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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Festival Preview - A Mixed Bunch

Festival Preview
A Mixed Bunch
(A Work in Progress - Updated 28th November)

The Penang Bookshelf will again be attending The George Town Literary Festival this year from 29th November to 1st December. We've been asked to bring along 'rare' books. So here's a selection of books which will not be on sale by any other bookseller at the festival,  are very often not stocked by other booksellers in Malaysia and often not available outside Malaysia. How's that for a long winded definition of 'rare'?   Some books have appeared in The Penang Bookshelf's lists before, some have not.

The list is being made available on The Penang Bookshelf Blog to give others, who will not be attending the festival, an opportunity to take their pick either before or after festival has finished. Some of the books are only with The Penang Bookshelf for a short time and will be returned to their owners in mid December, so jump in quick!

Prices are shown in Malaysian Ringgit If you want to see the prices in other currencies (excluding postage), you can probably see them on The Penang Bookshelf's Full Catalogue. If not, do ask.

If you want to order any of books or want further details before you make up your mind, do contact me. 

If you see a book's title in bold, it means the book is already on the Penang Bookshelf website and eBay store. In such cases please click on the title to be taken to the relevant page of the website for more details.  Prices are in Malaysian Ringgit in the eBay store and is US Dollars on the main website.
The books are all used unless indicated otherwise. Abbreviations used are A = Acceptable, DJ = Dust Jacket, EL = Ex-library, F = Fine/AsNew, G = Good,  HB = Hardback, LB = Leatherbound, N = New, NF = Near Fine, PB = Paperback, SG = Author Signed Copy, SC = Slip Case and VG = Very Good

  • A Descriptive Dictionary of  The Indian Islands and Adjacent Countries - John Crawfurd (Oxford University Press, 1971) HB VG  RM190 SOLD
  • A Dictionary of Malayan Medicine - John D Gimlette & HW Thomson RM240
  • A Gardener's Log - WM Thien (Epigram, 2006 ISBN: 9789810571795) PB N RM50
  • A History of Selangor.1766-1939 - JM Gullick
  • A Record of the Buddhist Religion as Practiced in India and the Malay Archipelago, 671-695 - I-Tsing (Munshiram Manoharlal, 1998 ISBN: 8121501687) HB NF DJ RM80
  • A Voyage to New Guinea and the Moluccas, 1774-1776 - Thomas Forrest (Oxford University Press,  1969) HB VG DJ RM450  SOLD
  • Against the Grain; Writing South East Asia in English - Shirley Geok-lin Lim(Skoob, 1994 ISBN: 9781871438499) PB NF RM40
  • Asia in Western Fiction - Robert W Winks & James R Rush (University of Hawaii Press, 1991 ISBN: 082481293) PB VG RM40
  • Asian Port Cities, 1600-1800: Local and Foreign Cultural Interactions -  Masashi Haneda (NUS Press, 2008 ISBN: 9789971694630) PB N RM90
  • Assignment Nuclear Nude - Edward A Aarons RM40
  • At the Court of Pelesu and Other Malayan Stories - Hugh Clifford (Oxford University Press, 1993 Reprint ISBN: 9789676530288) PB VG RM110
  • Babad Dipanagara: An Account of the Outbreak of the Java War (1825-1830) - PBR Carey (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1981) PB VG  RM60
  • Bamboo Palace: Discovering The Lost Dynasty of Laos - Christopher Kremmer ( Silkworm, 2003 ISBN: 9789749575765) PB VG  RM80
  • Bentok Sastera - Arena Wati  RM130
  • Best New Singaporean Short Stories - Volume One - Jason Erik Lundberg (ed) (Epigram, 2013 ISBN: 9789810762346) PB N  RM70
  • Beyond Rituals and Riots: Ethnic Pluralism and Social Cohesion in Singapore - Lai Ah Eng (Marshall  Cavendish Academic ISBN: 9789812102720) PB N RM100
  • Biblographical Dictionary of the Mercantile Personalities of Penang - Loh Wei Leng, Badriyah Haji Salleh, Mahani Musa, Wong Yee Tuan & Marcus Langdon (eds) RM60
  • Boats, Boatbuilding and Fishing in Malaysia - HS Barlow (ed) RM80
  • Bongsu Pinang Peribut - Hamisah binti Abdul Hamid RM160
  • Bunga Rampai Kajian Sastera Melayu - RO Selamat (Compiler) RM120
  • China and the Chinese Overseas - Wang Gungwu (Marshall Cavendish Academic, 2003 ISBN: 9789812102621) PB N RM50
  • Chinese Architecture in the Straits Settlements and Western Malaya: Temples, Kongsis, and Houses - David Kohl (Heinemann, 1984 ISBN: 9789679250664) RM340
  • Civilizing the Margins: Southeast Asian Government Policies for Development of Minorities - Christopher R Duncan (NUS Press, 2008 ISBN: 9789971694180) PB N RM70
  • Clear Brightness - Kim Cheng Boey (Epigram, 2012 ISBN: 9789810741822) PB N  RM50
  • Coleman's Singapore - THH Hancock (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1986) HB N DJ RM60
  • Confrontation: A Novel - Mohamed Latiff (Epigram, 2013 ISBN: 9789810755577) PB N RM50
  • Critical Issues and Challenges in Asian Journalism - Eddie C. Y. Kuo (Marshall Cavendish Academic, 2006 ISBN: 9789812102942) PB N RM70 
  • Darurat 1948-1960: Keadaan Sosial di Tanah Melayu - Ho Hui Ling RM50
  • Dialogues With Chin Peng New Light On The Malayan Communist Party - C. C. Chin & Carl Hack (eds) (NUS Press, 2005 ISBN: 9789971692872) PB N RM50
  • Drawings by Khor Seow Hooi - Khor Seow Hooi RM80
  • Dua Belas Cherita Pendek - Harun Aminurrashid RM120
  • Durians Are Not the Only Fruit - Wong Yoon Wah (Epigram, 2013 ISBN: 9789810766702)
  • English as a Lingua Franca in ASEAN: A Multilingual Model - Andy Kirkpatrick RM80
  • English Language Teaching in East Asia Today: Changing Policies and Practices  - Ho Wah Kam & Ruth Y. L. Wong  (Times Academic, 2004 ISBN: 9789812103369) PB N RM170
  • Faces of Courage - Sybil Kathigasu & Others RM70
  • Fear of Writing - Tan Tarn How (Epigram, 2012 ISBN: 9789810714529) PB N RM40
  • Flowers at Dawn - Singai Ma Elangkannan (Epigram, 2012 ISBN: 9789810735364) PB N RM50
  • Gelora - Arena Wati  RM170
  • Generation: A Collection of Contemporary Malaysian Ideas - Amir Muhammad, Karim Raslan & Sheryll Shorter (Hikayat Press, 1997 ISBN: 9789839933918) HB VG DJ RM100
  • Glass Cathedral - Andrew Koh (Epigram, 2012 ISBN: 9789810899325) PB N RM50
  • Gold Jewellery and Ornaments (in the Collection of Muzium Negara Malaysia) - Mohd Kassim Haji Ali RM40
  • Green is the Colour - Lloyd Fernando RM50
  • Handbook of Spoken 'Bazaar Malay' - JN McHugh (Kelly & Walsh, 1953) PB G  RM130
  • Hikayat Patani/The Story of Patani (2 Vols) - A. Teeuw & DK Wyatt (Koninklijk Institut Voor Taal-, Land- En Volkenkunde, 1970) PB VG RM350
  • Hikayat Terong Pipit - Panglima Ali Mudin bin Panglima Hassan (Oxford University Press, 1964) PB VG  RM140
  • History of Kelantan, 1890-1940 - Shahril Talib  RM50
  • History of The Dutch in Malaysia - Limited Edition - Dennis de Witt  RM90
  • History of the Indian Archipelago (3 vols) - John Crawfurd (Frank Cass, 1967) HB VG RM500
  • I Promise To Be A Good Girl, God - Kamini Banga (Penguin India, 2005 ISBN: 9780144000821) PB VG RM30
  • If You're Not, Why Not? - Fifty Poems - Vivienne Yeo  (Epigram, 2005 ISBN: 9789810539498 ) PB N RM30
  • Imperial Belvederes: The Hill Stations of Malaya  RM130
  • Intimating the Sacred: Religion in English Language Malaysian Fiction -  Andrew Hock Soon Ng RM60
  • Irene's Peranakan Recipies - Irene Yeo (Epigram, 2006 ISBN: 9789810570156 ) HB VG RM50
  • Islamic Resurgence in Malaysia - Chandra Muzaffar (Penerbit Fajar Bakti, 1987 ISBN: 9676500275) PB VG RM100
  • Kelly & Walsh's Handbook of the Malay Language (Kelly & Walsh, 1913) PB G RM150
  • Kempeitai: Japan's Dreaded Military Police - Raymond Lamont-Brown (Sutton Publishing, 1998 ISBN 0750915668) HB N DJ RM60
  • Kesusasteraan Melayu Lama - Mohd. Taib Osman RM120
  • Kongsi Gelap Melayu - Mahani Musa RM60
  • Law, Institutions and Malaysian Economic Development -  KS  Jomo & Wong Sau Ngan (eds) (NUS Press, 2008) ISBN: 9789971693909) PB N RM60
  • Leaves Of The Same Tree: Trade And Ethnicity In The Straits Of Melaka - Leonard Y Andaya RM60
  • Limbang Rebellion: 7 Days in December 1962  - Eileen Chanin (NUS Press, 2013 ISBN: 9789971697754) PB N RM60
  • Madam Choy's Cantonese Recipies - Choy Wai Yuen (Epigram, 2008 ISBN: 9789810594022) HB VG RM60
  • Malay Arts and CraftsMubin Sheppard RM120
  • Malaysia - Ayoub Ismail (Berita) HB VG SC RM140
  • Malaysia and the Original People - Robert Knox Dentan & Others   RM50
  • Melayu, Nasionalisme Radikal dan Pembinaan Bangsa - Ahmat Adam (University of Malaya Press, 2013 ISBN: 9789831005835) PB N RM40
  • Meninjau Ka-Negara Sham - Harun Aminurrashid RM170
  • Merdeka and Much More: The Reminiscences of a Raffles Professor, 1953-67 - KG Tregonning  (NUS Press, 2010 ISBN: 9789971694227) PB N RM50
  • Ministry of Moral Panic - Amanda Lee Koe (Epigram, 2013 ISBN: 9789810757328)
  • Mutiara Terpendam: teka-teki bersha'er - Muhammad Abdul Jalil RM130
  • Mum's Not Cooking: Favourite Singaporean Recipes for the Clueless or Lazy - Denise Fletcher (Epigram, 2012 ISBN: 9789810897321) PB N RM50
  • Museums of Southeast Asia - Iola Lenzi (Editions Didier Millet, 2004 ISBN:9789814068963) N PB RM50
  • Muslims and Matriarchs Cultural Resilience in Minangkabau through Jihad and Colonialism - Jeffrey Hadler (NUS Press, 2009 ISBN: 9789971694845) PB N RM50
  • News Media and New Media: v.5: The Asia-Pacific Internet Handbook: Vol 5 - Madanmohan Rao (Marshall Cavendish Academic, 2003 ISBN: 9789812102324) PB N RM40 
  • Nyawa di-Hujong PedangAhmad Murad (Khee Meng Press, 1954) PB VG RM190
  • Old Kuala Lumpur - JM Gullick RM90
  • Old Penang - Sarnia Hayes Hoyt  RM150
  • Other Cities, Other Lives - Chew Kok Chang, Shelly Bryant (Epigram, 2013 ISBN: 9789810766726) PB N  RM50
  • Palace, Political Party and Power: A Story of the Socio-Political Development of Malay Kingship - Kobkua Suwannathat-Pian RM60
  • Paradise in Penang - Barbara Cartland RM40 
  • Penang and Its Region: The Story of an Asian Entrepot - Yeoh Seng Guan & Others (ed) RM50
  • Penang Past and Present, 1786-1963 - City Council of Georgetown, 1966 RM100
  • Penang: Rites of Belonging in a Malaysian Chinese Community - Jean DeBernard RM50
  • Penghulu - Suratman Markasan (Epigram, 2012 ISBN: 9789810735357) PB N RM50
  • Peranakan's Search For National Identity: Biographical Studies Of Seven Indonesian Chinese - Leo Suryadinata RM100
  • Politics and Cultures of Islamization in Southeast Asia - Georg Stauth (Transaction Publishers, 2002 ISBN: 9783933127815) HB G EL RM160
  • Questioning Modernity in Indonesia and Malaysia -  Wendy Mee, Joel S. Kahn (Editors) (NUS Press, 2012 ISBN: 9789971695637) PB N RM50
  • Raja Azhar Idris: Fragility…Versatility - Raja Azhar Idris (Utusan, 2006 ISBN: 9789676119254) HB VG DJ RM150
  • Raja Bongsu of Sulu - Robert Nicholl (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1996 ISBN: 9839961438) HB N RM30
  • Rakaman Roh: Sajak-Sajak Pilehan 1953-1961 - Noor SI RM150
  • Revisiting Rural Places: Pathways to Poverty and Prosperity in Southeast Asia - Jonathan Rigg (ed) (NUS Press, 2012 ISBN: 9789971695576) PB N RM70 
  • Ricky Star - Lim Thean Soo RM50
  • Saleh: A Prince of Malaya - Hugh Clifford (Oxford Univ Pr, 1989 Reprint ISBN: 9780195889291) PB VG RM200
  • Segar - Anwar RM150
  • Sejarah Kerajaan Perlis 1841-1957 (History of the Kingdom of Perlis, 1841-1957) - Julie Tang Su Chin RM60
  • Sentence Analysis in Modern Malay - MB Lewis (Cambridge University Press, 1969) HB G EL RM100
  • Serpehan Hidup - Rukiah Abu Bakar, Nora & M. Mathi RM130
  • Sketches in the Straits -  Charles Dyce (Editions Didier Millet ISBN: 978981406892) N HB RM100
  • Spider Boys - Ming Cher RM50
  • Syair Perang Siak - Donald J Goodie (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society ISBN: 9839961411) HB N RM80
  • Tales From the South China Seas - Charles Allen (ed) (Futura Publishing, 1988 ISBN: 0708824943) PB G RM30
  • Teaching Cats to Jump Hoops - You Jin (Epigram, 2012 ISBN: 9789810736576) PB N RM50
  • The Banana Tree at The Gate: A History of Marginal Peoples and Global Markets in Borneo - Michael R Dove (NUS Press, 2012. ISBN, 9971696177) PB N RM50
  • The Challenge Of Ethnicity - Cheah Boon Kheng RM120
  • The Beauty of Chinese Yixing Teapots & The Finer Art of Tea Drinking - Lim Kean Siew RM300
  • The Best of Edwin Thumboo (Epigram, 2012 ISBN: 9789810718398) PB N RM60
  • The Best of Karpal Singh (Epigram, 2012 ISBN: 9789810718411) PB N RM60
  • The Best of Robert Yeo (Epigram, 2012 ISBN: 9789810718404) PB N RM60
  • The Casuarina Tree - W. Somerset Maugham (Editions Didier Millet, 2005 ISBN: 9789814155526) N PB RM30
  • The Conquest of Malacca - Francisco de Sa de Menses RM100
  • The Earnest Mask -  Xi Ni Er (Epigram, 2012 ISBN: 9789810736590) PB N RM50
  • The End of Char Kway Teow and Other Hawker Mysteries -  Leslie Tay (Epigram, 2010 ISBN: 9789810865153) PB N RM60

  • The Epigram Books Collection of Best New Singaporean Short Stories: Volume One - Jason Erik Lundberg.(ed) (Epigram, 2013 ISBN:9789810762346) PB N RM70
  • The Eurasian Cookbook - Mary Gomes (Horizon, 2003 ISBN: 9789810443443) PB N  RM70
  • The Fiction of Singapore - Edwin Thumboo (ed) (Centre for Arts, National University of Singapore, 1993 ISBN: 9810048335) HB VG LB RM200
  • The Immolation - Goh Poh Seng (Epigram, 2011 ISBN:9789810899356) PB N RM50
  • The Indian Archipelago: Its History and Present State  (2 vols) - Horace St John (Gregg, 1969) HB NF RM140
  • The Legacy of the Malay Letter/Warisan Warkah MelayuAnnabel Gallop RM120 
  • The Life Of This World: Negotiated Muslim Lives In Thai Society - Chaiwat Satha Anand  (Marshall Cavendish Academic, 2005 ISBN: 9789812103550) PB N RM50
  • The Many Faces of Political Islam: Religion and Politics in the Muslim World -   Mohammed Ayoob RM50
  • The MBRAS book of Over 1600 Malay Proverbs with Explanations in English RM50
  • The Singapore Sting: Gripping Tales Set in a Future Singapore - Jenny Gay (Angsana, 1997 ISBN: 9789813056190) PB VG RM50
  • The Natives of Sarawak and Borneo - R Ling Roth RM200
  • The Origins of Malay Nationalism - William Roff RM40
  • The Portuguese and the Straits of Melaka 1575-1619 - Paulo Jorge de Sousa Pinto Pinto (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2012 ISBN: 9789679948516) PB N RM60
  • The Roots of Terrorism in Indonesia - Solahudin (NUS Press, 2013 ISBN: 9789971697761) PB N RM60
  • The Scholar and the Dragon  - Stella Kon  (Epigram, 2011 ISBN: 9789810899318) PB N RM50
  • The Shanghai TaoTai - Leung Yuen-Sang (Singapore University Press, 1990 ISBN: 9789971691431) PB VG RM80
  • The Tower - Isa Kamari (Epigram, 2013 ISBN: 9789810767822) PB N RM50
  • The Wives of Sir Stamford Raffles - John Bastin (Landmark, 2013 ISBN: 9789814189491) HB N SC RM160
  • Three Sisters of Sze - Tan Kok Seng RM50
  • Transforming Brickfields. Development and Governance in a Malaysian City - Richard Baxstrom (NUS Press, 2010 ISBN:9789971694944) PB N RM60
  • Tropical Fruit - Desmond Tate (Editions Didier Millet, 2007 ISBN: 9789814217217) PB N RM60
  • Under the Bed, Confusion - Wong Meng Voon (Epigram, 2012 ISBN: 9789810736613) PB N RM50
  • Victorious Wives: the Disguised Heroine in 19th-Century Malay Syair - Mulaika Hijjas (Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2011 ISBN: 9789679948493) PB N RM70
  • War, Memory and the Making of Modern Malaysia and Singapore - Kevin Blackburn & Karl Hack (NUS Press, 2012 ISBN:9789971695996) PB N RM70
  • Unsettling Absences: Urbanism in Rural Malaysia - Eric Thompson RM50
  • William Teo: His Work in Theatre - Jacqueline Danam (ed) (Archipelago Press, 2003 ISBN: 9789814068444) HB VG DJ RM110
  • Words in Motion: Language and Discourse in Post-New Order Indonesia - Keith Foulcher, Mikihiro Moriyama and Manneke Budiman (NUS Press, 2012 ISBN: 9789971696337) PB N RM70
  • Working and Mothering in Asia - Theresa Devasahayam & Brenda Yeoh (NUS Press, 2007 ISBN: 9789971693480) PB N RM90


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