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Saturday 19 January 2013

New Arrivals in January

New Arrivals in January

As of 20th January 2013
(Updated Constantly)

Listed below are books which have arrived at The Penang Bookshelf recently.  (All prices are post free within Malaysia. Books are also sent post free to Singapore when part of an order in excess of 2 kilos. Otherwise please ask for a quote for postage.)

Prices are shown in Malaysian Ringgit in blue. Sometimes The Penang Bookshelf can offer some of the titles at a reduced price if they are ordered and paid for while they remain on the list. (If they disappear, it's because the book is now advertised generally on The Penang Bookshelf's websites.)  In such cases the discounted price is indiciated in red.  Books sold will be so marked. So if you want to order any of them or want further details of any of the books before you make up your mind, do contact me at

Books whose titles are in bold are already on the main Penang Bookshelf website. In such cases please click on the title to be taken to the relevant page of the website for more details.

Buy From The Blog. You can buy any item on The Penang Bookshelf Blog by sending us an email with your name and address and naming the books you want. You'll get a quick reply with The Penang Bookshelf's bank details to enable you to complete the transaction. If you wish to pay by PayPal or by card, just email us with details of the books you want and we'll send you a PayPal invoice to enable you to pay.
The books are all used unless indicated otherwise. Abbreviations used are A = Acceptable, DJ = Dust Jacket, EL = Ex-library, F = Fine/AsNew, G = Good,  HB = Hardback, LB = Leatherbound, N = New, NF = Near Fine, PB = Paperback, SG = Author Signed Copy and VG = Very Good

  • A Short History of Malaysia - Harry Miller (Praeger, 1965) VG EL HB DJ  RM70
  • Area, Development Policy and the Middle City in Malaysia - James Osborn (University of Chicago, 1974 RM60
  • Defeating Communist Insurgency: The Lessons of Malaya and Vietnam - Robert Thompson (Praeger, 1970) G EL HB RM 180/RM150
  • Farmers in the Hills: Etnographic Notes on the Upland Peoples fo North Thailand - Anthony R. Walker (Suvarnabhumi Books, 1986) G PB RM120
  • Illustrated Keys: Some Mosquitoes of Peninsula Malaysia - Jeffry J et al (University of Malaya Press, 2012 ISBN: 9789831005408) N PB RM40
  • Malaysia: Tradition, Modernity and Islam - RS Milne & Diane K Mauzy (Westview Press, 1986 ISBN: 081330118)  RM50
  • Storm Over Singapore - Alfred Draper (WH Allen, 1987 ISBN:9780352320919) G PB RM30
  • Tales from the Kopitiam (Volume1) - Andrew Lim (Monsoon Books, 2008 ISBN:9789810596866) VG EL PB RM60
  • The Long Day Wanes: A Malayan Trilogy - Anthony Burgess (Penguin, 1987 ISBN: 9780140059632) G PB RM30
  • Traveller's Tales of the South China Coast - Michael Wise (compiler) (Marshall Cavendish, 2008 ISBN: 9789812617415) N PB RM50
  • Wives & Midwives: Childbirth and Nutrition in Rural Malaysia - Carol Laderman (University of California Press, 1983 ISBN: 0520060369) VG EL RM40


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