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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

New Arrivals in April

New Arrivals in April

As of 28th April 2014

(Updated Constantly)

Listed below are books which have arrived at The Penang Bookshelf recently.  (All prices are post free within Malaysia. If you live outside Malaysia, please ask for a quote for postage.)

Prices are shown in Malaysian Ringgit in blue.  If you're looking for prices in other major currencies, you should be able to find them in The Penang Bookshelf Full Catalogue which is updated regularly. Books sold will be so marked. So if you want to order any of them or want further details of any of the books before you make up your mind, do contact me at
The books are all used unless indicated otherwise. Abbreviations used are A = Acceptable, DJ = Dust Jacket, EL = Ex-library, F = Fine/AsNew, G = Good,  HB = Hardback, LB = Leatherbound, N = New, NF = Near Fine, PB = Paperback, SG = Author Signed Copy, SC = Slip Case and VG = Very Good

  • 22 Malaysian Stories - Lloyd Fernando (ed) (Heinemann, 1977) PB VG RM60 SOLD
  • 1819 - Isa Kamari (Silverfish Books, 2013 ISBN: 9789833221424) PB N  RM40
  • A Critical Survey of Studies on Malay and Bahasa Indonesia - A. Teeuw (Martinus Nijhoff, 1961) PB NF  RM120
  • A Journey Through  Singapore: Travellers' Impressions of a Time Gone By - Reena Singh (Landmark Books, 1995) HB DJ VG  RM150
  • A Question of Class - Jomo Kwame Sundaram (Monthly Review Press, 1988) PB VG RM220
  • A Song of the Wind -  Isa Kamari (Silverfish Books, 2013 ISBN: 9789833221448) PB N  RM40
  • Adventures of the Monkey God - Alison & Arthur Waley (trans) (Graham Brash, 1987) PB VG RM40 
  • An Early Surveyor in Singapore -  John Hall-Jones & Christopher Hooi (National Museum, Singapore, 1969 ISBN: 9971917009) HB DJ NF  RM230
  • An English-Malay Dictionary - Richard Winstedt (Kelly & Walsh, 1949) HB G EL RM120
  • Awakening: The Abdullah Badawi Years in Malaysia - Bridget Welsh & UH Chin (eds) (SIRD, 2013 ISBN: 9789675832789) PB N  RM80
  • Baillie ki Paltan: Being A History of the 2nd Battalion Madras Pioneers, 1759-1930 - HF Murland (Higginbothams, 1932) HB G  RM600
  • Beyond Suspicion?: The Singapore Judiciary - Francis T. Seow (SIRD, 2008 ISBN: 9789833782482) PB N  RM60
  • Bayu (Wind) - Rozlan Mohd Noor (Silverfish Books, 2013 ISBN: 9789833221455) PB N  RM40
  • Body That Bleeds: Menstrual Politics in Malaysia - Popho ES Bark-Yi (SIRD, 2007 ISBN: 9789833782178)  PB NF  RM40
  • Chao Chun: Beauty in Exile -  Shu-Chiung (Graham Brash, 1981) PB NF  RM90
  • Chinese Calligraphy - William Willets (Oxford University Press, 1981) HB DJ VG  RM210
  • Commercial Timbers of Peninsular Malaysia - Lee Yew Hon & Chu Yue Pun (Department of Forestry, 1974)  HB VG DJ RM170
  • Common Malayan Plants -  HB Gilliland (University of Malaya Press, 1962)  PB VG  RM80
  • Community-based Arts & Culture Education: A Resource Kit - Janet Pillai (SIRD, 2014 ISBN:9789670630069) PB N  RM60
  • David Marshall's Political Interlude -  Alex Josey (Eastern Universities Press, 1982 ISBN: 997171163X) HB DJ VG  RM280
  • Electoral Dynamics in Malaysia: Findings from the Grassroots - Meredith L. Weiss (SIRD, 2014 ISBN: 9789670630083) PB N  RM40
  • Engaging Christianity: A Travelogue of Peace - Mujahid Yusof Rawa (ILHAM Centre, 2014 ISBN: 9789834466848) PB N  RM30
  • Episodes in Sabah Politics - Ed Hunter (The Author, 1976) HB LB G  RM300
  • Failed Nation?: Concerns of a Malaysian Nationalist - Rustam A. Sani (SIRD, 2008 ISBN: 9789833782451) PB N  RM30
  • Festivals of Malaya - Joy Manson (Eastern Universites Press, 1965) PB VG  RM120
  • Fong Chong Pik: The Memoirs of a Malayan Communist Revolutionary - (SIRD, 2008 ISBN: 9789833782475) PB N  RM40
  • Forests of Southeast Asia - Russel C Stadelman (The Author, 1974) PB G  RM160
  • Forty Good Men: The Story of The Tanglin Club in the Island of Singapore, 1865-1990 - Barbara Ann Walsh (The Tanglin Club, 1991) HB DJ VG  RM200
  • Frank Swettenham & George Giles: Watercolours & Sketches of Malaya, 1880-1894 - Lim Ching Keat & Henry Barlow (The British-Malaysian Society, 1988 ISBN: 9789971976125) HB DJ NF  RM320
  • From Class to Culture: Social Consciousness in Malay Novels Since Independence - David Banks (Yale University Press, 1988) PB F RM80
  • Green Beret, Red Star -  Anthony Crockett (Eyre & Spottiswode, 1954) HB DJ VG  RM120
  • Historical Guide to Malacca -  Malacca Historical Society (1936) PB G RM200
  • Horror Stories - Tunku Halim (Fixi Novo, 2014 ISBN: 9789670374543) PB N  RM30
  • Impressions of the Malay Peninsula in Ancient Times - Paul Wheatley (Donald Moore, 1964) HB DJ VG  RM280

  • In Spirit Bound - K Rajamanikam (VJ Times, 1993 ISBN: 9810046944) PB VG  RM50
  • India & Ancient Malaya - D Devahuti (Donald Moore, 1965) HB DJ VG  RM250
  • Introduction to Bird Watching in Malaya - Gwyn Symes (University of London Press, 1968) HB EL G  RM60
  • Islam in Malaysia: Perceptions & Facts -   Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin (Matahari, 2010) PB N  RM40
  • Kelantan dalam Perspektif Sosio-Budaya - Nik Safiah Karim & Wan Abdul Yusuf (eds) (University of Malaya Press, 1985) PB NF  RM150
  • Lords of the Abacus: 100 Years of Coopers & Lybrand in Singapore - Raymond Flower (Coopers & Lybrand, 1991 ISBN: 9812042393) HB DJ NF  RM80
  • Malay Grammar - RO Winstedt (Oxford University Press, 1957) HB VG RM120
  • Malayan Botany - Anne Johnson (Eastern Universities Press, 1965) HB DJ VG  RM200
  • Malayan Fables (Books 1 & 2) - Ann Parkinson (Donald Moore, 1956) PB G RM250
  • Malayan Fables (Book 2) - Ann Parkinson (Donald Moore, 1956) PB G RM100 
  • Malayan Wildflowers (Parts I, II & III) - MR Henderson (Malayan Nature Journal, 1949-1951) PB G PB G RM250
  • Malay Courtesy - Mubin Sheppard (Donald Moore, 1959) PB VG  RM70
  • Malay Nationalism Before Umno - Mustapha Hussain (Utusan, 2005 ISBN: 9789676116987) PB VG  RM190
  • Malay Secular Education and Teacher Training in British Malaya - Awang Had Salleh (Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, 1979) PB VG  RM220

  • Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore Banknotes & Coins - 7th edition 2014 - KN Boon (ed) (Trigometric, 2014) PB N  RM100
  • Malaysia: Public Policy & Marginalised Groups - Phua Kai Lit (ed) (Malaysian Social Science Association, 2007 ISBN: 9789839960389) PB N  RM30
  • Malaysia: The Road to Independence - Tunku Abdul Rahman (Pelanduk, 1984) PB VG  RM90
  • Malaysia's National Language Policy and the Legal System - Richard Mead (Yale University, 1988 ISBN: 9780938692300) PB NF  RM160
  • Malaysian Cinema in a Bottle: A Century (and a Bit More) of Wayang - Hassan Abd Muthalib (Merpati Jingga, 2013 ISBN: 9789670584010) PB N  RM60
  • Malaysians - The Shell Company HB VG RM100
  • Matriarchy in the Malay Peninsula - GA de C de Moubray (AMS Press, 1982) HB G EL  RM320
  • May 13 Fact & Fiction: Current Malaysian Challenges - Kua Kia Soong (Suaram, 2013 ISBN: 9789671142646) PB N  RM30
  • Multiethnic Malaysia: Past, Present and Future - Lim Teck Ghee, Alberto Gomes & Azly Rahman (eds) (SIRD, 2009 ISBN: 9789833782819) HB N  RM100
  • My Life in Sarawak - Margaret Brooke (Oxford University Press, 1986)  PB VG  RM70
  • National Museum Kuala Lumpur: History and Culture of Malaysia - Mark Harris & Zainuddin Zainal (Abdul Majeed, 1990) PB VG  RM120
  • Pagan Races of the Malay Peninsula (2 vols) - Walter William Skeat & Charles Otto Blagden (Frank Cass, 1966) HB VG  RM800
  • Penang - Margaret Ratnam & Robert Crock (Walter D Andreae, 1973) HB VG  RM130
  • Penang - Ceclia Tan & Philip Little (Times Editions, 1986 ISBN: 9971400424)  HB DJ VG  RM130
  • Post-Mortem on Malaya - Virginia Thompson (Macmillan, 1943) HB EL G  RM90
  • Randai Dance of Minangkabu Sumatra with Labanotation Scores - Mohd Anis Mohd Nor (University of Malaya Press, 1986)  HB DJ VG  RM200
  • Rich Malaysia, Poor Malaysians - Anas Alam Faizli (Gerakbudaya, 2014 ISBN: 9789832344216) PB N  RM30
  • Sharing the Nation: Faith, Difference, Power and the State 50 years after Merdeka - Norani Othman & Others (SIRD, 2008 ISBN: 9789833782437) PB NF RM30
  • Social Roots of the Malay Left - Rustam A Sani (SIRD, 2008 ISBN: 9789833782444) PB N  RM30
  • Square One: A Potter's Journey - Iskandar Jalil (Singapore Economic Development Board, 2001)  HB DJ SC NF  RM250
  • Struggle for Justice: Bestcan Workers: The Untold Story 1977 - V Alfred and MB Patrick (Public Media Agency, 2012 ISBN:9789834390754) PB N  RM30
  • Swamp Rice Farming: The Indigenous Pahang Malay Agricultural System - Donald H Lambert (Westview Press, 1985) HB EL G  RM30
  • Tangerine - Colin Cheong (SNP Publishing, 1997 ISBN: 9789971008192) PB NF  RM80
  • Teater Kompilasi - Nam Ron - Faisal Mustaffa (Trans) (Merpati Jingga, 2013 ISBN: 9789670584058) PB N  RM30

  • The 1963 Operation Coldstore in Singapore: Commemorating 50 Years - Poh Soo Kai & Others (eds) (SIRD, 2013 ISBN: 9789670630106) PB N  RM70
  • The 'Allah Controversy' and Other Essays on Malaysian Hypermodernity -  Azly Rahman (SIRD, 2013 ISBN: 9789675832802) PB N  RM40
  • The Chinese Dilemma - Ye Lin Sheng (East-West Publishers, 2005 ISBN: 9780975164619) PB N  RM200
  • The Chinese in Modern Malaya - Victor Purcell (Donald Moore, Singapore, 1960) PB VG RM230
  • The Haunted Forest - HM Tomlinson (Hodder & Stoughton, 1951) HB G RM50
  • The Invention of Politics in British Colonial Malaya -  Anthony Milner (Cambridge University Press, 1995)  HB LB VG RM170
  • The Iranun of Sabah: Language and Culture of an Endangered Minority in Sabah - James UH Chin & Karla J Smith (Pelanduk, 2011 ISBN: 9789679789690) PB N  RM150
  • The Jungle Beat: Fighing Terrorists in the Jungle, 1952-1961 -  Roy Follows (Cassell, 1990) HB DJ EL G RM60
  • The Kuomintang Movement in British Malaya, 1912-1949 - CF Yong and RB McKenna (Singapore University Press, 1990 ISBN: 997169137X) PB VG  RM160
  • The Land of the Sultans: An Illustrated History of Malaysia -  Ruud Spruit (Pepin Press,1995)  PB VG  RM60
  • The Lion City and Other Tales from Malay Literature - Roy Britton (Target, 1985)  PB G  RM40

  • The Magic Basket - Times Heritage Collection (Federal Publications, Singapore, 1980) PB VG  RM60
  • The Malayan Elephant -  Mohd Momin Khan (Malaysian Palm Oil Council, 2012) HB DJ N RM80
  •  The Malay Peninsula - Arnold Wright and Thomas H Reid (Charles Scribner, 1912)
    PB G  RM600
  • The Malaysian Economy: Rethinking Policies & Purposes - Shankaran Nambiar (SIRD, 2014 ISBN: 9789670630144) PB N  RM30
  • The Manners and Customs of the Chinese of the Straits Settlements - JD Vaughan (Oxford University Press, 1977) PB G RM90
  • The Origins of Malay Nationalism - William Roff (Yale University Press, 1967)  HB DJ EL G RM100
  • The Patriarch - Yeap Joo Kim (No Publisher mentioned, 1976) PB G RM70
  • The Rise & Fall of the Singapore Naval Base - W. David McIntyre (Archon Books, 1979) HB DJ NF RM130
  • The Singapore Cricket Club, 1852-1985 - Ilsa Sharp (Singapore Cricket Club, 1985) HB DJ VG RM80
  • The Singapore Malays: The Dilemma of Development - Wan Hussin Zoohri (Singapore Malay Teachers' Union, 1990) PB NF  RM100
  • The State of Johore Malaya - (The Advertising and Publicity Bureau, 1939) PB G  RM250
  • The Story of Early Kuala Lumpur - JM Gullick (Donald Moore, 1956) PB G  RM180
  • The Story of Loke House -  (Wisma Loke, 1971) PB G  RM260
  • The Societies of Borneo: Explorations in the Theory of Cognatic Social Structure - GN Appell (ed) (American Anthropological Association, 1976) PB VG  RM120
  • The Western Malay States, 1850-1873 - Khoo Kay Kim (Oxford University Press, 1972) HB VG  RM170
  • The Writer's Sense of the Past - Kirpal Singh (ed) (Singapore University Press, 1987 ISBN: 9971691086) PB NF  RM60
  • Timbers of Sabah - PF Burgess (Forest Department, Sabah. 1966) HB VG RM250
  • Two Nine Five: Reminiscences from a Garden off Jalan Ampang -  Peter Jenkins (The Author, 1997) HB NF RM50
  • Towards a Competitive Malaysia: Development Challenges in the 21st Century - M. Bakri Musa (SIRD, 2007 ISBN: 9789833782208)  PB N  RM40
  • Tujal and the Wind - Stephen-John Curtis (Center for Orang Asli Concerns, 2013 ISBN: 9789671228203) PB N  RM30
  • Penang - Robert Crock & Margaretha Ratnam (Walter D Andrade, 1973) HB VG RM150
  • Wives and Midwives: Childbirth and Nutrition in Rural Malaysia - Carol Laderman (University of California Press, 1987) PB VG RM40 
  • Women, Politics and Change: The Kaum Ibu UMNO, Malaysia, 1945-1972 - Lenore Manderson (Oxford University Press, 1980) HB DJ EL G RM100

More to come....


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