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Pre 1970s Malay Books

Pre-1970s Books 


Jawi and Rumi Scripts

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For about a year now I have been sitting on a large pile of  books in the Malay language from the 1950s and 1960s. Some of them are even earlier. I am now going to gradually add them to this page to promote them a bit more. I am very grateful to many who have helped me catalogue these books particularly in helping me transcribe from the Jawi. There may still be mistakes in the transcriptions.If you spot any errors, please email me . If you want to buy any of them, do contact me too. Some of them will be on The Penang Bookshelf's main website - Even if you don't buy any of them, I hope you enjoy some of the really stunning covers.

Cherita Lakunan IV oleh BL Milne & HR Cheeseman Malaya Publishing House, Singapore, 1959. 161 pages. (ML730B) RM100

Di Bawah Dua Gelombang Kehidupan oleh Namhar Timur published in Johor? 1950 88 pages (ML739) RM80
Persumpahan Di-negara Hang Tuah published by Sentausa Store & Malay Press, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, 1951 80 pages (ML738) RM100
Puteri Happy World oleh Namhar Timur published by RM Yusoff Ahmad for Harmy, Singapore, 1958 104 pages (ML734) RM60


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