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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Books Ordered in November

Books Ordered in November

As usual I'm letting you know of books I am ordering in the course of the month. They usually take up to a month from the date of the order to reach me. Please assume that the books are used, unless I indicate otherwise. I have also given the expected price when the books reach my shelves in blue. If you want to pre-order any of them or have any questions, do contact me at

9th November

Malayan Federalism 1945-1963  - B. Simandjuntak (OUP Hardback 1969) RM90
 For a fuller description of the book follow the link on the book's title.

Prince of Borneo -  RH Hickling (Graham Brashe, Singapore 1985. A novel about a Bornean patriot at the time of James Brooke RM30
Malaysia: Prospect and Retrospect -  Richard Allen (OUP 1968) RM30
The Story of Malaysia - Harry Miller (Faber & Faber 1st edition with dust jacket) RM80
 Penang - Cecilia Tan & Philip Little (Times Editions 1989.) This book has previously been in stock, so you can see further details by clicking on the book's title. RM50
Malaya's Freedom is Vital to Britain - John Eber (1954 pamphlet) RM90

The following are new books which I have ordered

(Where the titles are not in italics, you can click on the title for a link to more details about the book.)

The Way That Lives in The Heart - Jean DeBernardi RM60

Melayu: The Politics, Poetics and Paradoxes of Malayness - Maznah Mohamad and Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied (Editors) RM60

The Most Comprehensive Eurasian Heritage Dictionary, Kristang-English/ English-Kristang - Valerie Scully, Catherine Zuzarte RM70


Travelling Nation Makers :Transnational Flows and Movements in the Making of Modern Southeast Asia - Caroline S. Hau and Kasian Tejapira (Editors) RM75


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