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Wednesday 1 August 2012

Borneo Bonanza - What I picked up in Sabah Last Week - Offers!

Borneo Bonanza
The Results of a Trip to Kota Kinabalu

While many visitors to Kota Kinabalu (formerly Jessleton) in Sabah use the place as a base from which to explore Sabah's noted natural beauty, I had other plans. Two and a half days there last week saw me raiding bookshops, chatting up booksellers and publishers and enjoying local hospitality. I never left KK and spent most of my time within a square mile of the centre. Yes, it is abnormal. Please suggest a cure.

As it may take some time before I manage to get all the books I picked up onto The Penang Bookshelf website, I thought that a few of the Borneo freaks amongst The Penang Bookshelf's customers may be interested to know what I found. You can always buy them before they reach the website by contacting me at As usual, I'm happy to give you more details, send you pictures etc of any book mentioned. The regular prices are shown in blue, but in some cases The Penang Bookshelf will accept offer prices shown in red, if the book is reserved and paid for before 31st August 2012.  They're not all Borneo books, but many of them are unavailable in any other Malaysian bookshop. So here's the list -

Learn to Speak Tatana' - Phyllis A Dunn Chan & Inka Pekkanen (Sabah Museum, 1989) RM60
Sungai/ Tombonuwo (Labuk-Sugut) - Bahasa Malaysia - English Vocabulary - John & Julie King  (Sabah Museum, 1990) RM100
Pulp & Paper Industry and Research in Peninsular Malaysia - Peh Teik Bin, Khoo Kean Choon, Lee Tack Wan & Mohd Nor Md Yusuff (Forest Research Institute Malaysia, 1986) RM150/RM120
A Tri-Lingual Phrase Book: Ida'an - Bahasa Malaysia-English - David C and Marsha Ann Moody  (Sabah Museum, 1989) RM60
A Tri-Lingual Phrase Book: Tobilung - Bahasa Malaysia-English - Biro Bahasa TOBISA/SIL Malaysia (Sabah Museum, 2010) RM60
A Tri-Lingual Phrase Book: Sungai (Labuk-Sugut) - Bahasa Malaysia-English - John & Julie King (Sabah Museum) RM60
Insects of Borneo (Including South-east  Asia) - Dennis H Hill & Fatimah Abang (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, 2010) RM150 SOLD 2 copies but one more remaining
Indigenous Groups of Sabah: An Annotated Bibliography of Linguistic and Anthropological Sources: Parts 1: Authors & 2: Ethnic Group Topic - Hans JB Combrink and Others (Sabah Museum, 2006 ) RM390
Phonological Descriptions of Sabah Languages - Michael E Boutin & Inka Pekkanen (Sabah Museum, 1993) RM120/RM100
The Poison Tree: Selected Writings of Rumphius on the Natural History of the Indies - EM Beekam (editor and translator) (Oxford University Press, 1993)  RM70
Healing in Sabah: Mysteries of Illness and Well-Being - Ismail S Charles  (Sabah Museum, 2003) RM70
The Making of Sabah: The Dynamics of Indigenous Society - DS Ranjit Singh (Bahagian Kabinet dan Dasar, Kota Kinabalu, 2011) RM120
The Might of the Miniature Cannon: A Treasure of Borneo and the Malay Archipelago - Alex Teoh (Self-Published)  RM90
Cultural Adaptation in Borneo - Masuru Miyamoto & Patricia Regis (Sabah Museum) RM70
Planter's Tales - Abdullah Mahboob (Self-Published)  RM60
Planter Upriver - Abdullah Mahboob (Self-Published)  RM60
Musical Instruments of South East Asia - Eric Taylor (Oxford University Press, Kuala Lumpur, 2004) RM80
Rice in South-East Asia: Cultures and Landscapes - Jacqueline M. Piper (Oxford University Press. 1994)    RM100/RM70
The Birds of Peninsular Malaysia - Derek Holmes (Oxford University Press, 1998) RM80
Penang Hill - Friends of Penang Hill RM50/RM40
Plantation Labour, Unions, Capital and the State in Peninsular Malaysia - P. Ramasamy (Oxford University Press, Kuala Lumpur, 1994) RM130/RM110 SOLD
The Bamboos of Peninsular Malaysia - KM Wong (Forest Research Intitute Malaysia, 1995) RM500/RM400
An End to A War: A Japanese Soldier’s Experience of the 1945 Death Marches of North Borneo - Ueno Itsuyoshi RM130
Gingers of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore - K. Larsen, Halijah Ibrahim, S.H. Khaw & L.G. Saw (Natural History Publications, Borneo, 1999) RM60
Crowned with the Stars: the Life and Times of Don Carlos Cuarterton, the First Prefect of Borneo 1816-1880 - Mike Gibby (Diocese of Kota Kinabalu 2005) RM190/RM150
A Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Malaysia - Charles Clarke (Natural History Publications, Borneo, 2002) RM30
A Pocket Guide: Dragonflies of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore - AG Orr (Natural History Publications, Borneo, 2005) RM50
A Field Guide to the Tropical Plants of Asia - David H Engel  & Suchart Phummai (Times Publications, Singapore, 2008) RM150/RM110
Stick and Leaf Insects of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore - Paul D.Brock (Malaysian Nature Society)  RM70
The Birds of Java and Bali - Derek Holmes (Oxford University Press, Singapore,1989)   RM70
Old Luang Prabang - Betty Gosling (Oxford University Press, Singapore,1997) RM180/RM130
The Temples of Java - Jacques Dumarcay (Oxford University Press, Singapore,1986) RM80/RM60
Forever a Stranger and Other Stories - Hella S.Haase (Oxford University Press,1996) - RM250/RM150
Views of British North Borneo with a Brief History of the Colony (Ang Lai Soon Holdings Sdn Bhd, 1990 Revised and Enlarged Revision of 1899 edition.)  RM200 SOLD
Kuching in Pictures 1840s-1960s -  Ho Ah Chon (Self-published and undated) RM100
Kuching in Pictures 1841-1991 -  Ho Ah Chon (Self-published, 1992) RM100
Kuching in Pictures 1841-1946 - Ho Ah Chon (Self-published and undated, but signed by the author with a dedication, 1993) RM150
My Journey to British North Borneo - Grace Elizabeth Tidbury (Mitre Press, London, 1952) RM280
Mammals of Borneo - Lord Medway  (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Kuala Lumpur, 1997 Reprint)  RM200
Journal Volume 19 2002 - The Sabah Society  RM80
Journal Volume 25 2008 - The Sabah Society  RM80
Mrs Pryer in Sabah - Nicholas Tarling (ed) (University of Auckland Centre for Asian Studies, 1989)  RM180
Colony of North Borneo Annual Report, 1959 - Government Printing Department, Jessleton, 1959  RM120
Records and Recollections 1889-1934 - JHM Robson (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Kuala Lumpur, 2001 Reprint)  RM150
Kinabalu Guerillas - Maxwell Hall (Borneo Literature Bureau. 2nd Revised Edition, 1965) RM150
Keling of the Raised World - Jimmy Donald (Penerbit Fajar Bakti Sdn Bhd, 1991) RM150
Our Sarawak - Persatuan Keusasteraan Sarawak (1983)  RM150

Makan Siap: Table Tales of North Borneo - Maxwell Hall (Foo Tong Chai, Labuan, Malaysia. Undated, 1960s?)  RM250 1 copy sold. 1 copy still available
The Old Kayan Religion and the Bungan Religious Reform - Lake' Baling (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, 2002) RM50
Traditional Medicine Among the Ngaju Dayak in Central Kalimantan - A.H. Klokke (Borneo Literature Council) RM110
Ethnic Identity & Consciousness in Sabah - Thu En Yu (Sabah Theological Seminary) RM160
Sarawak Long Ago - WJ Chater (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 1969/1994)  RM100
Cermaics in the Sarawak Museum - Lucas Chin (Sarawak Museum, 1988.)  RM300
My Journey Through British North Borneo  - Grace Elizabeth Tidbury (The Mitre Press, London, 1952?) RM280
The Rattans of Sabah - J Dransfield (Forest Department, Sabah, 1984?)  RM150
Gardens and Parks of Singapore - Veronique Sanson  (Oxford University Press, Singapore, 1992) RM60
A Garden of Eden: Plant Life in South-East Asia - W. Veevers-Carter (Oxford University Press, Singapore, 1986/1990) RM60
Folk Pottery in South-East Asia - Dawn F. Rooney (Oxford University Press, Singapore, 1987) RM70/RM60
Land Below the Wind - Agnes Newton Keith (Little Brown & Company, Boston, 1946. A second edition, but rare because it has been signed by the author.) RM220
The Hakkas of Sabah ( A Survey of Their Impact on the Modernization of the Bornean Malaysian State) -  Zhang Delai (Sabah Theological Seminary) RM140
The Hakka Experiment in Sabah - Zhang Delai (Sabah Theological Seminary) RM80
Architectural Treasures of Sabah - Dianne Gee (Sabah Theological Seminary) RM60

That's it! Amongst over 60 titles, let's hope you find something of interest