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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Books Ordered in May - Offers!

Books Ordered in May

As usual I'm letting you know of books I am ordering in the course of the month. They usually take up to a month from the date of the order to reach me. Please assume that the books are used, unless I indicate otherwise. I have also given the expected price when the books reach my shelves in blue. Sometimes I can offer some of the titles at a reduced price if they are ordered and paid for within a calendar month of the date of my order. In such cases I  indicate the discounted price in red. If the books arrive within a calendar month of the order, such offers can be withdrawn. So if you want to pre-order any of them or have any questions, do contact me at

6th May

Elizabeth Choy: More Than a War Heroine - Zhou Mei (Landmark Books, Singapore 1995) RM80  Sold!
Old Penang - Sarnia Hayes Hoyt (Oxford University Press, 1991) RM190
Reason and Passion: Representations of Gender in a Malay Society - Michael J Peletz (University of California Press, 1996) RM50
Chinese Street Opera in Singapore - Tong Soon Lee RM130

8th May

Britain, The Brookes & Brunei - Nicholas Tarling (Oxford University Press, 1971) RM200

14th May

Sampans, Banyans and Rambutans: A Childhood in Singapore and Malaya - Derek Tait (Amberley Publishing, 2011) (New) - RM60

Eastern Customs: The Customs Service in British Malaya and the Hunt for Opium - Derek MacKay ( I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd, 2005) (New) - RM160
Sunset of the Empire in Malaya: A New Zealander's Life in the Colonial Education Service - TK Taylor ( I.B.Tauris Co Ltd, 2006) (New) RM150

20th May

The Impact of Chinese Secret Societies in Malaya - Wilfred Blythe (Oxford University Press 1969) RM120
Introduction to the peoples and cultures of Indonesia and Malaysia  - Koentjaraningrat (Cummings Pub. Co, 1975) RM40
Common Malayan Wildflowers - MR Henderson(longmans, 1961) RM60
Fragmented Vision: Culture and Politics in Contemporary Malaysia - Joel Kahn & Francis Wah (University of Hawaii Press, 1992) RM110
Origins of Malay Nationalism - William Roff (Yale University Press) RM120
British Intervention in Malaya 1867-1877 - C Northcote Parkinson (Uiversity of Malaya Press Singapore 1960) RM100
Prints of South-east Asia in the India Office Library: East India Company in Malaysia and Indonesia - Foreign and Commonwealth Office RM50
Seven Poets: Singapore and Malaysia - Edwin Thumboo (Singapore University Press, 1973) RM150

21st May

Farmers of a City State, The Chinese Smallholders of Singapore - Rodolphe de Konninck (Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association Montreal 1972) RM80/RM70
The First Contest for Singapore 1819-1824 - HJ Marks ( Martinus Nijhoff, 1959 Author signed copy) RM150/RM120

Out in the Midday Sun: Singapore 1941-45 The End of an Empire - Kate Caffery (Stein & Day, NY, 1973) RM80/RM70
Nanyang Perspective: Chinese Students in Multiracial Singapore - A. William Lind ( University of Hawai'i Press, 1976) RM100/RM80
The Last Cruise of the Emden - Edwin P Hoyt (Mayflower, U.K., 1969) RM110
Chinese Minority in A Malay State - Tan Chee Beng (Eastern Universities Press, 2002) RM110
Islam and Politics in a Malay State - Clive S Kessler (Cornell University Press, 1978) RM250/RM230
Triad and Tabut: A Survey of the Origin and Diffusion of Chinese and Mohomedan Secret Societies in the Malay Peninsula AD1800-1935  - ML Wynne (Singapore Government Printer,1941) (from the library of Victor Purcell) RM2,000

26th May

The Killer They Called A God - Ian Ward (Media Masters) (New) RM40
The Passionate Islanders -  Ralph Modder (Horizon Books) (New) RM60
The Bomoh: Magician & Spiritualist - A. Rafi (Horizon Books) (New) RM30
Tears of A Teen-Age Comfort Woman -  Ralph Modder (Horizon Books) (New) RM40
Unseen Occupants - Othman Wok - (Horizon Books) (New) RM30
Haunting Stories - Khadijah Moore (Planet Press) (New) RM20
The Disused Well & Other Tales  - Othman Wok - (Horizon Books) (New) RM20
A Getai Singer's Love Affair With A Ghost - Ralph Modder (Horizon Books) (New) RM30
Rehearsal For War: The Underground War against the Japanese - Ban Kah Choon  (Paths International Ltd, 2003) (New) RM50
The Singapore Chinese Massacre - Ralph Modder (Horizon Books) (New) RM40
Singapore And The Many-Headed Monster - Joe Conceicao (Horizon Books) (New) RM40
Durian, The True Pearl of The Orient - Peta Yeap (Pepeta) (New) RM40
A Friendship with Birds - Dr Amar Singh (Desktop Systems)  (New) RM70
Souls The Gods Had Forsaken -  Ralph Modder (Horizon Books) (New) RM30
The Old House & Other Stories - Chuah Guat Eng (Hologram) (New) RM30
Myths & Legends of Malaysia and Singapore - Ralph Modder/ Aeishah Ahmed (Horizon Books) (New) RM30 
Sacred Structures - Artistic Renditions of Hindu Temples in Malaysia and Singapore - Krishna Gopal Rampal (Bluetoffee, 2008) (New) RM280/RM240
Sandakan: A Conspiracy of Silence -  Lynette Ramsay Silver (Sally Milner Publishing Pty Ltd, 2012) (New) - RM90
Deadly Secrets: The Singapore Raids 1942-45 - Lynette Ramsay Silver (Sally Milner Publishing Pty Ltd, 2012) (New) - RM90

29th May

IQ: Collected Works of Ibrahim Quraishi - Ibrahim Quraishi (National Museum of Singapore, 2007) RM70
Malayan Monochromes -  Hugh Clifford (John Murray, 1913) RM40
Historic Cities of Asia: An Introduction to Asian Cities from Antiquity to Pre Modern Times - MAJ Beg ( Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia., 1986)  RM30

30th May

Batek Negrito Religion: The World-View and Rituals of a Hunting and Gathering People of Peninsular Malaysia - Kirk M Endicott (Oxford University Press) RM170
The Origins of British Borneo - LR Wright (University Press Hong Kong 1970) RM90
Thinking Allowed?: Politics, Fear and Change in Singapore - Warren Fernandez (SNP Editions, 2004) RM50
Switch On, Switch Off: Mass Media Audiences in Malaysia - Newell Grenfell (Oxford University Press., 1979) RM80/RM70
Borneo People - Malcolm MacDonald  (Jonathon Cape) RM50/RM40
Freshwater Fishes of North Borneo - Robert F  Inger & Chin Phui Kong (Chicago Natural History Museum, Chicago, IL 1962) RM110
Divide and Rule: The Roots of Race Relations in Malaysia - CER Abraham ( INSAN 1997) RM60
The Pagans of North Borneo - Owen Rutter (Oxford University Press,  1986) RM60
A History of Malaysia - Barbara Watson Andaya (University of Hawaii Press, 2001) RM90
Malaya -  Norton Ginsburg & Chester F.Roberts (Univ. of Washington Press, 1958) RM50
Islam in Malaysia: From Revivalism to Islamic State? - Ee Heok Kua & Hussin Mutalib (University of Hawaii Press, 1994) RM340/RM250
Natural Man. A Record from Borneo - Charles Hose (MacMillan & Co, 1926) RM250
The White Rajahs: A History of Sarawak from 1841 to 1946 - Stephen Runciman (Cambridge University Press, 1960) RM110

more to come... 


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