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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Penang Bookshelf Special Bulletin - An Offer Until 27th September

The Penang Bookshelf
Special Bulletin - 1
From The Penang Bookshelf

Dear Friend,

Stumbling Onto An Opportunity 

I've gone a bit mad over the last few days making my biggest ever purchase of books. What's probably even madder is that 95% or more of them are in Malay and half of those are written in the Jawi script! Pictures of some of the Jawi books are in the right hand column.  I should receive pictures of the entire collection of Jawi books later this week. When that happens I will give details on The Penang Bookshelf Blog

However this email is not about the sale of the Jawi books. They're part of a collection of the US linguist Professor Rufus Hendon and consist of books mostly from the 1950s and 1960s on Malaysia and Indonesia. I have bought most of the collection in English and Malay. The bookseller and I are still working out the final details, but there will probably be up to 700 books landing on my doorstep. I will publish a list in due course.

I haven't taken all of the bookseller's inventory of books about Malaysia, so I thought you and a few of my other customers may be interested in taking some of the rest on special terms.

The Books
I have listed these in on the blog today.. They're obviously a mixed bunch. They are written in Dutch, English, German and Malay. Some you won't be able to find elsewhere on the internet, others are being offered by other booksellers and a few are fairly common. Maybe you could get a few of the common books cheaper elswhere. If you want my advice on this, do contact me.

The Offer

The books that I am buying are in the process of being packed up and mailed this week. The bookseller will still list the books I am offering you and you can see them on his website.

You will be able to buy the books from me at roughly 10% more than the price he is offering the general public. You may well ask, what's so special? . Well, if you have bought books from overseas before you will know that a large part of the cost of purchase is the mailing cost. In this case I can include any book you want as part of my bulk mail and so absorb the cost of postage within my mark up on the bookseller's listed price.

The Terms

If you want to order any of the books, I will not charge extra postage, if you're postal address is in Malaysia. If you're overseas, I'll have to charge postage. If you live in Singapore, I may be able to absorb the postage cost for surface mail. I will have to let you know. Otherwise I will have to charge normal Malaysian postal rates.

To secure any book you may want from the list, I will need to receive payment by the deadline below. As soon as I receive your payment, I will ask the bookseller to pull the relevant book from his list.

I would prefer payment by bank transfer. I have accounts with CIMB, HSBC and Maybank. If you want to pay by PayPal, I will have to ask you to bear the PayPal charge to me, i.e. an additional 5%, because my margins are so small on this offer.

For those of you who are interested, this offer is only open until midnight (Malaysian time) Tuesday 27th September since I don't want to delay the rest of my order or make the bookseller hang about for too long.

And More...
Professor Hendon also had a considerable amount of books on Indonesia in his collection. If you want to order any books not on the list I have posted on the blog, I could order these for you at the discounted rate. You can browse the full linventory of the bookseller here. If you find a book in which you are interested, do contact me.I will then be able to let you know my price.

And Even More...

The bookseller has about another 40 books about Malaysia that are not yet listed on his website. He is going to offer these to me as well. I do not know their titles yet, but expect to be receiving photos of them in the course of this week. If you're not fed up with mailings from The Penang Bookshelf yet, I can let you also see this additional collection. However, I won't mail you unless you tell me you'd like to know about these books.


Books ordered should reach me within a calendar month of your order. I will despatch any book pre-ordered by you within three business days of me receiving the book.

With my best wishes,

William Knox
The Penang Bookshelf  

Jawi Books 1

Jawi Books 2
Jawi Books 2

Jawi Books 4

Jawi Books 5
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Jawi Books 8

Jawi Books 8

Jawi Books 9

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