effects worldwide. Fair Paperback. Reprint 408 pages

The Origin of the Chinese People - John Ross   RM60

A reprint of a classic work on the history of the Chinese people strating with the semi mythical age of 48BC and ending with the Han dynasty. Please see the scan of the contents page for further details. New Paperback Reprint 189 pages.


Catalogue of Paper Money of the VOC, Netherlands East Indies and Indonesia from 1782 to 1981 - Johan Mevius   RM100

A catalogue of currency notes issued in what is now Indonesia with 1981 valuations in Dutch florins. Almost all of the examples are illustrated by black and white plates. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 104 pages. For further details, please see the scanned contents page