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Monday, 12 September 2011

What's On The Way - New Stock Ordered in September (Updated to 15th September)

This is stock which I've ordered this month. The books are all used unless otherwise stated and normally take about a month to get to me. I have marked the probable price in blue in some cases I'm able to offer a discounted price, marked in red, if your reserve the book and pay for it within a calendar month of my order. All you have to do is contact me at

1st September

These titles are all new from Editions Didier Millet

Penang Sketchbook - Chin Kon Yit & Chen Von Fee RM95/RM90
The Encyclopedia of Malaysia Volume 9: Languages and Literature RM95/RM90
The Encyclopedia of Malaysia Volume 12: Crafts and Visual Arts RM95/RM90
 The Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas - Lynn Pan (ed) RM45
 Legacy - Shahriza Hussein RM40
Malaya: 500 Early Postcards - Cheah Jin Seng RM90/RM100
Eleven Months in Malaya - Robert W. Holder RM25

 5th September

A Company of Planters - John Dodd  RM55 (New)
This book is now out of print - one of  The Penang Bookshelf's bestsellers

9th September

A Borneo childhood;: Enculturation in Dusun society -  Thomas Rees Williams RM30
The Nyonya Kebaya: A Century of Straits Chinese Costume  - Seri Endon Mahmood RM120
The Heat of the Hearth: The Process of Kinship in a Malay Fishing Community - Janet Carsten RM75/RM50
The Real Malay: Pen pictures - Frank Swettenham RM100/RM75
Batik Design - Pepin van Roojen - RM55
Critical Survey of Studies on the Languages of Borneo - AA Cense RM50
The Consul's File  - Paul Theroux RM25
Malaya - N Ginsburg RM45
Chinese Astrology for Romance and Relationships  - Lillian Too RM30
Malaise - Henri Fauconnier - RM150/RM100

11th September

The Golden Khersonese: Studies in the Historical Geography of the Malay Peninsula Before AD1500 (University of Malaya Press 1961 1st edition) RM1500/RM1300

The Malay World of Southeast Asia: A Select Cultural Bibliography - P.Lim Pui Huen RM120

A Merry Senhor in the Malay World: Four Texts of the Syair Sinyor Kosta - A Teeuw & Others RM100

Submitting to God: Women and Islam in Urban Malaysia - Sylvia Frisk RM50

Guerrilla Communism in Malaya: Its Social and Political Meaning - Lucian Pye RM120/RM100

Upper Nankin Street, Singapore: A sociological study of Chinese households living in a densely populated area - Kaye Barrington RM70/RM60   SOLD!

From Class to Culture: Social Conscience in Malay Novels Since Independence - David J Banks RM50/RM40

Province Wellesley Scale One inch to a Mile (Map) April 1945 Very Good - Ordnance Survey RM200
Islamic Law in Malaya (Malaysian Sociological Research Institute 1965 Hardcover) - Ahmad Ibrahim RM400 
Estate Surveying (Kuala Lumpur Society of Planters, 1939 First edition 189pp + glossary, A very good clean copy) - RB Perkins RM120

The Sociology of Production in Rural Malay Society  (Kuala Lumpur Oxford University Press 1983) - Conner Bailey RM200/RM180

12th September

The Protected Malay States 1874-1895 - Emily Sadka RM200/RM175

14th September

Perfecting Spelling: Spelling Discussions and Reforms in Indonesia and Malaysia, 1900-1972 (With an appendix on old Malay Spelling and phonology) - Lars Vikor RM150/RM125 

The Bamboo Rod ("The colourful characters of The Wiles of Lim Quong reappear in this gripping new novel of life in Malaya under the 'bamboo rod'. Singapore, the supposed impregnable fortress, has fallen before the lightning Japanese invasion.") - SC George RM300/RM250

The Other Side of the Coin ("A rubber plantation in the steaming jungles of Malaya, menaced constantly the Chinese workers. Delavigne, the Frenchman who rules over the plantation with a rod of iron, and Patricia, his wife over whom nobody rules." - Pierre Boulle   RM30

15th September

The Natural Wealth of the Malaysian Rainforest  (Fine. 8vo (8 1/4"). Illustrated with drawings in colour. Introduction byTunku Osman Ahmad, Chairman Malaysian Timber Council. Book.) - Malaysian Timber Council (eds) RM150/RM125

More to come... 


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