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Friday 29 September 2023

New Arrivals at The Penang Bookshelf in September 2023 (Last Updated 21-9-2023)


New Arrivals at The Penang Bookshelf


September 2023

(Last Updated 29-9-2023)

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Malaysia & Singapore - Anthropology & Sociology

This is a collection of papers looking at the relationship between population and development in Malaysia, as the rate of population growth decreases. The contributors also suggest population-influencing and population-responsive programes to tackle problems in this area. New Paperback. 222 pages 

Malaysia & Singapore - Architecture

Since colonial times, more and more buildings in Malaysia have taken their lead from Western designs. In this book the author both examines elements of such architecture that were originally adapted from Asian buildings and, from that information, seeks to develop clearer and more culturally and climatically appropriate designs for the future. 91 pages with an index, some black and white photographs and several line drawings. New Paperback 

A significant collection of papers covering traditional architecture across Borneo as well as modern changes. The ten scholarly papers are backed up with a wealth of black and white photographs, line drawings and maps. Near Fine Paperback. First edition 234 pages.

Malaysia & Singapore - Armed Forces & Policing

A collection of over 40 cases from colonial times until the beginning of the 20th century where criminals in Malaysia proved they're just as nasty as anywhere else. New Paperback. Reprint. Originally published in 2020. 235 pages with some black and white photographs.

This book gives an account of the author's experiences in the in Singapore from arrival there to  becoming Inspector General of Police in the Straits Settlements. The author recounts his  memories of Malaya, aspects of Malayan crime, investigation and internal security, Chinese secret societies in Singapore and the period leading up to the Japanese invasion. Good Hardback First Edition 152 pages.  

Malaysia & Singapore - Arts & Crafts

A catalogue of the artist's paintings exhibited in Kuala Lumpur in 2009. Near Fine Paperback First Edition 32 pages with colour reproductions of the art exhibited.

This is a catalogue of a collaborative effort between the National Art Gallery and the Forest Research Institute to hold both a workshop and an exhibition highlighting the variety of woodwork craft that existed in Malaysia at the end of the 20th century. The craftsmen participating came from both the Malay community and the indigenous communities throughout the country. The products of their work mostly follow traditional themes, but examples of more modern art are included as well. Near Fine Paperback. 30 pages with colour photographs of the completed works.

Malaysia & Singapore - Biography & Memoirs

A biography of the neglected Malayan independence leader described by Malcolm Macdonald, a Governor General of Malaya just after World War II, as "the one mature statesman among the Malay leaders." He was one of the founders of UMNO, the party which has been in Government since the country gained independence, but left it because of what he saw as its racist policies. Maybe, as the saying goes, the best leader that the country never had. 303 pages. Please see the scan of the contents page for further details. Very Good Paperback. First Edition  

A slightly different look at life as a plantation manager from a very experienced Malaysian planter, rather than a European one. The author cut his teeth on plantations in Malaysia, but then ventured further afield to the Solomon Islands and Africa. Here he commits to the printed page a selection of sixty stories about his adventures. 299 pages.  Good Paperback Reprint 

An account of the first twenty years of the author's life from growing up in Kedah with a British father and Tamil mother to studying in Raffles College Singapore, where he was when Japan took the city. After the war Baker was both an academic and a distinguished Singaporean diplomat. Near Fine Paperback. First Edition 130 pages.

The author, a member of a leading Hokkien family in Sarawak, had a wide ranging career as a government servant, businessman and eventually a politician. He founded the first political party in the state and went on to be a minister in the federal government after Sarawak became part of the Malaysian Federation. Here he reflects on his life from his birth into such a prominent family up to Sarawak's independence. As New Hardback. Reprint. Originally published in 1998 696 pages

The author, a member of a leading Hokkien family in Sarawak, had a wide ranging career as a government servant, businessman and eventually a politician. He founded the first political party in the state and went on to be a minister in the federal government after Sarawak became part of the Malaysian Federation. This book continues the story of  the author's role in politics following on from from the first volume of his memoirs, 'Footprints in Sarawak.'  . As New Paperback. Reprint. First Edition  270 pages


This is the first authoritative examination of the interaction between the Brooke Rajahs, particularly James and Charles, and the Anglican mission in the territory. The author's research threw up much new information about Brooke rule, particularly the Church's influence on Government policy and in the succession to James Brooke. Very Good Hardback in a Very Good Dust Jacket. 290 pages.Please see the scan of the contents page for further details.

One of the first comprehensive histories of Sarawak under Brooke rule with a preface by Charles Brooke.Very Good Hardback. Facsimile Reprint Originally published in 1909 464 pages. with an index, some black and white plates and maps on the inside covers and end papers .

The Penan are one of the remaining nomadic people of the rain forest, which is now under threat. The Endangered Peoples Project, a group of international volunteers, lived with the Penan intermittently in the early 1990s in an attempt to give the tribe a voice about their situation. As a result half of the text of the book consists of transcriptions from hours of taped interviews with them  Fine Paperback First English Language Edition 144 pages with many colour photographs.

Fascinated by pitcher plants, nepenthes, the author and his wife have been frequent visitors to Sarawak since 1992. In the course of these visits they have met and befriended a wide range of indigenous peoples. Here he records what he  has learned from them about their current culture and the traditions that they still hold dear. He has documented these experiences in text and photograph paying particular attention to the Iban, Melanau, Kenyah, Kayan, Kajang, Penan, Lun Bawang, Kelabit  and the Punan Bah tribe at the Rajang rapids between Kapit and Belaga. New Hardback in a New Dust Jacket. First Edition. 222 pages

The Kwijau or Kuijau are an indigenous ethnic group mainly living near Keningau, Sabah. This short overview of their traditional laws of inheritance was part of a series issued by the North Borneo Government probably mainly to familiarise their officers with differing customary laws governing the lives of a variety of ethnic groups. Good Paperback. Reprint. 9 pages. 

A collection of articles previously published in a weekly column in the People's Mirror explaining the way of life of the Iban population of Sarawak. Very Good Paperback. 125 pages with some black and white photographs.


One in a series of books produced to give the English reader some idea of foreign lands. Topics covered include, Rangoon, the People, the Irrawaddy River, Village and Town Life, The Forests and Temples and Religion. Good Hardback Second Edition. 87 pages with eight colour illustrations by the author. 

Malaysia & Singapore - Business, Economics & Labour

As the author states in his preface "the basic function of imperial rule...was to establish and maintain conditions under which...capitalism could flourish." So he procedes to examine the relationship between government officers and business in an industry which was crucial to the shaping of Malaya by the time she reached independence. Very Good Hardback in a Very Good Dust Jacket. First Edition. The 294 pages include a bibliography, two maps and 9 appendices. The Contents include 1 - Background, 2 - Formation of the Estate Labor Force: The Indians, 3 - Formation of the Estate Labor Force: The Chinese and the Javanese, 4 - Labor Legislation and Administration, 5 - Wage Policy, 6 - Unemployment Policy and 7- Conclusion. Very Good Hardback in a Good Dust Jacket. First Edition

A collection of essays by one of the principal architects of Singapore's economic success. As both a trained economist and Minister of Finance in Lee Kuan Yew's first government he highlights the aspects of economic theory that  he believes helped Singapore's growth as well as those theories that he cast aside in favour of home grown pragmatism. Near Fine Paperback. Reprint. Originally published in 1997. 282 pages with an index. 


In 1985 The Consumers Association of Penang organised a conference with participants from Malaysia, elsewhere in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States to examine the plight of the rural poor in Malaysia and to produce plans for redressing problems. This is the Declaration produced at the end of the conference with suggested ways forward. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 44 pages. 

Trade unionism in Malaysia barely existed before the Second World War. Although the colonial government introduced trade union legislation, it quickly became irrelevant with the arrival of the Japanese. With the restoration of civilian Government in 1946, trade unionism began to take root in the country, but with difficulty because its rebirth coincided with the Malayan 'Emergency.' In this work Gamba traces the successes and failures of the movement until the early 1950s. Very Good Hardback. 511 pages with maps, tables, charts documents, a Foreword by Victor Purcell and an index.

The purpose of the book is to provide a history and analysis of Malaysia's and Singapore's public finances from independence to shortly after Singapore left the Malaysian Federation. (Despite the book's title, the book does cover a short period after the Malaysian Federation was founded.) Having done that, the author makes suggestions as to how both Governments can raise more taxes so as to achieve a more equitable distribution of the tax burden. In turn, the author proposes how the fiscal system can produce a growing and stable economy. Good Hardback. First Edition. 386 pages with figures, tables, a bibliography and an index. 

Malaysia & Singapore - Chinese Community & Culture

This study is set against the background of political rumblings in the build up to the creation of the Malaysian federation in 1967. Whereas politics had been fairly subdued during the Brooke period before the Second World War, the situation had now changed with various communities and political groups jostling for position. Leigh focuses on the Chinese community and their changing relationship with the indigenous community at this time. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 107 pages.

Malaysia & Singapore - Cinema, Dance, Drama & Music

This study demonstrates what happens when a government decides to take over a popular adaptive and developing art form and ossify it so as to fit in with the government's message. Tan, one of Malaysia's leading musicologists, describes the evolution of bangsawan, the most popular form of multi ethnic entertainment in Malaya before the arrival of cinema, and how it was, from the 1970s onwards, transformed into a 'traditional' Malay theatre. 261 pages with a bibliography, index, some black and white plates and musical scores. New Paperback. Reprint. First published in 1993. 

A quirky and poignant play about the problems of moving home and from this life to the next. The lives of a woman and her son planning a house move and a civil servant coping with a corpse become intertwined in strange ways. Very Good Paperback. 114 pages

Since Penang became a UNSCO World Heritage site in 2008, there has been a considerable effort to preserve and remember the history of the well-to-do, who could afford, and often intended, to construct a legacy that would stand the test of time. The history of less wealthy Penangites tends to attract less interest, probably because what they made and consumed was more ephemeral. This book at last celebrates the life blood of a wider section of the community, popular music. Packed with anecdotes, pictures and advertisements of the time as well as detailed research and a 24 track CD, this book provides a more vibrant connection with the past than most other books written on Penang's history. 221 pages. Please see the scan of the contents page and CD track list for further details. New Paperback

While much has been written about Singapore's political system, less has been written about how that system interacts with the country's vibrant cultural scene. In this book a US Professor of Theatre focuses on the dramatic manifestations of that culture and how it copes with themes such as interculturalism, gender and sexual orientation. Near Fine Paperback. First Edition. 287 pages with an index.

Hardily any part of life is immune from the influence of the People's Action Party in Singapore. Theatre is no exception. In the course of providing a comprehensive survey of English language theatre in the country, the author looks at how theatre co-operates with Government policy and how it seeks to maintain some independence. New Hardback. 209 pages with a bibliography and an index

Tan Tarn How, one of Singapore’s most controversial playwrights, explores issues of life and death, sex and love, government, national identity and racism in these six plays, namely Home, The Lady of Soul and Her  Ultimate 'S' Machine, Undercover, Six of the Best, The First Emperor's Last Days and Machine. With an introduction by KK Seet. New Paperback. 354 pages.

The screenplay of a film released in 1964. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 91 pages.

Malaysia & Singapore - Constitution, Laws & Legal System

This is one of the pioneering works on the operation of Islamic Law as it has developed on the Malayan peninsula and remains a standard to this day. The contents include I - Sources and Development of Muslim Law, II - Family Law, III - Law of Property, IV - Offences - Evidence - Procedure. There is an appendix with Quranic quotations, a glossary of legal terms, a glossary of minority sects and movements, a table of cases, a Table of acts, ordinances, enactments & rules, a bibliography, state index and general index.   Very Good Hardback in a Good Dust Jacket First Edition  444 pages. 

Malaysia & Singapore - Education

A teacher's guide to enable secondary pupils to produce works of art. The book is divided into three sections covering drawing and painting, other work on flat paper in in and/or colour and the largest section on other art and handiwork, which includes traditional Bornean crafts. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 120 pages with many black and white illustrations 

A teacher's guide to enable upper primary pupils to produce works of art. The book includes instructions on painting, lettering, pattern and design making, mosaics, modelling, basketry, beadwork and many more Bornean crafts.  Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 61 pages with many black and white illustrations

Malaysia & Singapore - "The Emergency"

A British couple's experiences during the Malayan 'Emergency' where the husband, as a British soldier, kills a pregnant insurgent unaware that he is being watched by the woman's lover. On the soldier's return to Malaya with his new wife as a rubber planter he realises the lover has not forgotten and becomes a target for revenge. New Paperback. First Edition. 75 pages with a map

Malaysia & Singapore - Environment, Nature & Wildlife

The day to day experiences of Itin, a Bornean elephant in Sabah, told in story form through the voices of Itin himself and his family. This straight forward nontechnical account is suitable for anyone, including younger readers, wanting to know more about these pygmy elephants' habitat, migratory habits, methods of communication and the threats they face. Please see the scan of the contents page for further details. New Paperback, 2nd Edition 78 pages 

62 vascular plant genera are presently recognised as endemic to Borneo, from 25 families and comprising 162 known species. Many of these are under threat because of changing land use. In this work, not only are the genera identified and described but areas in Borneo where the greatest number of species of endemic genera are to be found are also highlighted.  As a result, target areas for conservation are determined so as to increase the likelihood of the survival of these genera. New Paperback. 194 pages with 250 colour photographs and distribution maps

For details of the subjects covered in this issue, please see the scanned contents page New Paperback. First Edition  115 pages

A brief introduction to the citrus and citroid plants to be found in the University of Malaya's botanical garden. Besides an introduction to this fruit family, the book also lists the true citrus fruit trees, citroids and remote citroids growing in the garden. Very Good Paperback First Edition 17 pages with several colour plates. 

The principal reference work on bamboos in the peninsula covering 59 species in 14 genera. There is also information on their habitat, distribution, growth structure, uses and means of propagation. 200 pages with references, appendix, index and some photos Very Good Hardback in a Very Good Dust Jacket 

The purpose of the book is not only to highlight the importance of peat swamp forests as a natural resource, but also to promote sustainable management for logging in these areas. The book describes the formation, characteristics and hydrology of these forests, forest management and threats to the ecosystem, but the major part of the book is devoted to the various species of commercial and non commercial trees to be found there. Each species is illustrated with several colour photographs, with a text description and information on ecology and distribution and uses, if any. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 97 pages with a list of references and an index to families

With over 30 years experience in the field, the author highlights 37 species of land and sea snakes that are poisonous out of a total 137 of species of snakes that had been recorded at the time of the original publication in 1979. The book also contains information on how to avoid snake bites and how to treat them Very Good Paperback. Reprint. Originally published in 1979 74 pages with colour photographs, a bibliography and an index

The author was a physiology academic in both Singapore and Malaysia in the 1950s and 1970s. While in the area he became a keen naturalist and contributed to natural history and wildlife magazines. This is a summary of what he found in the wild places of Malaysia. Very Good Hardback in a Fine Dust Jacket with some colour photographs  151 pages with a bibliography, appendices listing protected species and an index. 

Malaysia & Singapore - Fiction

A collection of 19 entertaining stories which feature the richness of Malaysia's multicultural and multiethnic society and its experience of war and colonialism. These stories, which are set in small towns and cities of Malaysia and Singapore, have been written over the last fifty years.  Very Good Paperback 240 pages.

A collection of short styories and verse, many with a sporting theme, by an Irish expatriate living in Malaysia. New Paperback. First Edition. 45 pages. 

The author, a Malaysian expatriate living in the United States, draws on the Chinese myth of the Firewife to create the journey of the protagonist, Nin, as she travels in Asia as a photographer highlighting the lives of women degraded for men's benefit. Nin's experiences unexpectedly turn into a journey of self-discovery. Very Good Hardback in a Very Good Dust Jacket. First Edition. 201 pages. 

A collection of Hugh Clifford's stories inspired by his experiences as a British civil servant in Malaya. Good Hardback. First Edition 312 pages

Originally published in Bahasa Malaysia in 2017, this novel narrates the struggles of a feminist professor in the midst of Islamic fundamentalism in Malaysia. Her views are strengthened during her studies in the United States and Europe and put to the test when she returns home to be caught up in violence from conservative groups opposed to her activism and sexuality. New Paperback. First English Language Edition. 321 pages with a bibliography.

Novel mengenai seorang perempuan bernama Salina yang didorong kemiskinan untuk mencari kerja sebagai pelayan di Singapura dan Tanah Melayu (Malaysia) pada tahun 50-an. Salina menceritakan kehidupan masyarakat terutama orang Melayu di Kampung Kambing, Singapura, selepas Perang Dunia Kedua. Novel ini menggambarkan ke-miskinan,keruntuhan moral di kota dan pergelutan untuk melangsungkan survival di tengah-tengah kehancuran kehidupan selepas perang. New Paperback. 65th anniversary edition of this groundbreaking Malay novel.

A novel rooted in the experiences of families of the Indian diaspora from the colonial Burma of the 1930s to a Malaysia finding its political feet 60 years later. New Paperback. Reprint. 322 pages.

An anthology of fiction in Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil, the official languages of Singapore, giving a flavour of the city state's literary output. These are Volumes II, II and III that followed the previous volume on the poetry of Singapore. The non-English contributions are translated into English. Near Fine Hardbacks in Fine Dust Jackets. 685, 675 and 685 pages respectively.


The news about Muslims in the last few years has often been alarmingly negative. Due to the political developments in several parts of the Muslim world, many Muslims think they are seen as 'good moderates' or 'evil fundamentalists'. Through fictional short stories Dina Zaman  seeks to demonstrate that there are many different shades and types of Malaysian Muslims. These stories demonstrate that Muslims, like anyone else, can be both likeable and repulsive. Good Paperback 154 pages. 

A translation of Mustafa Lutfi Al-Manfaluti's classic Arabic novel into Malay. Very Good Paperback. 392 pages. 

Malaysia & Singapore - Folklore

The tale of Sleeping Beauty has popped up in many forms and in many cultures through the ages. This is a version prevalent in the Malay Archipelago with all the usual ingredients of a beautiful princess, handsome king, evil queen, sorcery and a happy ending as retold by the author. New Paperback. Reprint. 62 pages with black and white illustrations by Dani Warguide, Walid Muhammad & Shimo Manaf. 

This is a folk tale of a monster that inhabits Tasik Chini, Malaysia's second largest freshwater lake in Pahang. It is supposed to guard a legendary civilisation, possibly relating to the Khmer empire. The tale is retold by the author. New Paperback. First Edition. 63 pages with black and white illustrations by Ariyana Ahmad. 

This is a folk tale from the Hikayat Seri Kelantan about Puteri Saadong, also known as Mariam, who allowed herself to be taken by the invading Siamese to save her country. Her bereft husband remained behind and vowed never to remarry, but broke his promise with disastrous consequences. The tale is retold by the author. New Paperback. First Edition. 62 pages with black and white illustrations by Ariyana Ahmad.

A Malay version of the Robin Hood folk tale probably based on the activities of robbers in the Kedah region. Good Paperback. First Edition 87 pages.

A collection of traditional tales from the Mah Meri indigenous group as told by the author's grandfather to her. The text is in Bahasa Malaysia and English. New Paperback. First Edition. 86 pages with illustrations. 

Malaysia & Singapore - Gender

In this sensitive work, Professor Teh uncovers the little understood world of men who realise that their body does not match their sexual identity. Through interviews and detailed research she demonstrates that rather than being deviants or religious transgressors, her subjects turn out to be much like the rest of us. New Paperback Reprint. Originally published in 2002. 179 Pages with some black and white photographs, a bibliography and an index . 

While many may claim that the increased Islamisation in Malaysia over recent years has worsened women's position in the country, the author's research amongst Muslim women in the nation's capital, Kuala Lumpur, shows this not necessarily to be the case. She discovered that pious women are at the centre of many religious community activities. She also found evidence of women transforming traditional male dominated spaces so that women's contributions are gaining increasing recognition and effect. Very Good Paperback. 216 pages with a bibliography, index and some black and white photographs.

A collection of short biographies of women who have made their mark in Singapore in education, the arts, politics and many other fields. Very Good Paperback. Revised and Expanded Edition. 154 pages with several black and white photographs. 

Malaysia & Singapore - Health & Medicine

An extensive survey of different types of Malay traditional  healing practiced in and around Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 133 pages with a bibliography and map.

Malaysia & Singapore - History

Al-Attas, arguably Malaysia's leading and most internationally respected academic on Islam in a wide range of fields, turns here to bring new light on the origins of Islam in the Malay Archipelago. 170 pages with four appendices on various historic documents cited within the book. New Hardback in a New Dust Jacket 

This book is not so much an account of the Portuguese rule in Melaka, but rather is about their relationship with the other two major trading centres of the archipelago at the time, Johor and Aceh. All three centres were trade rivals, but they managed to coexist because none of them was sufficiently powerful dislodge either of the other two. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 375 pages with 6 maps some black and white colour illustrations, a bibliography and an index.

A selection of writings about Singapore from travellers, who usually dropped in for a few days on their way to somewhere else. The examples cover experiences and observations from the founding of the city in 1819 until the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in 1942. Near 260 pages.Near Fine Paperback First Edition

A collection of stories about the arrival of the East India Company and their early years developing the island. Good soft back. Reprint. Originally published in 1953. 128 pages.

A collection of 14 papers presented to the first International Conference of South-East Asian Historians, held in 1961. Topics covered include the tin industry, immigrant communities, state history, law, the Japanese occupation among others. Good Hardback. First Edition. 273 pages.

A collection of 19 short accounts of the roles of different individuals knocking about Singapore at the time of the arrival of the British East India Company. The people chosen are mainly Europeans, but an Arab, a Chinese and an Indian trader are also included Good soft back. Reprint. Originally published in 1953. 128 pages with some black and white photographs and line drawings

Bastin, probably the best known specialist in the life of Raffles, teams up with an expert genealogical researcher to produce an authoritative account of Raffles, his immediate family, ancestors and relations. In doing so they bring to life the day to day interactions between the man and his family network. New Hardback in a New Dust Jacket. First Edition. 224 pages with a bibliography, index and many black and white and colour illustrations. 

Swettenham, one of the architects of British Malaya, sets out in this book to show what the country was like before the British intervention in Malay affairs, how the intervention came about and what happened afterwards. Naturally, having been in the thick of it all, he feels that the Brirish made a good job of their task. Here he argues why. Good Hardback . Revised and expanded edition 380 pages. Chapters include I - The Outward Appearance of the British Possessions in the Straits of Malacca, II - Malacca - Early History, III -Pinang - Early History - Lord Minto's Expedition to Java, IV - Singapore - Sir Stamford Raffles, V - The Straits from 1825-67 - The Arrangements made to Settle the Claims of the Sultan and Temenggong in Regard to Johore, VI - The Straits from 1867-73 - Sir Harry Ord's Administration - Anarchy in the Malay States, VII - The Malay; His Customs, Prejudices, Arts ,Language and Literature, VIII - 1874 - Sir Andrew Clarke - British Intervention in the Affairs of the Western Malay States, IX - 1875-6 - Sir William Jervois - British Resident of Perak Assassinated - Punitive Expedition, X - The Evolution of the Residential System - Tin Mining - What the Malay States Owe to Chinese Labour and Enterprise - Roads- Railways, XI - The Continued Evolution of the Residential System - Revenue Farms - Education - Land Settlement - Irrigation - Rubber Cultivation - Currency - Pahang, XII - 1895-1907 - Federation and its Results, XIII - Concerning the Malay States which are not included in the Federation, XIV - How the Development of the Malay States has Affected the neighbouring British Colony and the Relations of both with the Colonial Office XV - Twenty Five Years After . There are also two appendices, at least 40 black and white photographs, a fold out map and an index. Very Good Hardback in a Good Dust Jacket. Revised and Expanded Edition. 

Most of the history in English of Malaya, now Malaysia, has been written from a colonial standpoint. This book, a singeing attack on colonialism, tells a very different story, covering a period from pre-colonial times until about 20 years after independence. The book gained notoriety for a photograph of a smiling British soldier holding the decapitated head of an insurgent during the Malayan 'Emergency.' Very Good Paperback, First Edition. 165 pages with some cartoons and black and white photographs and a couple of maps.

Articles included in this issue - Traces of a Bronze Age culture associated with Iron Age implements in the regions of Klang and the Tembeling Malaya by W. Linehan; The Nobat and the Orang Kalau of Perak by Dr. W. Linehan; Ancient Tin Ingots in the Perak Museum by Dr. W. Linehan; Malayan Perforated Stone Discs by Dr. W. Linehan; Historical Notes, mainly about Klang by Dr. W. Linehan; The Identification of some of Ptolemy’s place-names in the Golden Khersonese by Dr. W. Linehan; Tin Emblems of Mountain-Temples (Gunong-Gunong) by Dr. W. Linehan; Shields in the Perak Museum by Dr. W. Linehan; Brass and White Metal work in Trengganu by G.T.M. de M. Morgan; 
Some Occasional Rites performed by the Singapore Cantonese by Majorie Topley.. Good Paperback. First Edition 177 pages

Malaysia & Singapore - History (20th Century)

When one reads the works of British scholars of the imperial period describing the history and culture of the Malay community, one does not often gain the impression that the Malay peasantry were anything other than happy with their lot. However during the post independence period much scholarship has sought to bring to light what could be termed as "the people's history" of colonial rule. This work is a significant contribution to that body of scholarship gathering in all the threads of such scholarship so as to gain new insights. 237 pages with chapters on The Precolonial Period, The Emergence of Capitalism 1874 - 1920: Colonial State Expansion and the Peasant Village Community, The Emergence of Capitalism 1874-1920: Peasant Resistance, State Power and Rubber Cultivation, Colonial Capitalism Triumphant, Vicissitudes of Domination: The Japanese Occupation and the Postwar Years & Changes in Malay Villages 1945-1957. There are also Notes, a Bibliography, an Index, a map and three sets of tables Fine Paperback

In this wide ranging book, written at the time of the formation of Malaysia, McKie not only describes the different peoples and histories that were about to be coalesced into one nation, but also presents the reader with pen pictures of some of the main political and cultural personalities of the time. He ends up by questioning whether such disparate forces can ever really find a way of accommodating each other. There is also a chapter on the odd man out, Brunei. Very Good Hardback. in a Very Good Dust Jacket. First Edition. 236 pages.

Malaysia & Singapore - Indian Community & Culture

In this much commended but little known book the author shares the results of her study of religious practices of Hindus, mainly in Penang. She manages to tread a fine balance between showing respect and understanding of the depth of the religious observances she witnessed and at the same time being able to subject these practices to insightful and detached analysis. The contents of this 243 page book include 1 - The Power of Murugan's Lance, 2 - Murugan as Metaphor, 3 - The Hindu Tamils of Penang, 4 - Thaipusam in Penang, 5 - Rituals and Politics, 6 - Arul - The Trance of Divine Grace 7 - Symbolic Acts: The Meanings of Ritual Vow Fulfillment, 8 - A Ceremonial Animal, 9 - Ritual Power and Moral Redemption and a very extensive Bibliography. Very Good Paperback. First Edition

Malaysia & Singapore - Language & Linguistics

The ancestors of many Malaysians of Indian origin today came to Malaya as labourers to work on the plantations. Naturally they brought their mother tongue, Tamil, with them. In this book the author delves in the the various Tamil dialects in one part of the country and compares it with dialects spoken in South India and Ceylon in the areas from where modern speakers' antecedents originated. The book includes chapters on the community's history, speech forms of men and women, regional variations, an occupational vocabulary and social institutions reflected in the survey on which the book is based. Very Good Paperback. First Edition Signed by the author. 219 pages with a bibliography and an index.

A collection of Malay proverbs with a commentary on each. Good Paperback. First Edition 114 pages.

The author lived in Singapore from 1964 to 1974 teaching English as a Foreign Language. Here he covers the range of idiosyncrasies of English used in Malaysia and Singapore at the time covering pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, idioms and slang and much more. Very Good Paperback. Reprint. Originally published in 1974. 130 pages with an index of words used in examples in the book.

Written by an exiled Indonesian, this book was primarily intended to teach Malay to those preparing to take Indonesia from the Japanese at the end of World War II. Besides dealing with the essential grammatical points and providing some phrase lists, the book ends with a 100 page dictionary. The spellings are in Indonesia Rumi script. Near Fine Paperback 183 pages

When the European powers, Britain and the Netherlands, arrived in the Malay Archipelago the script of the Malay Language, Jawi, was based on the Arabic script. In the course of time both Britain and the Netherlands Romanised the Jawi script, independently of each other and basing their spellings on English and Dutch respectively. Following Indonesia's and Malaya's independence discussions between both countries resulted in a common spelling system for Malay in the archipelago. This is an account of not only that process, but also of other efforts prior to that to Romanise the Jawi script. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 98 pages with an index of names.

Malaysia & Singapore - Literature

Reviews of various books of Malay Literature. Good Paperback. First Edition. 135 pages.

Perkembangan Kesesusasteraan Melayu – Arena Wati RM250

A survey of Malay literature by the distinguished Malay writer, who was made a National Laureate in 1968. Very Good Paperback. First Edition, 383 pages. 

An analysis of the principal characters in the classic Malay saga of Hang Tuah. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 67 pages.

Malaysia & Singapore - Magic, Popular Religion & Superstitions

From puzzling bits of advice such as if someone steps on your freshly cut finger nails they're an enemy to more logical ones that a tenth born child will cause financial ruin in the family, this booklet is a godsend for the wary. For the care free it should provide a giggle or two.  109 pages including foreword, introduction and various caricature drawings throughout the book. New Paperback 

Malaysia & Singapore - Malay Community and Culture

This is an anthropological study of a rubber tapping community in Jandram Hilir in Selangor, West Malaysia. Its main focus is how such a community interacts with the outside world. In its 171 pages the author looks at Malay villager stereotypes of outsiders, how villagers react to outside events,how the economics of the village governs its interaction with outsiders and the basis of social relations amongst the villagers themselves. There is also a bibliography and glossary of Malay colloquial terms used in the text. Very Good Paperback 

This classic work examines the relationship between community leaders, usually sultans and administrators, in traditional Malay society and seeks to determine the extent to which it has been replicated or changed in post independence Malaysia. The relationship of The United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), the principal Malay party since independence, and its followers is a particular focus of this study. New Paperback. Second Edition. Originally published in 1981. 151 pages including an afterword for this new edition.

It was often a feature of British colonial administrations that they did not introduce new legal systems wholesale, but sought to preserve aspects of customary law to be administered in the main legal system or in specialised courts for the purpose. British Malaya was no different where customary law of the Malays, Dayaks, Chinese, Hindus and Orang Asli, applying mainly to family matters, was preserved. This book serves as an outline of these various sets of laws and the extent to which, if any, they conflict with statutory law. Very Good Hardback in a Very Good Dust Jacket First Edition . 276 pages with a bibliography and an index.

Orang Asli/Indigenous Peoples

The author, a sociologist, presents the results of 13 years of study of the Orang Seletar, an indigenous community, and how they have been affected by a massive development, Iskandar Malaysia, throwing up theme parks, malls, industry and housing that has overturned their home for centuries. In doing so she also gives a detailed account of the sea gypsies' customs and way of life. New Paperback. First Edition 276 pages with many colour photographs, maps and an index.


This book covers everything one needs to know to get from the basics of orchid growing to an intermediate level. There are tips also on propagation, the control of pests and a list of the most popular orchid genera suitable for various environments. New Paperback. Reprint. Originally published in 2012. 207 pages with many colour illustrations. 


In multicultural Penang, the Peranakan/Straits Chinese have developed a magpie culture as befits their mixed Chinese/Malay/Thai racial origins. In this collection of articles the contributors trace how that the theatrical and visual aspects of this adaptive culture have developed and thrived since from the nineteenth century to the present day. New Paperback. First Edition. 312 pages with several black and white plates, a CD laid in and an index.

A whodunit set amongst passengers on a voyage to Penang.  Intrigue, backed by powerful characterisation laced with humour are at the centre of this classic novel. 256 pages. Originally published in 1934 Very Good Hardback in a Very Good Dust Jacket. Collected Autograph Edition

An idiosyncratic mix of articles that can be found in most school magazines. This one is from St George's school, one of the the premier schools for girls in Penang. 258 pages with many black and white illustrations and a foreword by Mahathir Mohamad 

This is the beginning of the biography of Lim Kean Siew a noted lawyer and politician in Malaysia in the post war years. In verse and prose he leads us through his family origins and his early life until the onset of World War II. 236 pages.Near Fine Paperback First Edition 

Penang is fortunate in not only having a multicultural community imbued with a variety of imported and indigenous traditions, but also having such a community that still seeks to preserve and enliven those traditions. In order to document those traditions in action Penang university's school of arts compiled this book and five accompanying CDs which are laid into the book. The CDs cover lion and dragon dances, boria, puppet theatre, Siamese Menora, Eurasian music, the Hungry Ghost and Indian Festivals. New Board Book. 126 pages with many colour illustrations.

A photographic tour of Penang island. Very Good Paperback. 79 pages with colour photographs throughout. 

Like many other places in the world, Penang struggles to find the appropriate balance between 'development' and preserving its green spaces. One of the most significant areas of natural beauty is Penang Hill, the highest point on the island. This book was prepared by opponents of a major development there that was proposed in 1990. The authors not only set out the natural features of the area, its legal status and its benefit to the community, but also critique the proposal and suggest alternatives. Good Paperback. First Edition. 151 pages with both black and white and colour photographs. 


This is probably the most comprehensive book published on Penang's public transport covering buses, trams, trolley buses, the funicular railway and ferries from the time they were introduced to the island up to the early 21st century. The author's extensive research is backed up by a wealth of black and white and colour photographs, route details and maps. Very Good Paperback. 154 pages

The Western Road Christian Cemetery contains graves of Christians of all races from about the mid 1880s onwards. In this book the author has transcribed the inscriptions, where legible, on the graves of Europeans there. Good Paperback. First Edition. 

Malaysia & Singapore - Peranakan/Straits Chinese

A simple introduction to one of the more prominent minorities in Malaysia and Singapore. The Peranakan/Straits Chinese/Babas/Nyonyas are descendants of mainly Chinese immigrants who have inter married with their host communities for generations, in the course of which they have developed their own culture. The book looks at the community's origins, daily life, leisure activities and customs. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 150 pages with line drawings, cartoons and some black and white photographs. 


A photographic essay concentrating mainly on the State Park of Perlis, home to 200 or more bird species and 40 mammal species. The text is in Bahasa Malaysia and English. 152 pages with many colour photographs. New Paperback. First Edition.

Malaysia & Singapore - Photography

This is  vivid and extensive photographic record of the changes taking place in the Malay Peninsula at start of the 20th century. Originally published by the photographer in 1907, this edition brings together 139 of the original 175 photographs with captions by Neil Khor and Gretchen Liu and an introduction by John Falconer. Near Fine Hardback in a Very Good Slipcase 144 pages with a bibliography and an index.

Malaysia & Singapore - Poetry

A collection of poems by a professor of microbiology, who spent her early years in Pakistan and Bangladesh and now lives in Malaysia New Paperback. First Edition. 68 pages

Malaysia & Singapore - Politics

The author, a noted political scientist and activist in Malaysia, presents a collection of his articles on politics, democracy, ethnic relations, Islam and the role of religion, education and other reflections on the state of Malaysia at the end of the 20th century. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 543 pages

An assessment of Malaysia's best known politician by a journalist who had known him for 40 years. Good Paperback. Reprint Originally published in 1994. 306 pages

A series of reflections by Malaysia's first prime minister on the moves towards, and the gaining and consolidation of Malaysia's independence. In this book he lays a special emphasis on the role of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) in the process. He also looks forward to UMNO's future. New Paperback Reprint 131 pages with an index and some black and white photos. 

In this book Scott interestingly sets out to discover the views of seventeen Malaysian civil servants on politics and democracy generally. The country had been independent from the British for a decade and their views are seen to express both a need for security and to explore. Good Hardback in a Good Dust Jacket. First Edition. 302 pages with an index. 

In May 1969 the apparent political calm that Malaysia had experienced since independence was suddenly shattered by communal violence which has shaped it politics ever since. There have been many studies to try to understand this disruption. Here Rogers, who spent two years between 1965 and 1967 in a rural Malay community in Johor state, puts forward what he believes to have been one of the main contributing factors - the rapid politicisation of the village Malay. Very Good Paperback. First Edition 211 pages with maps, tables and a bibliography. 

Malaysia & Singapore - Race & Relations

A study of the history of Malay-Chinese relations in Malaysia. New Paperback. 432 pages with a bibliography and an index. 

Malaysia & Singapore - Religion

In quite a major undertaking the editors have gathered together essays on the differing histories twelve major Christian churches in Malaysia. The choice ranges from the more familiar Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches to the more obscure Mar Thoma Church and  the Latter Rain Church of Malaysia. There are also chapters on ecumenism, the churches and social problems and a note on church growth in Malaysia from 1960 to 1985. Very Good Paperback . First Edition 395 pages with a glossary and an index. 

The author, a leading international academic on the convergence and conflict of different legal systems, examines how Malaysia manages with applying shari'ah and civil law and makes five recommendations to make both systems function more effectively. 95 pages.

It's a not very well known fact that one of the largest  indigenous groups in Malaysia are predominantly Christian. This book explains how, facilitated by the Brooke administration, missionaries began their work of conversion which has led to one of the more vibrant Christian communities in Asia today.232 pages with a bibliography, glossary and appendices. Very Good Paperback 

A commentary on the religious philosophy of Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas, a noted Malaysian philosopher and academic, who pioneered the idea of Islamisation of knowledge. Very Good Hardback. 404 pages. 

A collection of articles from religious fundamentalists to liberal progressives giving their views of the role that should be played by religion, particularly Islam, in both politics and the daily lives of Malaysians. Good Paperback. 222 pages

An unusual study in that it not only seeks the reasons for a charismatic revival of Islam, but also in Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity in modern Malaysia. They compare these revivals with the simultaneous increased secularisation in Malaysian society. Very Good Hardback in a New Dust Jacket. 172 pages with a bibliography and an index.

A collection of papers from a 2003 conference on a moderate form of Islam espoused by the Muslim community in Singapore. Good Paperback. First Edition. 370 pages. 

This book is the result of research carried out by the author amongst Malay female and male athletes in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia to try to understand the experiences of Muslim female international athletes in the context of perceptions of Islamic belief and practice about female 'modesty.' 76 pages. Please see the scan of the contents page for further details. 

Malaysia & Singapore – Transport

The author travelled more than a thousand miles of track on the foot plates of a wide variety of engines with the support of their drivers before writing this well researched work on the state of Malayan Railways within the first two decades after independence. Please see scanned title page for contents. 63 pages With 13 pages of black and white photos. Very Good Hardback 

Malaysia & Singapore – World War II

This is the classic story of one of the first jungle war experts of the modern era. He takes us through the period of the Japanese occupation of Malaya. Between the invasion and the fall of Singapore he was involved in behind the scenes operations to try to sabotage the Japanese advance. After Singapore fell he remained on the peninsula working with the orang asli (aborigines) and Communist guerillas to do what he could to undermine the occupation until the return of the British. Very Good Hardback Reprint. Originally published in 1950  378 pages with maps and  black and white plates  


About half of the world's approximately two thousand begonia species are native to Asia. In this book the authors illustrate the variety of such species from examples in the Academia Sinica, Taipei, The Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center and The Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. Each species is illustrated by at least one colour photograph and information on the species' identification, distribution and etymology. New Paperback. First Edition. 353 pages with an index. 

This is a group of essays, emanating from London's School of African and Oriental Studies, looking at the after effects of colonialism in the region generally and Indonesia, Malaya and Thailand particularly. The contributors distinguish what elements of the legacy are likely to spur or retard economic growth. 192 pages. Very Good Hardback in a Very Good Dust Jacket For further details, please see the scanned contents page.

The ease with which the Japanese advanced through East and Southeast Asia in 1941 and 1942 was due not only to their superior battle tactics, but also to years of intelligence gathering. In this book the author, relying on access to files from the Straits Settlements Police, sketches the effectiveness of the Japanese preparations. Very Good Paperback 179 pages. For further details, please see the scanned contents page.

Although today the investment by overseas Chinese from Southeast Asia (Nanyang) in Chinese industry is well recognised, an earlier phase of similar participation has been mainly forgotten. Godley's book looks back to the final days of the Ching dynasty when there was a similar encouragement  and response from emigrant Chinese to help with the modernisation of their former homeland. Nanyang Chinese not only invested in industry but also took up Chinese Government positions. 222 pages. Please see the scan of the contents page for further details. Very Good Hardback First Edition 

Bingham-Hall, an architectural writer and photographer with considerable Asia Pacific experience, opens our eyes to the exciting developments that have been taking place in using modern design and materials to develop residences for the area's tropical climate. Chapters are devoted to houses in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia respectively with a wealth of colour photographs, design plans and enough technical information to inspire us to get to work on a dream house of our own Weight: New Hardback in a Hew Dust Jacket  

This book was written at a time when the Cold War in Asia and the Konfrontasi between Indonesia and Malaysia were in full swing. This veteran war and foreign correspondent was concerned that the West was not taking enough notice of the vulnerability of the Malay Archipelago to Communist and Indonesian subversion. Since Brackman had particular Indonesian experience a major focus of the book is Indonesia's "multicomplex" struggle for dominance at the time. 341 pages including notes and an index.  

The author, who has spent a considerable amount of time in the Muslim world argues that the distinction between a secular state and a religious one is not as clear cut as is often assumed. Supposedly secular liberal democracies are often not as free from religious influence as claimed. Taking into account Muslims' views on Islam, he proposes that there is no one model that fits all, but that, instead of secularism, politicians could consider equidistance, where the state is generally impartial to religions. New Paperback. 239 pages with a bibliography and an index

A British trained barrister compares Muslim and Western concepts of human rights. Very Good Paperback. 206 pages. 

Unlike in most religions, the early Muslims set out guidelines in some detail as to how the faithful should conduct their business affairs. Written in the immediate aftermath of the beginning of "the war on terror", this book seeks to demonstrate how in business and many other areas of life, Muslims are expected to be compassionate. The two principal parts of the book set out, firstly, the Islamic Economic System and then goes into some detail as to how the concepts and principles of Islam are to be applied in commerce. 279 pages with a bibliography and index. 

A collection of papers presented to a 2003 conference on English in Southeast Asia. The contributors highlight the varieties of English in the region, its role in relation to various national languages and the role of IT in English Language Learning. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 306 pages

Although Christianity is far from the dominant religion in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia it plays a more significant role than the size of the community as a whole would suggest. This is not a directory, but rather a guide to the variety of Protestant groups in the region. The book is divided into five sections with essays devoted to recent history, contemporary currents, grassroots Christian communities, images and music of worship and looking to the future. New Paperback 413 pages including several pages of hymns used in communities. 

The book was written as the first comprehensive guide to Southeast Asian medicinal plants for students and practitioners in pharmacy, food science, natural products chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, biology and biotechnology. Because of the detailed description of plants, including local names in various Southeast Asian countries, users of this book should be able to understand and even predict the biological effect of each plant. 199 pages with a glossary, bibliography and an index.Very Good Paperback 

The author was a well known correspondent for the Observer newspaper of London, based for most of his career in Singapore. This book is a collection of his wry observations of life and politics in Southeast Asia from the 1950s to the 1970s. Good Hardback. 305 pages

A selection of writings of Europeans, administrators, businessmen, missionaries and their dependants about their experiences of life in Southeast Asia in the heyday of empire before the Second World War. The authors include well known names, such as Conrad and Margaret Brooke, and many lesser known contributors. Topics range from Loneliness and  A Rubber Planter's Day to Bickering and Backbiting in Sarawak Society and Acquiring a Mistress. A wide ranging and sometimes surprising set of insights about both life away from 'home' and making a new home. Very Good Paperback. First Edition 235 pages.

Presumably drawing to some extent from his personal experience, the veteran British journalist weaves a story of intrigue set in Southeast Asia. Good Hardback in a Very Good Dust Jacket. First Edition. 254 pages.

Although the title suggests this book looks at the Muslims where they are a minority in Southeast Asia generally, the book exclusively deals with Muslim minority problems in the Philippines 231 pages with chapters entitled The Theoretical Perspective and Review of Literature, Historical Perspective, Socio-Economic Modernization and Muslim Response, Muslim Insurgency and Islamic Countries' Support and Moro National Liberation Front. There are appendices of legal documents relating to the subject, a bibliography and an index.

The author a neuropsychologist, who used to be a lecturer at the National University of Singapore until he was sacked three months after joining the opposition Singapore Democratic Party. The book covers struggles for rights in  Burma, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan. His views are controversial with many 'democratic' governments in the region as he holds no truck with excusing abuse because it conflicts with so called 'Asian values.' Very Good Paperback. Reprint. Originally published in 1998. 374 pages. 


Over the centuries, generations of Chinese doctors and teachers have told stories about medicinal herbs to better explain their properties and uses. This is a collection of stories about 50 important Chinese medicinal herbs, which will help any student or practitioner to more fully experience the impact of medicinal herbs in daily Chinese life. New Paperback 247 pages

Through a selection of 250 Chinese idioms the author demonstrates the vivid and colourful nature of the language. Each idiom is illustrated with one of the author's cartoons. Near Fine. Paperback. 276 pages with Chinese and English indices.

An auction catalogue, mainly covering Chinese ceramics, of items salvaged from the Diana, a British merchant vessel, which sank off the coast of Melaka in 1817. Fine Paperback. 145 pages with colour photographs of the lots. 


A pocket sized dictionary from Indonesian to German and from German to Indonesian published on license in Indonesia New Softback. Revised Edition. 351 pages.


A collection of legends, stories, poems, short bits of drama, games, riddles and proverbs for children in Tagalog and English. Good Paperback. 269 pages.

Sri Lanka 

Ben Bavinck, having spent nearly 35 years among the Tamil community of Northern Sri Lanka, much of it during the country's civil war, is extremely qualified to give an account of civilian life at the time. He worked initially as a missionary and then as a relief worker keeping a diary.  These are a selection of his entries between 1988 and 1994. The purpose of publication was, in his words, to 'give a vivid impression of the way ordinary people in war affected areas reacted to the often painful experiences they had to undergo. ' Very Good Hardback. First Edition. 344 pages with maps and some colour photographs. 

Although Sri Lanka's Muslim\s do not get much publicity outside Sri Lanka, they form the third largest 'ethnic' group in the country, although the group is an ethnic mix in itself. Moors, Memons, Malays and other make up significant sub groups within this community. In what is probably a first, the author delves deep into the various parts of the community to discover their origins, language, distribution, customs, occupations and much else besides. Good Paperback. 490 pages with some colour and black and white plates. 

While at the time of writing, the North and East were the areas most affected by conflict in Sri Lanka, the South had seen a brutal repression of conflict about a decade earlier. This work is a report on the authors' assessment of the applicability of Peace & Conflict Impact Assessment tools in designing development projects in the South together with recommendations for future project design, Good Paperback. First Edition. 88 pages. 

A general history of Sri Lanka. Good Paperback. First Edition. 375 pages with a bibliography, index and five maps. 

A history and guide to the main Buddhist cave temple in Sri Lanka. The author was a renowned Sri Lankan scholar. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 128 pages with several, mainly black and white, photographs.

An award winning novel of a young boy growing up in Colombo, Sri Lanka's capital, and coming to terms with both his own homosexuality and the racism suffered by his own minority ethnic group in the midst of Sri Lanka's civil war. Good Paperback. 316 pages. 

While much has been written about the Portuguese presence in the South of Sri Lanka, far less has been written about their incursions in the North of the island. The Portuguese interest in the North mainly came about because of interference by local rulers with missionary activities and support given by the Jaffna kingdom to resistance to colonial rule in the South. In addition to the history of the period there is also a chapter on the influence of Portuguese culture on the region. Very Good Hardback in a Good Dust Jacket. Signed by the author. 136 pages

This work mainly concentrates on the Nayakkar dynasty of Kandy where an alien king had to contend with restive Sinhalese nobles. The power play and consequent weakening of the kingdom's strength made it an easy target once the British decided to invade. Good Paperback. Revised Edition 304 pages with a bibliography, index and two maps.

A posthumous publication of the founder of Peradeniya University in Kandy. In order to do so, Jennings travelled the road between Colombo and Kandy frequently. These are his jottings of the people he encountered, the road itself, its milestones and the cities at either end of his journey. Very Good Paperback. First Edition  105 pages with 15 black and white plates. 


Pierre Boulle's classic novel describing the conflict between British prisoners of war and their Japanese captors. Very Good Hardback in a Very Good Dust Jacket. Reprint. 


This was written by a noted Afghan scholar of the 11th century who in a series of treatises produced an encyclopedia of Greek, Indian and Islamic learning on astronomy including his own original observations. 295 pages with a Glossary of Technical Terms, a Bibliography and an Index. New Hardback

The unusual autobiography of a successful international British pop star of the 1970s, who gave it all up when he converted to Islam at the height of his fame. After several years immersing himself in his new faith he reemerged as a philanthropist, advocate for a nonviolent Islam and eventually as a pop star again. The book is written in English and has been The Penang Bookshelf's best selling book for several years. New Paperback 105 pages.

An experimental Australian novel. Good Paperback. 111 pages.