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Customers' Wish List

Customers' Wish List

As you may know, The Penang Bookshelf not only supplies books from  stock, but also  helps find books for you too. We charge 15% of the cost  of obtaining the book, with a minimum charge of RM15 and a maximum of RM55 per book. Most of the time we're successful, but some of the time we're not. So on this page The Penang Bookshelf  publicises what some  customers are looking for. In some cases they're looking for specific titles, in other cases books about a particular subject.

If you have anything in the list below and want to part with it, do contact us and we'll see if the searcher is interested. We would charge the searcher a handling fee based on the rates outlined in the previous paragraph.

Of course this could be a marvellous excuse for you to set off for a browse in your neighbourhood bookshop and earn some money for yourself. Anyway, whichever way suits you best, we'd be grateful for your help.  
The list will be updated regularly to take account of needs met and new ones that emerge.

The List

A Gallery of Chinese Kapitans - C.S. Wong
Bandits by Ewe Paik Leong  
Black and White Fairies of Old China - Cheah Keng Cheen
Chinese Books: Books written in Chinese or English about China and the Chinese published before 1949 whether in China or elsewhere.
Federated Museums Journal  Vol 21 (1976)
Gilding the Phoenix by Edmond Chin   
Glimpses of Old Penang  by Neil Jin Keong Khor (Star Publications, 2002)
Green is the Colour by Lloyd Fernando (original edition)   
Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Vol 12, No 3 October 1934
The same - Vol 24 Pt 1 May 1951 
The same - Vol 27, Pt 1 May 1954
Malaya This, Our Native Land by Johnny Ong  
Misa Melayu (pre-1967 edition)
Malayan Notes and Sketches - A.Talaivasingham (Nanyang Siang Pau Press, Singapore 1921)
Pending Permata by Shamus Frazer
Pieces of Jade and Gold: An Anecdotal History of the Singapore Chinese Girls' School 1899-1999 by Yu-lin Ooi (Singapore Chinese Girls' School, 1999)
Record of Meritous Deeds of the Chung Family 
Run, Tiger, Run by Johnny Ong    
Seorang Tua di Kaki Gunung - Azizi Haji Abdullah
The Baba of Melaka - Tan Chee-Beng (Pelanduk, 2001)
Tuhfat al-Nafis (1965 edition by Munir Ali)

Finally, we have a customer who is writing a novel set in the Portuguese Eurasian community in Penang in the 1970s/80s. She was wondering if anyone had any memoirs, novels or other literature about the community at this time.

If you have any wants/wishes that you would like added to this list, do let us know