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Thursday 27 September 2012

A Massive Haul of Books - Offers!

New Arrivals in August and September
 Offers !!!!
As of 30th September 2012

Listed below are books which have arrived at The Penang Bookshelf recently or have been ordered and will arrive shortly. 

Prices are shown in Malaysian Ringgit in blue. Sometimes The Penang Bookshelf can offer some of the titles at a reduced price if they are ordered and paid for while they remain on the list. (If they disappear, it's because the book is now advertised generally on The Penang Bookshelf's websites.)  In such cases the discounted price is indiciated in red.  (All prices are post free within Malaysia. Books are also sent post free to Singapore when part of an order in excess of 2 kilos. Otherwise please ask for a quote for postage.)  Books sold will be so marked. So if you want to order any of them or want further details of any of the books before you make up your mind, do contact me at

The books are all used unless indicated otherwise. Abbreviations used are A = Acceptable, DJ = Dust Jacket, EL = Ex-library, F = Fine/AsNew, G = Good,  HB = Hardback, LB = Leatherbound, N = New, NF = Near Fine, PB = Paperback and VG = Very Good

In cases where the book's title is underlined, the book has been ordered, but is yet to reach The Penang Bookshelf. In such cases the book can be reserved.

If you've looked at this page before and notice that the list is shorter, all the books that were unpriced at the end of September have been moved to the page in this blog for Arrivals in October.

A Naturalist in Borneo -  Robert W Shelford (Oxford Univeristy Press, Singapore, 1985) VG PB RM70
A Simple But Complete Grammar of the Malay Language - James Pearce (Australia, 1944) G LB RM100
Administration in the Federated Malay States, 1896-1920 - Jagjit Singh Sidhu (Oxford University Press, Kuala Lumpur, 1980 ISBN: 0195804325) G LB RM100Age of Despair: A Study of Elderly Suicide in Singapore - BH Chia (Times Books International, Singapore, 2001) VG PB RM110
Boats, Boatbuilding and Fishing in Malaysia - Henry Barlow (ed) (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2009 ISBN: 9789679948448) N HB RM80 
Bruce Sandilands of Sabah - Tony Chase (Compiler) (Self-Published, 2001) NF PB RM30
Glimpses into Life in Malayan Lands - John Turnbull Thomson (Oxord University Press, Singapore, 1991 ISBN: 0-19-588574-0) NF PB RM130Golden Rain - Owen Rutter (T. Fisher Unwin, 1928) VG LB RM220
Governors of British North Borneo and Heads of State of Sabah - Danny Wong-Tze Ken (Sabah State Library, 2009 ISBN:9789834285913) N HB DJ RM80/RM70 SOLD but one copy remaining
Great Enterprise: A History of Harrisons & Crossfield - Peter Pugh (Harrisons & Crossfield, 1990) NF LB RM70
Her Singapore Fling - Kelly Hunter (Harlequin, Toronto, 2011) NF PB RM30/RM20 
Hunting Terrorists in the Jungle - John Chynoweth (Tempus, 2007) N PB RM60
Iban Adat & Augury - Benedict Sandin (Universiti Sains Malaysia, 1976) NF LB RM300/RM270
Ideology, Identity & Change:  Bajau Consciousness in Social Change: The Transformation of a Malaysian Minority Community - Carol Warren (James Cook University of North Queensland, 1983) NF LB RM350/RM300
In Gurkha Company - JP Cross (Arms and Armour Press, 1986 ISBN: 0853688656) NF LB RM70 
Kampung Temakah: A Temiar Community in Perak - Safian B. Mohd Nazir (Universiti Sains Malaysia)  NF LB RM400/RM350
Kempeitai Kindness - Tan Thoon Lip  RM200 SOLD

Kongsi Gelap Melayu: Di negeri-Negeri Utara Pantai Barat Semenanjung Tanah Melayu 1821-1940-an - Mahani Musa (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2012. ISBN: 9789679948301) N PB RM60 
Letters of Sincerity (The Raffles Collection of Malay Letters (1780-1824) - Ahmat Adam (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2009 ISBN: 9789679948455) N HB RM70
Local Politics in Rural Malaysia: Patterns of Change in Sugai Raya  - Marvin L Rogers (S Abdul Majeed & Co, 1993 ISBN: 9838991961)  NF LB RM200/RM170
Malay Adventure - JS Phillips (Thomas Nelson, 1937) VG LB RM70/RM60Malay Boy - Clive Dalton (Imprint unknown, 1975) RM50
Malay Beliefs - RJ Wilkinson (Luzac & Co London, 1906) G HB RM170
Malay Folklore: A Contemporary Retelling - D Ruse (Athena Press, 2007 ISBN: 9781844019533) N PB RM30
Malay Proverbs - ES Hose (Government Printer, Singapore, 1934, 1st edition) G HB RM400/RM350

Malay Secret Societies in the Northern Malay States - Mahani Musa (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2007 ISBN: 9789679948363) N HB RM60
Malaysia: New States in a New Nation - RS  Milne & KJ Ratnam (Frank Cass, London, 1974) VG HB RM120/RM100
Malaysian Frogs and Toads - Kiew Bong Heang (Malaysian Nature Society) VG PB R110 
Malaysia's 1982 General Election - Harold Crouch (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1982) VG HB RM100/RM80
Marine Heritage of Malaysia - Salleh Mohd Noor & Wan Portiah Hamzah (Petronas, 1992 ISBN: 983-9738-00-3) HB DJ VG  RM120
North Borneo  - KG Tregonning (HMSO, 1960) G DJ HB RM60North Borneo: A Study in Settlement Geography - Lee Yong Leng (Eastern Universities Press, Singapore, 1965) RM70  SOLD
Our Man in Malaya - Margaret Shennan (Sutton Publishing, 2007 ISBN:978750947107) F HB DJ RM80Politics in Sarawk, 1970-1976: The Iban Perspective - Peter Searle (Oxford University Press, Singapore, 1983. ISBN: 019582525X) RM190
Report for 1917 on the Federated Malay States - EL Brockman, Chief Secretary (HMSO, Kuala Lumpur, 1919) VG PB RM320
Sandakan: One Hundred Years, 1879-1975 - Supriya Bhar Reserved
Singapore: A Police Background - Rene Onraet (Dorothy Crisp, 1947) VG LB RM250Singapore SOLD 
Guide and Street Directory - Ministry of Culture Singapore (1966) VG PB RM370
Society and Cosmos: Chewong of Peninsular Malaysia - Signe Howell (University of Chicago Press, 1989) VG PB RM50
Stranger in the Forest: On Foot Across Borneo - Eric Hansen (Penguin, 1988) G PB RM30

Stories and Sketches by Sir Frank Swettenham- Frank Swettenham (ed WR Roff) (Oxford University Press, Kuala Lumpur, 1967) VG LB RM100
The Colourful Early History of the Cocos-Keeling Islands - CA Gibson-Hill (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2011 ISBN: 9789679948509) N PB RM50 The Communist Paty of Malaya, Malaysia and Thailand - Kitti Ratnachaya (Duangkaew Publishing House, 1996 ISBN: 974-89403-1-4) NF LB RM400/RM300
The Ecomomic Development of Malaya - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, (Government Printer, Singapore, 1955) G HB RM70
The Fiction of Singapore - Edwin Thumboo (ed) (National University of Singapore, 1993 ISBN: 981-00-4833-5) NF HB RM200/RM180 
The Geology of South Perak, North Selangor and the Dindings (with a Geological Sketch Map) - JB Scrivenor & WR Jones (Geological Department, Federated Malay States, 1919) G HB RM350/RM300
The Legacy of the Barang People - Gyorgy Bustin (Equinox Publishing, Jakarta, 2006) N PB RM100  The Long, Long War: Counterinsurgecny in Malaya and Vietnam - Richard Clutterbuck (Frederick A. Praeger, New York, 1966) G HB RM110 
The Malay Dilemma Revisited - M. Bakri Musa (toExcel, New York, 1999) VG PB RM70 The Malay Muslims, Islam and The Rising Sun, 1941-45 - Abu Talib Ahmad (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2003) N HB RM60
The Malay States 1877-1895: Political Changes and Social Policy - Philip Loh Fook Seng(Oxford University Press, Singapore, 1969) VG HB RM280
The Masked Comrades: A Study of the Communist United Front in Malaya, 1945-48 - Cheah Boon Kheng (Times Books International, 1979) BG LB RM150
The Merlion and the Hibiscus (Contemporray Short Stories from Singapore and Malaysia) - Dipika Mukherjee & Others (eds) (Penguin India, 2002) G PB RM40
The Penang Guide - Paul Kratoska (Graham Brash, Singapore, 1988) VG PB RM50
The Politics of Decentralisation:  Colonial Controversy in Malaya, 1920-1929 - Yeo Kim Wah  (Oxford University Press, Kuala Lumpur,1982) VG HB RM220/RM180

The Price Has Been High - Mohd Tajuddin Samsuddin (Arenabuku, Kuala Lumpur, 1984) G LB RM90
The Private Life of Old Hong Kong - Susanna Hoe (Oxford University Press, Hong Kong, 1991) VG PB RM50
The Sea Dayaks of  Borneo Before White Rajah Rule - Benedict Sandin (Macmillan, 1967) VG LB  RM120
The Seen and Unseen: Shamanism, Mediumship and Possession in Borneo - Robert L. Winzeler (ed) (Borneo Research Council, 1983) VG HB RM70
The Struggle over Singapore's Soul: Western Modernization and Asian Culture - Joseph B. Tamney (Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 1996) NF PB RM100/RM80
The Wandering Thoughts of a Dying Man: The Life and Times of Haji bin Zainuddin - WR Roff (ed) VG LB RM160
Trapping Wild Animals in Malay Jungles - Charles Mayer (T. Fisher Unwin, 1923 4th impression) G HB RM90/RM80

Urban Poverty in Malaysia - Mohd Yaakub Hj. Johari (Konrad Adenaur Foundation/Institute for Development Studies Sabah, 1991) VG PB  RM100/RM80
Vanishing Rainforests: The Ecological Transition in Malaysia - S. Robert Aiken & Colin H Leigh (Oxford University Press, 1995) VG PB RM50

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Meet The Author! Book Now for This Saturday 22nd September

The History of the Dutch in Malaysia

Meet the Author, Dennis DeWitt

in Penang


Saturday 22nd September

10% off all purchases from The Penang Bookshelf Catalogue

ordered at the event

Not many realise that the Dutch have had their part to play in Malaysia;s history too. I suppose it's not surprising as they never strayed far from Melaka for too long. However the Dutch do have the distinction, if you can call it that, of being the foreign power who managed to hold onto Melaka the longest.

Although the Dutch are long gone, they did leave behind some descendants who are still knocking around. You can meet one of them - they call themselves Burghers - and  find out much more about what the Dutch did or didn't do by coming to a talk by Dennis De Witt, author of "History of the Dutch in Malaysia," now in its third edition. 

He'll be at The Clove Hall Hotel, 11 Jalan Clove Hall, Penang from 2.30 to 4.30 this coming Saturday 22nd September  at an event organised by Spyral Synergy together with The Penang Bookshelf. For RM45 you get a chance to fill in the gaps of your knowledge about this forgotten period of Malaysian history in a special setting. The Clove Hall Hotel is one of Penang's top boutique hotels  which is not normally open to non-residents. (It's a grander version of the better known Eastern & Oriental Hotel, but much more intimate.)  Oh yes, you get afternoon tea thrown in as well.

As if that wasn't enough anyone attending the event who orders and pays for any book in The Penang Bookshelf catalogue will receive a 10% discount on their purchase. It's likely that a small selection of The Penang Bookshelf's extensive stock will be on display at the event, but you'll have a wider choice on our website or by having a look at our latest full catalogue before you come.

To book your place call Michelle of Spyral Synergy on 016-457-0221 or email her