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Monday 19 May 2014

New Arrivals in May

New Arrivals in May

As of 29th May 2014

(Updated Constantly)

Listed below are books which have arrived at The Penang Bookshelf recently.  (All prices are post free within Malaysia. If you live outside Malaysia, please ask for a quote for postage.)

Prices are shown in Malaysian Ringgit in blue.  If you're looking for prices in other major currencies, you should be able to find them in The Penang Bookshelf Full Catalogue which is updated regularly. Books sold will be so marked. So if you want to order any of them or want further details of any of the books before you make up your mind, do contact me at
The books are all used unless indicated otherwise. Abbreviations used are A = Acceptable, CD = CD Included, DJ = Dust Jacket, EL = Ex-library, F = Fine/AsNew, G = Good,  HB = Hardback, LB = Leatherbound, N = New, NF = Near Fine, PB = Paperback, SG = Author Signed Copy, SC = Slip Case and VG = Very Good

  • A Practical Cook's Encyclopedia of Malaysia & Singapore - Ghillie Basan & Terry Tan (Hermes House, 2008) PB G RM80
  • A Study of Alienation in Malaysia - Oo Yu Hock (University of Malaya Press, 1994) PB F RM40
  • Amidst Affluence: A Study of Urban Squatter Settlement and its Access to Health Care Services - Chee Heng Leng (University of Malaya Press, 1995) PB F RM30
  • An End to a War: A Japanese Soldier's Experience of the 1945 Death Marches of North Borneo - Ueno Itsuyoshi (Opus Publications, 2012) HB N DJ RM150
  • Between Eden and Earth: Gardens of the Islamic World - Heba Nayel Barakat (Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, 2004) HB N DJ RM270
  • Beyond Belief - VS Naipaul (Little Brown, 1998) PB VG RM40
  • Bureaucrats, Petty Bourgeois and Townsmen: An Observation on Status Identification in Kota Bharu - Halim HJ Salleh (Monash University, 1981) PB VG RM180
  • Chinese Customs and Festivals in Singapore - Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, 1993) PB VG RM70
  • Conflict and Confrontation in South East Asia - Matthew Jones (Cambridge University Press, 2002) PB N RM180
  • Contemporary Short Stories of the SAARC Region - 2012 - (Vijitha Yapa, 2013) PB N RM70
  • European Settlements in the Far East - (Samson, Marston Low, 1900) HB G RM450
  • Ethnicity and Fertility in Singapore - Eddie CY Kuo & Chiew Seen-Kong (ISEAS, 1984) PB G EL RM150
  • Festive Expressions: Nyonya Beadwork and Embroidery - Eng-Lee Seok Chee (national Museum, Singapore, 1989)  PB VG RM300
  • Fiscal Policy and Inequality in Malaysia - Wee Chong Hui (University of Malaya Press, 2006) PB N RM40 SOLD
  • Footprints in Malaya - Frank Swettenham (Hutchinson, 1942)  HB G DJ RM400
  • Games Children Sing: Malaysia - Jackie Lew & Patricia Campbell (Alfred Publishing, 2006)
    PB N CD RM140
  • Hun Sen: Strongman of Cambodia - Harish & Julie Mehta (Graham Brash, 1999) PB VG RM50

  • In Days That Are Dead - Hugh Clifford (Doubleday Page, 1926) HB G RM150 SOLD
  • India in the Making of Singapore -  Asad-ud Iqbal Latif (Singapore Indian Association, 2008) HB VG RM70
  • Islamic Law in Southeast Asia: A Study of its Application in Kelantan and Aceh - Kamaruzzaman Bustamam-Ahmad (Silkworm, 2009) PB N RM80
  • Labour Market Segmentation in Malaysian Services - Khong How Lim & Jomo KS (NUS Press, 2009) PB NF RM70
  • Main Fleet to Singapore: An Account of the Naval Actions of the Last War - Russell Grenfell (Oxford University Press, 1987) PB VG RM40
  • Malay Boy - Clive Dalton (Brockhampton Press, 1961)  HB VG DJ RM140
  • Malaysia: Development Pattern and Policy 1947-1951 - VV Bhanoji Rao (Singapore University Press, 1980) HB NF DJ RM100
  • Malaysia: The Making of a Nation - Cheah Boon Kheng (ISEAS, 2003) PB NF DJ RM120
  • Mapping National Anxieties: Thailand's Southern Conflict -  Duncan McCargo (NIAS Press, 2012)  PB N RM130
  • Masks of Sarawak in the Collection of the Muzium Negara Malaysia - Mohd Kassim Haji Ali (Muzium Negara, 1983)  PB VG RM150
  • Nasionalisme Melayu - William R Roff /Penterjemah Ahmad Boestamam (University of Malaya Press, 2004) PB N RM40
  • Orchids of the Singapore Botanic Gardens - Yam Tim Wing (Singapore Botanic Gardens, 1995) PB VG RM40
  • Our People Our Future: Malaysian Population in Perspective - Wong Yut Lin & Tey Nai Peng (eds) (University of Malaya Press, 2006) PB N RM50
  • Pai Naa: The Story of an Englishwoman's Survival in the Malayan Jungle - Dorothy Thatcher & Robert Cross (White Lion, 1959) HB VG DJ RM150
  • Report on the Major Ports of Malaya - DF Allen (Government Printer, Kuala Lumpur, 1951) 
  •  Rice Processing in Peninsular Malaysia: An Economic and Technical Analysis -  LJ Fredericks & RJG Wells (Oxford University Press, 1983) HB F DJ RM100
  • Sacrilege in Malaya - Pierre Boulle (Oxford University Press, 1983) PB VG RM100
  • Silimpopon: A Borneo Coal Mine - Ross Ibbotson (Opus Publications, 2007) HB N DJ  RM190
  • Singapore Short Stories - Robert Yeo (ed) (Heinemann, 1991)  PB VG RM60
  • Standard Stamp Catalogue of Malaysia Singapore and Brunei (27th edition) - Steven Tan (ed) (International Stamp and Coin Sdn Bhd)  PB VG RM70
  • Tanamera - Noel Barber (Hodder & Stoughton, 2007) PB G RM40
  • The Consul's File - Paul Theroux (Penguin, 2011) PB N RM40
  • The Grand Illusion - Chin Kee Onn (George Harrap, 1961)  HB VG DJ RM90
  • The Malays: A Cultural History -  Richard Winstedt (Routledge, 1972) HB VG DJ RM90 SOLD

  • The Message and the Monsoon: Islamic Art of Southeast Asia - Lucian de Guise (ed) (Islamic Arts Museum, 2005) HB N DJ RM230
  • The Origins of Malay Nationalism - WR Roff (University of Malaya Press, 1980) PB VG RM60
  • The Poetry of Singapore - Edwin Thumboo & Others (eds) (ASEAN Commitee on Culture and Education, 1985)  HB VG DJ RM190
  • The Solid Singapore Malaysia Joke Book - Volume 2  - David Brazil (Angsana, 1998) PB VG RM90
  • The Traders: A Story of Britain's South-East Asian Commercial Adventure -  Sjovald Cunyngham-Brown (Newman Neame, 1971) HB VG RM100
  • Traumas and Heroism: The European Community in Sarawak during the Pacific War and Japanese Occupation, 1941-1945 - Ooi Keat Gin (Opus Publications, 2007) HB N DJ RM150
  • Under The Borneo Sun: A Tawau Story - Nicholas Chung (Natural History Publications, 2005) HB N DJ RM60 
  • Victims Without A Voice: A Study of Women Pesticide Workers in Malaysia -  Vasanthi Arumugam (Tenaganita, 1992) PB VG RM300
  • What Tree is That?: A Lay-Person's Guide to Some Trees of Sri Lanka - Sriyanie & PA Miththapala (Ruk Rakaganno,  1998) PB VG RM40