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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Back in Penang

I've just come back to Penang after a bit of a whirlwind visit to the UK. I did manage to fit in some book buying, in between seeing my children, grandchildren and sister while I was away. I have shipped back over a hundred new titles that will be appearing in my stock in about two months time as well as brining back about twenty more in my luggage thanks to an indulgent Singapore Airlines!

Although I've been back for less than 24 hours, I have started ordering again. So this is what should arrive within the next month - I have marked my expected selling prices in blue.

  • Oriental Silverwork: Malay and Chinese by H Ling Roth (Oxford in Asia Reprint) 1994. 302pp with 170 black and white plates. This hardback is in like new condition. There are more recent reprints of this 1900 work, but they're unlikely to be as good quality reproductions as the Oxford University Press edition. RM210
  • The Legacy of the Malay Letter by Annabel Teh Gallop, published by the British Library in 1994. This bilingual book displays 100 Malay letters from the oldest known Malay manuscript of 1521, through to the end of the 19th century. 240pp with illustrations. This book is also in like new condition. RM100
  • A Manual of the Malay Language with an Introductory Sketch of the Sanskrit element in Malay by William Edward Maxwell. This book is a paperback reprint of the 1907 original in fine condition - RM30
If you want to order any of these books before they arrive, please contact me on 012-972-6485 or  

Monday 13 June 2011

The Penang Bookshelf's First Newsletter

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The Penang Bookshelf
First Anniversary Newsletter
From The Penang Bookshelf
Dear William,

Firstly, Thanks  

You're hearing from me now mainly because I couldn't think of a better way to reach as many of you as possible to say thank you for your support during my first year of bookselling. Each one of you has been a help in confirming that I am heading in roughly the right direction as I moved from selling on a once a month street stall from May onwards last year,  to the internet at the end of last year and most recently into a shop in Penang a month ago. I hadn't planned it this way, but it seems right for now. Thanks again. 

Suck it 'n See

Of course there have been lots of stumbles along the way as I've experimented with different websites, currencies as well as with a bewildering array of web marketing tools. This is yet another. By the beginning of this month I managed at last to catalogue all of my Malaysian titles until I picked up a few more when I was in Kuala Lumpur earlier this week! Now that some semblance of calm and, maybe, order Book shelves2 has settled in I hope to be able to concentrate more in the coming year in ensuring that my websites reflect what's actually cluttering my bookshelves. Nevertheless I have worked out a way to let those of you not in Penang to at least have the bare basics of what's in stock - Have A Browse.   

Book Auction Ahead! 

We're off to the UK for two weeks from tomorrow, Monday the 13th. Of course, when I can drag myself away from family and friends, I'll be sniffing about for books. One of the things I'll be doing is attending my first auction of books about Malaysia and Singapore. I am happy to take commissions to bid for any of the books. You can have a look at what's on offer here. If you have difficulty in accessing Facebook the same list can be found on The Penang Bookshelf Blog.  If you would like me to make a bid on your behalf, just email me or sms me on +60-12-972-6485 with the lot number and your maximum bid. My fee is 15% of the purchase price per lot with a minimum fee of RM15 and a maximum of RM55. Postage within Malaysia will be free and I can give quotations for rates to other countries.

And Yet More Books...

While in the process of establishing myself at 80 Armenain Street, Penang, I had the very good fortune to be commissioned to sell a significant family collection of books. I haven't been able to find the time to  make much of a start on putting these up on the web yet, but hope to do that when I return to Penang at the end of this month. In the meantime if you're interested in any of the Malaysian and Asian books listed here, do contact me.   

Blogging Bonus

I've struggled with ways of trying to let those of you who are interested know what's happening at the Penang Bookshelf. For now I've decided that Facebook and Twitter are too intrusive as far as you're concerned and so from today have started experimenting with a blog. As I've never blogged before, it may be extremely boring for you or, possibly, enlightening. I'll be guided by you. I'm experimenting with using the blog to let you know what I'm ordering, so that if you want to order any books in advance, you may do so. On some of the books I can offer a discount if they are ordered and paid for within a calendar month of my date of purchase. I hope when you read this you will understand what I'm proposing.

And in Conclusion... 

When I lived in Sri Lanka there was a prominent Government minister who always signalled that there was at least another half hour of his turgid speech to be endured when he uttered those words. I hope I can be more speedy. Re-inventing myself for the fourth time since leaving university has been a rewarding learning experience. The financial rewards have been meagre, but I hadn't expected much else. The rewards in friendship and growing knowledge about my new home have really been what's kept me going and will keep on doing so in my second year. Of course there have been casualties as I've tried to keep pace with the expansion. I apologise to any of you whom I may have neglected and trust I can soon put right anything that may have gone amiss. Generally, if you feel there's anything I can improve upon, do please let me know. I'm always willing to learn.

Thanks for reading this far. I look forward to being in touch again.

With my best wishes,

William Knox
The Penang Bookshelf 


An Unexpected Top
Hail Penang!
1930s Journalist's Penang Memoirs

Hail Penang 

Less Unexpected

Boats, Boatbuilding & Fishing in Malaysia 
 Boats & Boatbuilding
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Sunday 12 June 2011

June Purchases So Far - and Offers!

Here's a list of books I have ordered so far this month. I should receive them in roughly a month of ordering them. If you want to order any of them in advance, please let me know within a calendar month of the purchase date. I have marked the expected sale prices in blue. In some cases I am able to offer discounts if the books are bought within a calendar month of the date when I bought them. In such cases I have marked the prices in red. As usual, contact me at or call or sms me on +60-12-972-6485.

1st June
  1. Malaysia No Problem, Lah: Four Years in Malaysia and Southeast Asia: A Diary - Maria & Richard Yates - RM25
  2. Tenure and Land Dealings in the Malay States - David Wong - RM175/RM300
  3. Fishermen of South Thailand: The Malay Villagers - Thomas M. Fraser - RM40
  4. Malayan Animal Life - MWF Tweedie - RM30
  5. Malaysia and the Original People: A Case Study of the Impact of Development on Indigenous Peoples - Robin Knox Dentan - RM30
  6. Malayan Trilogy - Anthony Burgess - RM25
  7. A Share of the Harvest: Kinship, Property and Social History Among the Malays of Rembau - Michael Peletz - RM30
  8. Islam & The Malay-Indonesian World: Transmission and Responses - Peter G. Riddell
  9. Seeing Malaysia My Way: A Collection of Personal Essays - M. Bakri Musa - RM45/RM60
  10. Formation of Malaysia: A New Factor in World Politics: An Analytical History and Assessment of the Prospects of the Newest State in Southeast Asia - Willard Anderson Hanna - RM45
    5th June
    1. Song of Penang - John Carlova - RM50
    2. Handbook of the Malay Language - E.F. Winckel - RM90/RM100 (New)
    3. The Keris and Other Malay Weapons - Gerald B Gardner - RM105/RM120 (New)
    4. Past Particles in Penang - Kate Sanderson - RM80 (New)
    5. Batu Angas - Anne Cluysenaar - RM60 (New)
    6. Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Penang - Kanda Kumar -  RM40 (New)
    7. The Phonology and Morphology of Ulu Muar Malay - Rufus Hendon - RM65 (New)
    8. A Descriptive Dictionary of British Malaya - N.B. Dennys - RM125/RM145 (New)
    9. Chinese Business in the Making of a Malay State, 1882-1941 - Kedah and Penang - An Wu Xiao - RM100/RM115 (New)
    10. Following the Wrong God Home - Catherine Lim - RM30
    11. Women in the World of Southeast Asia - Autumn Libal - RM30
    12. Two Worlds of Islam: Interaction Between Southeast Asia and the Middle East  - Fred R. Von Der Mehden - RM35
    13. An Outcast of the Islands - Joseph Conrad - RM30
    14. Romance Treasury: the Beach of Sweet Returns; To Catch a Butterfly; Heart in the Sunlight - Various Authors - RM30
    15. Southeast Asia's Chinese Minorities - Mary F Somers Heidhues - RM40/RM60
    16. The Pirates Own Book - Charles Ellms - RM30
    17. Man, State, and Society in Contemporary Southeast Asia - Robert O Tilman (ed) - RM35
    18. Sabah: Report for the Year 1963 - Government Press - RM50/RM75
    19. The History of Emigration from China & Southeast Asia - Katherine Prior - RM30
    20. Mundahoi, Borneo witch doctor - Don Roth - RM25
    21. Maritime Southeast Asia to 1500 - LN Shaffer - RM35  
    9th June
  1. Housekeeping Among Malay Peasants - Rosemary Firth - RM90
  2. Report from Malaya - Vernon Bartlett - RM75
  3. The Malays - Anthony Milner - RM110/RM125  (New)
  4. Malay Proverbs - AW Hamilton - RM100/RM110 (New)
  5. Penang - Cecilia Tan - RM95
  6. Tidemarks - HM Tomlinson - RM30
  7. Trapping Wild Animals in Malay Jungles - Charles Mayer - RM55
  8. Malaya: Communist or Free? - Victor Purcell -  RM40
 10th June
Treacherous River: A Study of Rural Chinese in North Malaya - WH Newell - RM100

      Friday 10 June 2011

      Auction Details

      While in the UK at the end of June, I will be attending an auction of books about Malaysia and Singapore on 18th June. If you would like me to make any bids on your behalf for any of these books, do please let me know at

      The pounds sterling figure for each of the lots is the reserve price, i.e. the lot is unlikely to be sold if this price is not reached.


      Of Literature, Books & Publications about

      Malaya & Singapore

      All lots in this sale are in good second hand condition unless otherwise stated

      Descriptions include HB = Hard Bound – SB = Soft Bound which includes paper backs to modern
      laminated covers – DJ = Dust Jacket. Thus (HB&DJ with faults) = Hard Bound with a faulty Dust
      Jacket. This followed by good/good condition means the book itself is O.K.


      Federated Malay States Railways & Siamese State railways – 1921 Pamphlet of Information
      for Travellers, yellow card cover (some soiling and cover faults) illustrated with travellers
      palm on front, full of information on railways, maps of major towns and adverts, etc., and is
      much more than a pamphlet! Good condition. £40

      Ditto The same Guide but the 1928 edition, cover in better condition £50

      Illustrated Guide to the F.M.S. 1923, O.U.P. 1985 reprint (SB), good; Handbook of British
      Malaya 1930, original HB but cover faults, contents good £25

      The Postage Stamps of the Federated Malay States by Bill Reeves, SB cover faults but good
      contents. Useful M.S.G. publication long out of stock £10


      1932 Penang (Prince of Wales Island) Picturesque Island of Malaya, booklet of large plate
      photographs of Penang, purchaser has added some manuscript comments to some pages,
      bright fresh copy and very attractive £30

      6 Penang Information Guide September 1935 – Gratis pub. Pinang Gazette Press, small guide
      with folded map of Georgetown, paper cover with slight faults but good overall condition

      Postcards – Penang Postcard Collection 1899-1930s by Khoo Salma Nasution & Malcolm
      Wade, large HB profusely illustrated, excellent condition £25


      8 100 Years of Singapore by Makepeace, etc., Oxford University Press 1991 reprint in two
      HB volumes with DJ’s. A fine edition of the classic and popular work in excellent condition

      100 Years’ History of the Chinese in Singapore by Song Ong Siang, University of Malaya
      press 1967 reprint, handsome HB edition of this classic work £50

      First 150 years of Singapore by Donald & Joanna Moore, substantial HB. minor wear to
      cover but good £20

      Lights of Singapore by Roland Braddell, HB, 1934 1st Edition, minor ageing but good
      condition for its age £20

      The Singapore Letters of Benjamin Cook 1854-55, by Adrian Marshall, HB with DJ,
      excellent condition £15

      Somme to Singapore by Charles Huxtable; Suez to Singapore by Cecil Brown. Former SB
      good condition, latter HB fair £10
      Raffles – The Life of Sir Stamford Raffles by Boulger (HB & DJ); Raffles by Collis(SB);
      Raffles of Singapore by Hahn(HB); Sir Stamford Raffles – Figures of the Commonwealth
      (HB), good £16

      15 Raffles Hotel, large HB with DJ, history of the landmark hotel, many illustrations, fine
      16 Colony of Singapore Annual Report 1953, HB, odd cover fault but clean & complete
      17 Commerce – Mansfields, history of the company, HB, minor wear to cover but good
      18 Guides – Singapore (Islands Series) by Backhouse(HB&DJ); Singapore Tour it
      Yourself(SB); Singapore Insight (SB); Singapore by Stephens(HB), good £10

      History – History of Singapore 1819 to 1975 by Turnbull(SB); Singapore – A 150 Years
      pub. MBRAS (HB&DJ with faults), good condition £16

      Maritime – Home Port Singapore – A History of the Straits Steamship Co. 1890-1965 by
      K.G.Tregonning, HB with DJ, fine copy & a lovely book £30

      21 Oxford Univ. Press – 1907 Handbook to Singapore by Reith (SB reprint); Old Singapore by
      Maya Jayapal (HB) & from same series Old Penang by Sarnia Hayes Hoyt (HB), good

      Philatelic – Singpex Exhibition Catalogues for 1971, 1974 & 1978; A Collectors Guide to
      Postage Stamps & Postal Stationery(SB); Philatelic Delights Singapore and Malaya large
      HB and profusely illustrated, last two good, others slightly worn £10

      Police -Singapore Patrol by Dixon (HB), good. Also A Yellow Sleuth by ‘Nor Nalla’(HB),
      poor but readable, scarce F.M.S. Police story £10

      Postcards – Singapore Historical Postcards from the National Archive Collection, HB&DJ,
      good £15

      Postcards – Singapore 500 Early Postcards by Cheah Jin Seng, large SB profusely
      illustrated, excellent condition £20

      Postcards/Photography – A Vision of the Past – A History of Early Photography in
      Singapore & Malaya – The Photographs of G.R.Lambert & Co., 1880-1910, by J.Falconer,
      large HB with DJ, profusely illustrated, as new & a lovely work £30

      Postcards/Photography: Singapore Then & Now by Ray Tyers, revised & updated by Siow
      Jin Hua, large HB with DJ, profusely illustrated, excellent condition £30

      28 R.A.F. in the Far East -Lion in the Sky by N.Shorrick, (HB&DJ), good. Much on Seletar

      Ditto History of Changi by Squadron Leader Probert, (HB) 1988 reprint but scarce
      regardless, very good £15

      30 Ditto Seletar Crowning Glory by David Taylor (R.A.F. in Singapore) SB; Eastward –
      History of the R.A.F. in the Far east 1945-72 by Sir David Lee, (HB&DJ), good condition

      Street Directory – Singapore Street Directory & Guide, 1st edition 1954, SB with faults to
      spine and slightly grubby but more importantly maps complete £15

      Singapore Story by Barber(SB); Singapore Through Sunshine & Shadow by Van
      Cuylenburg(SB); Singapore Saga by Crone-Arbenz(SB); There is Only One Raffles by Ilsa
      Sharp (re: Hotel) (HB&DJ), good condition £15

      We Live in Singapore by Moore; Eastern Windows by F.D. Ommanney; Rickshaw Reporter
      by G.R.Peet, all HB & DJ(faults), good condition £15

      The Emergence of Bukit Ho Swee Estate (SB); Chinatown (HB); Singapore Rediscovered
      (SB); See Singapore by Moore (HB), fair to good £15

      Singapore’s River by Berry; Singapore Portrait of a Port pub. By Singapore Port Authority,
      both HB & DJ, good condition £15

      Singapore – A Pictorial History 1819-2000, by Gretchen Liu, large profusely illustrated HB
      with DJ in excellent condition £20

      Singapore -An Illustrated History 1941-1984, substantial SB pub. By Ministry of Culture of
      Singapore, profusely illustrated £10

      Singapore Handbook for 1971(HB); Straits Times Annual 1973(SB), also Sons of the
      Yellow Emperor – The Story of the Overseas Chinese, by Lynn Pan(HB&DJ), good
      condition, cover of annual slightly worn £20



      The Traders by Cunyngham-Brown (Guthries); Wayfoong – The Hong Kong & Shanghai
      Bank by M.Collis, both HB with DJ(faults), good condition £25

      40 The Traders by S. Cunyngham-Brown (Guthries), HB with DJ, good condition

      History & Information

      Twentieth Century Impressions of British Malaya, edit. Arnold Wright, 1989 reprinted
      edition, large HB with DJ, excellent condition £30

      Man in Malaya by B.W.Hodder; Land, People & Economy in Malaya by Ooi Jin-Bee;
      British Malaya 1824-67 by Mills; The Malay Peninsular & Archepeligo by Ashley Gibson.
      4HB in good condition £12

      British Malaya by Sir Frank Swettenham, 4th edition, spine cover partly detached (easily
      repairable!) otherwise O.K. £15

      Malaya (S.S., F.M.S. etc.) by R.O.Winstedt; Footprints in Malaya by Sir Frank Swettenham
      (DJ faults), both HB, fair to good £15

      The Government Services in British Malaya by C.Woodville Harrison, issued Malayan
      Information Agency 1929, HB with yellow cover, good £20

      Malaya & Its History by Winstedt(DJ); British Intervention in Malaya 1867 to 1877 by
      Parkinson; A History of Malaya by J.Kennedy, all HB good £16

      Decade Of Change – Malaya & Straits Settlements 1936 – 1945 by Brian C.Cooper(SB),
      politics, social history, etc., good £12

      Malayan Post Office Guide 1955, SB with loose 9pp supplement containing revisions up to
      31st August 1955, spine faded and slight wear but good £15

      Malaysia – Malaysia Merdeka – Meju 1957-1967 HB but broken spine; Malaysians HB
      large art style book; Malaya by Hawkins (HB); Malaysia Trav Bugs (SB); Malaya Amer.
      Geog. Soc. (SB); Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei Lonely Planet(SB); Malaysia Singapore by
      Hildebrand(SB), mainly good £12

      Malaysia Singapore by Hildebrand(SB); Malaysia & Singapore by G.Nicol(HB&DJ);
      Malaysia by Purcell(HB&DJ); Malaysia & Singapore in Pictures pub. Sterling(HB); Malaya
      by Hawkins (HB&DJ with faults), author signed, good £10

      Netherlands East Indies – Geographical Handbook Two Volume set, published by Naval
      Intelligence Division 1944, complete with three folding maps, HB, good condition. An
      interesting & scarce restricted wartime publication £50


      The Postage Stamps of the Straits Settlements by R.H.D.Lockhart,,PJGB Study No.3 (SB),
      good condition. Scarce £20

      Straits Settlements Postage Stamps by Dr.F.E.Wood,, (SB) 1948 1st edition with article from
      Stamp Collecting by George Rosevear titled ‘Malayan Collection Extraordinary’ regarding
      the 1964 visit by Group members, etc., and a handwritten letter from the Doctor to
      Mr.Sanderson regarding Marine Sorters, etc., good condition and an interesting lot £25

      The Postal History of British Malaya by Ted Proud, the original editions, cloth bound but
      well used with spines damaged. Still useful! £12

      The Postal History of Malaya by Ted Proud, Volume 1 Straits Settlements, current 2nd
      edition, HB&DJ, good condition £30

      Dr.F.E.Wood – The Postage Stamps of Straits Settlements and States, etc., handy SB 1981
      ISC reprint, worn cover but good useable copy. Also Perfins of Malaya by Peter Giffen,
      small SB, dedicated ‘To Brian Regards Peter’, good £12

      Travellers Tales

      The Golden Chersonese by Bird; Out East in the Malay Peninsular by Lewis; Tropic
      Temper by Kirkup(DJ), latter HB, others SB, good £15

      The Cree Journals pub. Webb & Bower(HB&DJ); Glimpses in to Life in Malayan Lands
      Thomson(SB); Rambles in Java & the Straits in 1852 by Bengal Civilian(SB); The Pirate
      Wind by Rutter(SB), all good £15

      The Magic of Malaya by C.Woodville Harrison(HB); Stories by Sir Hugh Clifford (SB),
      former fairly good, latter good £12

      Bush-Whacking & Other Tales from Malaya by Sir Hugh Clifford, 1929 1st edition (HB),
      one end paper removed and slightly aged but a good copy £12

      In Malay Forests by George Maxwell (HB), 2nd edition 1911, minor aging to be expected,
      good copy £20

      Out in the Midday Sun by Shennan(SB), the British in Malaya, fine £15

      Elephant Bill by Williams; Six Years in the Malay Jungle by Wells; Malayan Safari by
      Shuttleworth, latter HB, others SB, good £10

      Where Monsoons Meet edit. Moore; Taming the Jungle by Pat Barr, both HB, latter with
      DJ(Faults), good £10

      Travellers Tales of Old Singapore by Michael Wise (HB&DJ); Tales from the South China
      Seas edit. Allen(DJ); Where Monsoons Meet edit. Moore. Also Plain Tales from the Raj
      edit. Allen.. All HB and good £12

      General Books on Malaya

      The Sarong & the Kris by Harrison(HB&DJ); The Soul of Malaya by Fauconnier(SB); The
      Malay Customs & Traditions by Alwi Bin Sheikh Alhady(SB), good £12

      With My Back to the East by Bernard Llewellyn(DJ); In Javanese Waters by Ponder; The
      Story of the British Empire in Pictures pub. Odhams; Emerging South East Asia by Fryer.
      4HB, good £10

      The Jungle Ends Here, also Malayan Landscape(DJ), both by Katherine Sim; My Other
      Family by Patricia Morley(DJ); Diversion in Malaya by Anthony Hill, all HB, good £12

      A small selection of Booklets, 8 items, including Singapore to Shoreditch by Langley;
      Historic Malaya, also A Short History of Malaya by M.Sheppard, Britain & Malaya by
      Windstedt; The New Malaya & You by Egmont Hake(HB); The Travellers Malay
      Pronouncing Handbook, etc., fair to good £12

      Air Mails – Beyond the Blue Horizon by Frater(SB); The Development of K.L.M. Air Mail
      Service Holland-D.E.I. 1920-42 by M.Verkuil(SB); Skyliners 3 – A Journey to Asia pub.
      Hamlyn(HB); Tales from the Golden Age of Air Travel by Quinn(HB&DJ); Charles
      Kingsford Smith by Davis(HB&DJ), good condition £18

      And Far East – Return to Malaya by Lockhart; Let the Tiger Turn Tail by Spurr(DJ); The
      War of the Springing Tigers by Corr(DJ). All HB & good £10

      Borneo, etc. – A Stroll Through Borneo by Barclay (DJ); Borneo People by M.MacDonald;
      Land Below the Wind by Agnes Keith; First Overland (Oxbridge 1950’s Asia Expedition)
      (DJ); odd faults but generally O.K. £10

      Federation of Malaya Annual Report 1954, HB, odd tape mark on cover and minor water
      damage end paper map but good £15

      Fiction – Across to Singapore by Ben Ames Williams; The Burning Shore by Elleston
      Trevor; A Many Splendoured Thing by Han Suyin; When the Enemy is Tired by Russell
      Braddon; South By Java head by Alistair Maclean; A Town Like Alice by Neville Shute, all
      HB, two with slightly faulty DJ, otherwise fair to good £10

      Fiction – A Town Like Alice by Neville Shute; Fires of Spring, also Tanah Mera, both by
      Noel Barber; Night Run From Java by Gavin Black; And the Rain My Drink by Han Suyin,
      all HB, last three with DJ, good condition £10

      Fiction: -Death March by Laurie Andrews; The Camp on Blood Island by J.M.White & Val
      Guest; Bridge on the River Kwai by Pierre Boulle(2 editions); Return from the River Kwai
      by Joan & Clay Blair; Singapura by Christopher Nicole; Selangor by Gerry Barton; King rat
      by James Clavell; The Seed & the Sower by Laurens van der Post; Empire of the Son by
      J.G.Ballard; Imperial 109 by Richard Doyle; The Forests of the Night by Sarah Harrison;
      The Tub by Hugh V. Clarke; Storm Over Singapore by Alfred Draper; Fools Gold by
      Frederick Lees(author signed); Escape From the Rising Sun by Ian Skidmore; Tenko by
      Anthony Masters; Tenko Reunion by Anne Valery; The Singapore grip by J.G.Farrell;
      Where Are All the Madmen by Arthur Lane, all SB, mainly good condition. 20 books & a
      good lot £20

      Hugh Clifford – Two uniformly bound in blue HB – In Court & Kampong; Studies in
      Brown Humanity, good £16

      78 Indigenous Peoples – Temiar Jungle by Slimming; Noone of the Ulu by Holman; The Lost
      World of the East Wavell; Jungle Nurse by Gouldsbury, all HB & with DJ’s (faults), good

      Maritime – The Story of P.& O. by Howarth(HB&DJ); Merchant Fleets Handbook –
      Messageries Maritime by Duncan Haws(SB), both good £14

      Ditto British Maritime Postal History Volume 2 – The P&O Lines to the Far East by Reg
      Kirk(HB), many tables of individual voyages, etc., good £15

      Railway – The Malayan railway – Keretapi Tanah Melayu by J.A. Stanistreet(SB),
      illustrated booklet on Malay railways, good £10

      Religious Theme – The Far East Magazine, 12 issues for 1944 cloth bound (must be rare!);
      Convent Chronicles by Lily Kong, etc.(HB); Sophia Blackmore in Singapore by
      Doraisamy(SB) & author signed; Journey in to Malaya by McKintosh(HB&DJ); The War &
      After Pamphlet No.2 – Singapore by Hayter, fair to good £12


      History of the Indian Army Postal Service, Volume III 1931-1947 by Ted Proud. Essential
      listing of Field Post Offices, etc., HB, good condition £30

      Eastern Epic by Compton Mackenzie; Japan at War by Collier; Fifth Year of War in
      Pictures pub. Odhams; The Second World War in the Far East by Willmott(DJ), all HB, fair
      to good £15

      Grim Glory – A.I.F. in Malaya, by Gilbert Mant, with foreward by Gordon Bennett, 1st
      edition July 1942(SB), some soiling/wear to cover & spine but a scarce booklet £15

      Singapore Tragedy by S.E.Field; Singapore Goes Off the Air by Giles Playfair; Singapore –
      The Chain of Disaster by S.Woodburn Kirby; Singapore – Too Little Too Late by Ivan
      Simson; The Bitter End – The Fall of Singapore 1941-42 by Richard Holmes & Anthony
      Kemp, all HB, last three with DJ, good condition £15

      The Singapore Story by Kenneth Attiwill; Who Dies Fighting by Angus Rose; Spotlight on
      Singapore by Denis Russell-Roberts; Sinister Twilight by Noel barber, all HB, last two with
      slightly faulty DJ, good £12

      Singapore 1941-42 – The Japanese version by M.Tsuji(SB); Malaya 1941 by Sir Andrew
      Gilchrist; Singapore 1941-1942 by Louis Allen; Singapore & After – A Study of the Pacific
      Campaign by Lord Strabolgi, last three HB, last without DJ, all good condition £12

      Percival and the Tragedy of Singapore by Sir John Smyth; Scapegoat – General Percival of
      Singapore by Clifford Kinvig; Shenton of Singapore by Brian Montgomery, all HB with DJ,
      good condition £15

      Odd Man Out – The Story of the Singapore Traitor by Peter Elphick & Michael Smith; The
      Hunting of Force Z by Richard Hough; Main Fleet to Singapore by Russell Grenfell; Retreat
      in the East by O.D. Gallagher, first three SB, last HB, good condition £10

      The War in Malaya & Indonesia 1941-1945 edited by Philip Cockrill; Sold For Silver by
      Janet Lim; The Jungle is Neutral by Spencer Chapman; Malayan Postscript, and The War
      Against Japan, both by Ian Morrison, first SB booklet, others HB, good condition £15

      Singapore – The Pregnable Fortress by Peter Elphick; Singapore Burning – Heroism &
      Surrender in World War II by Colin Smith, both HB DJ in very good condition £15

      The Heroes of Rimau by Lynette Ramsay Silver (SB), commando type attack on Singapore
      Harbour – Operation Rimau, immaculate condition £15

      Krait – The Fishing Boat that Went to War by Lynette Ramsey Silver (SB), the attempt to
      repeat the previous raid of Operation Rimau, excellent condition. Scarce book £18

      R.A.F. – The Remorseless Road – Singapore to Nagasaki by James McEwan (HB&DJ);
      Hurricane Over the Jungle by Terence Kelly;(SB) ; Last Flight From Singapore by
      Donahue(HB), good condition £10

      Units – Who Dares Wins – S.A.S. 1950-1980 by Tony Geraghty; Force 136 by Tan Chong
      Tee; Moon Over Malaya by Audrey Holmes McCormick; Operations Most Secret by Ian
      Trenowden, last HB with DJ, others SB, good £12

      Escape From Singapore – Singapore to Freedom by O.W.Gilmour; You’ll Die in Singapore
      by McCormac; Tobo by Jane Tierney; Singapore – We Got Away – Or Did We? By Arthur
      McKenzie; The Escape From Singapore by Richard Gough, all HB, last four with DJ, good
      to fair £16

      The Heroes by Ronald McKie; Against the Sun by Janet Uhr; Return of the Tiger by Brian
      Connell; Bloody Buna by Leda Mayo (New Guinea campaign), last two HB, last with DJ,
      good condition £12

      Malayan Climax by Carline Reid; The Jungle is Neutral by Spencer Chapman; Sold for
      Silver by Janet Lim; Soldier Surgeon in Malaya by Thomas Hamilton, last three HB, last
      two with DJ(faults), all fair to good condition £10


      A Postal History of the Prisoners of War & Civilian Internees in East Asia During the
      Second World War, Volume 1, Singapore & Malaya 1942-45,by David Tett, large HB with
      DJ, very good £25

      Ditto Volume 3, Burma, Thailand & Indo-China 1942-46, by same author, large HB with
      DJ, very good £20

      Borneo – The Japanese P.O.W. Camps – mail of the Forces, P.O.W. & Internees by Neville
      Watterson, 1989 original volume(SB), good £12

      The Postal History of the Occupation of Malaya and British Borneo 1941-1945, by Ted
      Proud & Milo Rowell,(HB&DJ), good condition £25

      When Singapore was Syonan-To by N.I.Low(SB), good condition £10

      Singapore and Beyond by Don Wall, Australian soldier in Malaya and as P.O.W., HB & DJ
      good £15

      Artists – To the Kwai and Back – War Drawings 1939-45 by Ronald Searle; Burma Railway
      Artist – The War Drawings of Jack Chalker, both good size & well illustrated HB with DJ,
      excellent condition £20

      The Knights of Bushido by Lord Russell of Liverpool; A Fearful Freedom by Robert
      Hamond; The Emperor’s Guest by Don Peacock; A Spoonful of Rice With Salt by
      G.Patterson; Road From Singapore by Diana Norman, all HB DJ, good condition £15

      The Emperor’s Guest by Sir John Fletcher-Cooke (same title but different book to the one in
      previous lot!); Fifty Years of Silence by Jan Ruff-O’Hearne; Where Fate Leads by Harry
      Howarth; Life & Death in Changi – The Diary of Tom Kitching; Diary of a Girl in Changi,
      by Sheila Allan, all SB in good condition £15

      No Time for Geishas by Adams; You’ll Die in Singapore by McCormac; and the Dawn
      Came Up like Thunder by L.Rawlings; The Railway Man by Eric Lomax, all HB with
      DJ(odd faults), good condition £12

      Slaves of the Samurai by Kent Hughes; The Survival Factor by R.Richards & M.McEwan;
      FEPOW – The Story of a Voyage Beyond Belief by Terence Kelly; Out of the Depths of
      Hell by John McEwan, all HB &DJ(odd faults) but good condition £12

      Tales by Japanese Soldiers by Kazuo Tamayama & John Nunneley; The War Journal of
      major Damon (Rocky) Gause; Changi the Funny Side by Slim DeGrey; Priest in Prison by
      John Hayter; Refugee From the Japanese by Dorothy Thatcher & Robert Cross, all SB good
      condition £16

      Medics -The War Diaries of Weary Dunlop by E.E.Dunlop(SB); Bamboo Doctor by
      Stanley Pavillard(HB with scruffy DJ); Borneo Surgeon – A Reluctant Hero by Peter
      Firkins(HB); The Burma-Siam Railway – The Secret Diary of Dr.Robert Hardie 1942-45
      (SB), mostly good condition £12

      The Will to Live by Sir John Smyth; Blind to Misfortune by Bill Griffiths; White Coolies by
      Betty Jeffrey; Quiet Jungle -Angry Sea by Denis Gavin; 4000 Bowls of Rice by Linda
      Goetz Holmes; Bamboo & Bushido by Alfred Allbury, all HB with DJ (odd faults) except
      last good condition £18

      You’ll Die in Singapore by Charles McCormac; Escape to Captivity by Peter Hartley; The
      Naked island by Russell Braddon; No Time for Geishas by Adams; The Fall of Singapore
      by Frank Owen; Painaa by Dorothy Thatcher & Robert cross, all HB, last two with DJ, good
      to fair condition £18

      Campaigning in Captivity by A.R.Wiggins; Prisoners of Santo Tomas by Celia Lucas; The
      Flamboya Tree by Clara Olink Kelly; The Railway Man by Eric Lomax; Lest We Forget
      by Fred Seiker; Living Hell by Goh Ghor Boon, all SB, good condition £12

      4000 Bowls of Rice by Linda Goetz Holmes; One Day at a Time by Arthur Titherington;
      Out in the Midday Sun – Singapore 1941-1945 by Kate Caffrey; Of Love and War by
      Philippa Poole, all HB & DJ, good £14

      Prisoner of the Japanese by Tom Wade; Life and Death in Changi – The Diary of Tom
      Kitching; Elizabeth Choy – More Than a War Heroine by Zhou Mei; The Rainbow Through
      the rain by Geoffrey Scott Mowatt, author signed slip of paper; Slaves of the Son of Heaven
      by Roy Whiteceross, all SB in good condition £15

      118 Fall of Singapore by Frank Owen; Branch Line to Burma by John Durnford; Women
      beyond the Wire by Lavinia Warner & John Sandilands; The Green Torture by Dennis
      Holman; White Coolies by Betty Jeffrey; Syonan – My Story by Mamoru Shinozaki;
      Singapore Samurai by Penrod V. Dean; Java Nightmare by Daphne Jackson, all SB, first
      two damaged but others good condition

      119 The Japanese Occupation 1942-1945, pub. Times Editions; Changi Photographer – George
      Aspinall’s Record of Captivity by Tim Bowden, both pictorial content, SB, good condition

      Railway -Through the Valley of the Kwai by E.Gordon; White Coolie by R.Hastain; And
      All the Trumpets by D.Smith; Banzai You Bastards by J.Edwards; Tamajao 241 by Ernest
      Warwick, all HB & DJ, good to fair £15

      Railway -Miracle on the River Kwai by E.Gordon; Their Last Tenko by James Home;
      Railway Man by Eric Lomax; Colonel of Tamarkand by Julie Summers; The Will to
      Survive by Arthur Godman, all HB with DJ, good £15

      Railway – White Coolie by Ronald Hastain; Branch Line to Burma by John Durnford; The
      Other Side of Tenko by L.L.Baynes; Miracle of the River Kwai by Gordon; One Fourteenth
      of an Elephant by I.D.Peek; Death Railwiay by Clifford Kinvig; One Man’s War by Stan
      Arneil; Camp Four – Kanburi by R.Monteiro, all SB and good condition £16

      Railway – Line of Lost Lives by J.S.Cosford; Railroad to Burma by James Boyle; One for
      Every Sleeper by J.English; Railroad of Death by J.Coast; Behind Bamboo by by R.Rivett,
      all bar one with DJ(odd fault), good condition £18

      M.Bentinck – A Will To Live; Forgotten Heroes; My Dad, My Hero, all SB, good condition
      & all author signed £12

      The Double Tenth Trial edited by Bashir A. Mallal, HB partially detached spine cover but a
      very scarce book. Following the Operation Rimau sinking of ships in Singapore Harbour
      the Japanese thought the civilian internees were part of a conspiracy. Some died, and this
      book details the war crimes trial of some of the perpetrators. £20


      Red Shadow Over Malaya by M.C.A.Henniker; Jungle Green by Arthur Campbell; Red
      Jungle by John Cross, author signed; The War of the Running Dogs by Noel Barber, all HB,
      last two with DJ, good £12

      The Door Marked Malaya by Oliver Crawford; The Hostile Sun by Tom Stacey; Snake
      Wine by Patrick Anderton; Malaya -Communist or Free by Victor Purcell, all HB, first two
      with faulty DJ, good £12

      The Camp Across the River by J.W.C. Moran; The Jungle Beat by Roy Follows; Smashing
      Terrorism in the Malayan Emergency by Brian Stewart, first HB with DJ(damaged), others
      SB, good condition £12


      Two Malaya Study Group Publications -out of print and sold out long ago

      Federated Malay States – The Printing of its Stamps by Bill Reeves, published 1989, 32pp
      detailing the full listing of the printings, dates and quantities from De La Rue records. A
      slim but useful booklet of which only 100 were printed, fine £10

      Singapore Post Offices and Registration Labels by Bill Lyons, published 1990, 140pp with
      many illustrations, details both post offices and records the labels they used with dates of
      use, fine £12

      MALAYA – General Selection including Bornean Books

      European Settlements in the Far East -with map & illustrations, 1st edit. 1900 Sampson
      Low, etc., slight wear/minor faults, end papers toned but stamped Kelly & Walsh Singapore
      & ms Campbell McKellar Terap 1901; The Oxford Survey of the British Empire Vol. II –
      Asia, 3 folding maps, good. Both HB, attractively bound, former with full rigged junk on
      cover, latter world map in oval on cover, etc. £12

      Handbook to British Malaya 1926, HB ¼ bound in red, slight wear to spine/covers but good.
      With large folding map of Malaya dated 1924, slight insect damage but O.K. £20

      Annual Reports

      The following seven lots are Annual Reports for Unfederated States and are all very scarce.
      They were printed in State except those for Johore and Trengganu which were printed in
      Singapore. Though all were available in London they are scarce in private hands. All are
      disbound from larger volumes, most have lost their back paper cover but more importantly
      are complete with map. They remain quite usable or are ideal for rebinding. Some have
      library stamps but are in good condition unless stated.

      Johore Annual Report for 1928 with folding map & back cover, negligible water stain one
      corner but good. 24 poor souls killed by tigers that year! £20

      134 A similar Report for 1929 with folding map in similar condition. Tigers 12; crocodiles 24!

      Kedah & Perlis Annual Report for 1346 (July 1927-June 1928) with back cover but
      published without a map plus similar Report for 1347 (1928-29) without back cover but fine
      folding map, good £35

      Ditto Similar Report for 1348 (1929-30) with fine folding map, good £20

      Kelantan Annual Reports for 1928 through to 1938 a fine run of eleven years, one has back
      paper cover but three have paper front cover lacking (which mimics title page in any case),
      each has a fine folding map of the State (though one is detached it is fine), good. A rare lot,
      the maps sold individually probably worth reserve! £220

      Trengganu Annual Report for 1346 & 1347 (June 1927 to June 1929) in one report,
      negligible water stain on one corner but good with fine folding map. Very scarce £30

      139 Ditto Report for 1348 (1929-30) in similar condition with fine folding map. Very scarce

      1947 Annual Report titled ‘Malayan Union’, printed in K.L. with photo plates at Govt. Press
      with imprint 2,000 printed. Minor wear to spine and slight soiling but good, SB with
      pictorial cover. The first post occupation report printed in small numbers due to shortages
      of everything, and with an emotive title! £30

      1948 Annual Report simply titled ‘Malaya’, printed K.L. with coloured map at back & 12
      page appendix on Emergency, some plates also reflect Emergency, minor wear to spine but
      good, SB with a pictorial cover £25

      1949 Annual Report titled ‘Federation of Malaya’, (third title in as many years!) printed in

      K.L. with coloured map at back, 11 page appendix on Emergency with plates, minor wear to
      spine but good, SB with a pictorial cover £25
      1950 Federation of Malaya Annual Report, printed K.L. with 13 page intro on Emergency
      and some plates reflect that situation, colour print of State flag, SB, slight soiling to cover
      which bears library stamp, but good £20

      1951, a similar report in a slightly smaller format, 17 page intro on Emergency & colour
      coat-of-arms instead of flag, minor wear/soiling to cover, good £20

      1952, a similar report, 18 pages on Emergency, photo plates with some in colour (inc.
      Templer) & 2 page map at back, binding loose with one page detached but all there, cover
      with small faults & some soiling £15

      1956 Federation report, HB with coloured map, 16 pp chapter on Emergency, plates, some
      in colour, small damage to spine but good £15

      Singapore 1953 Annual Report, HB, two plates detached but all there, cover with some
      soiling, etc., & previous owner has underlined references to Christmas Island, binding
      indicates originally there may have been a map(?) but not present if so £10

      Air Crash Mail of Imperial Airways & Predecessor Airlines, Kendall C. Sanford, profusely
      illustrated & important work on subject, Rossiter Trust 2003, SB with pricing guide, as new.
      Popular work that soon sold out £25

      Airmail Operations During World War II by Thomas H. Boyle Jr., SB, 926pp pub. By
      American Air Mail Soc., war time routes, rates, much valuable information covering all
      world, as new £25

      The Forgotten Air Force – The Royal Air Force in the War Against Japan 1941-1945, Air
      Comm. Henry Probert, HB DJ, 1995 factual study with Bibliography, Notes, Chronology,
      Glossary & Index. A job well done! As new £25

      Silent Victory – Breaking the Japanese air-blockade between Australia & Europe, Arthur
      Leebold, 1995 Banner Books, Australia, much on Cocos, etc., scarce book privately ¼
      bound in leather. Fine & attractive copy £25

      F.M.S. 1924 paper for Federal Council – A narrative history of the Prai River Wharves from
      1899 to date, including the question of Siltage, 61pp foolscap, map of Prai, 2 folding charts
      of soundings. Rare original document that shows the wharves were built by the F.M.S.R. at
      great cost in a totally unsuitable place!! £40

      Malay Proverbs, Chosen & Introduced by Sir Richard Winstedt 1950 1st edit.; Malay
      Sayings by C.C.Brown, both HB, former with DJ(toned), odd small fault but both good.
      Nice pair complimenting each other £12

      Guide to South Asian Material in the Libraries of London, Oxford & Cambridge, R.Datta,
      2nd Edit. 1966, 16pp A4 SB; National Archives of Malaysia SB booklet 11pp in Malay &
      English detailing this Institution, Holdings, etc., complimenting pair for researcher. Also 5th
      Asian International K.L. 1992 Exhibition catalogue £12

      Kedah: MBRAS 1923 The Geology of the Langkawi Islands, with a geological sketch map,
      by Scrivenor & Willbourn, 10pp & folded coloured map, paper covers, good £12

      MBRAS 1947 Historical Sketch of the Chinese Labour in Malaya, by W.L.Blythe, M.C.S.,
      114pp, paper covers, good £15

      British North Borneo by Owen Rutter, 1922 with photographs & maps, HB, end papers
      toned, etc., rubber Co. h/s, etc. but good copy with water buffalo on cover £12

      Borneo: The Japanese P.O.W. Camps by N.Watterson – the two volume boxed set, SB, as
      new £20

      Royalty: Corporation of London Reception & Banquet for the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, etc.,
      Guildhall July 1974, tassled card cover with arms of London & Malaysia, menu
      (mouthwatering!), music (Coldstream Guards) & much more! Fine £20

      Sarawak – A History of Sarawak under its Two White Rajahs, Baring Gould & Bampfylde,
      Sotheran 1909, end papers slightly toned with blind stamp of previous owner but a beautiful
      binding and a bright fresh copy £25

      Sarawak – The issues of 1871 & 1875 Plating Studies & Postal History, Batty-Smith &
      Watterson, replete study with pmks., etc., as new with flaw position indicator £20

      Sarawak – The De La Rue Story, Neville Watterson, magnificent study of the stamps/postal
      stationery they printed from 1888 to 1928 , HB DJ, as new £20

      Singapore: Singapore Improvement Trust 1953, 65pp SB report with plates, scarce. Also
      The Emergence of Bukit Ho Swee Estate, 100pp SB profusely illustrated, 2 guides, 2
      Singapore humour cartoon books! All good £20

      Straits Settlements: 1903 Parliamentary Report ‘Straits Settlements Currency Committee –
      Minutes of Evidence & Appendices, 164pp foolscap, important debate for establishment of
      currency based on gold or silver standard previously having used foreign silver dollars, blue
      paper covers, excellent condition. Front cover refers to a ‘Report’ which importantly
      accompanies, 14pp foolscap, a bit creased but O.K. Rare original documents £75

      Graf Spee’s Raiders – Challenge to the Royal Navy, 1914-1915 by Keith Yates, HB DJ, as
      new, Emden, Cocos, Battle of Falklands, Konigsberg, etc. £15

      166 Two green ‘Graduate’ peg fitting albums, good condition, each with 50 unused leaves

      Pair of boxed commemorative ceramic mugs ‘Singapore Stamp Club 50th Anniversary 19401990’,
      attractive design by James Song. Fine unused! £12