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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Books Ordered in December - Offers!

Books Ordered in December

As usual I'm letting you know of books I am ordering in the course of the month. They usually take up to a month from the date of the order to reach me. Please assume that the books are used, unless I indicate otherwise. I have also given the expected price when the books reach my shelves in blue. I am offering some of the titles at a reuced price if they are ordered and paid for within a calendar month of the date of my order. In such cases I have indicated the discounted price in red. If you want to pre-order any of them or have any questions, do contact me at
19th December
Paradise in Penang - Barbara Cartland RM40
Beloved Stranger - Elizabeth Oldfield (Harlequin/Mills and Boon, 1983) RM40
Sea Dyak Phrase Book - Sea Dyak RM350/RM300
Raffles of Singapore - Reginald Coupland (Collins, 1946) RM90
Lion City and Other Tales from Malay Literature - Roy Britton RM40
Malay Courtesy - Mubin Sheppard RM70
The Karans of Penang - Narayanaswamy (Har Anand Publications, 2007) RM60
More Far Eastern Tales - Somerset Maugham (New) RM60
Far Eastern Tales - Somerset Maugham (New) RM50
24th December

Come Tears, Come Smiles -  Ooi Chin Keat RM40
British Malaya - Frank Swettenham  (Allen and Unwin 1955) RM150
Glimpses Into Life in Malayan Lands - John Turnbull Thomson (Oxford University Press, 1991) RM140/RM130
About Others and Myself - Archibald Edward Anson (John Murray 1920. Anson was appointed as the last Lieutenant Governor of Penang from 1867 to 1882, after serving in the army in India. In his memoirs “About Others and Myself,” he describes the feeling of depression upon his appointment as Penang's Resident Councillor. It was during his appointment that the Penang Riots occurred. The riots ended when he negotiated a peace agreement between the contending parties; Red Flag and Tua Pek Kong members against the White Flag and the Ghee Hin.) RM1,500/RM1,100

27th December
A Guide To Reference Materials On Southeast Asia Based On The Collections In The Yale and Cornell University Libraries -  Donald Clay Johnson (Yale University Press, 1970) RM70
Fun with Chinese Idioms - Volume 2 - John Smithback RM50/RM40
Malaysia: A Study in Direct and Indirect Rule - Rupert Emerson (U of Malaya Press, 1964) RM50
A Short History of Malaysia - Harry Miller ( F.A. Praeger 1966) RM30
Islamic Voluntary Sector in Southeast Asia - Mohamed Ariff ( Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1992) RM60/RM50
Southeast Asia: An Introductory History - Milton Osborne RM30
Extraordinary Museums of Southeast Asia - Kristin Kelly (Abrahms, 2001) RM40
Malaya and Its History - RO Winstedt RM40
Century Comics Presents Singapore's Greatest Comics - Jerry Hinds (Nice One Entertainment, 2006) RM40
Kancil and the Crocodiles: A Tale from Malaysia - Noreha Yussof Day RM30
Stranger in the Forest: On Foot Across Borneo - Eric Hansen RM30
Southeast Asia: A Concise History - Mary F Somers Hedihues (Thames & Hudson 2000) RM40
The Church in Southeast Asia - Winburn Thomas (Freindship Press, 1956) RM30
Sinister Twilight: The Fall of Sinagpore - Noel Barber RM30
Memories and the National Library: Between forgetting and remembering - Kar Lin Tan, Kian Woon Kwok, Weng Hin Ho (Singapore Heritage Society, 2000) RM50
South-East Asia, 1930-1970; The Legacy of Colonialism and Nationalism - Fred van der Mehden (WW Norton & Co 1974) RM30
State and Family in Singapore - Janet Salaff (Cornell University Press 1988) RM30
A History of Modern Southeast Asia - John Bastin (Prentice Hall Press, 1968) RM40
Freedom From Fear and Other Writings - Aung San Suu Kyi (Penguin) RM30
Southeast Asia: Languages and Literatures, A Select Guide - P Herbert and A. Milner (Hawaii 1989) RM150/RM100
Chinese Beliefs and Supersitions - Evelyn Lip (Graham Brash, Singapore 1988) RM30
Memoir Khatijah Sidek, puteri sateria bangsa (Siri Memoir Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)RM50/RM40

28th December
 stock image
The Golden Khersonese - Paul Wheatley (University of Malay Press, 1961. The copy of the book I have ordered is not in a good condition; this image is of a previous copy of the book which I have now sold. I may even want to rebind the book before sale, so the price is a guide price only at the moment.) RM1,000

30th December

Malay Adventure - JS Phillips (Puffin 1955) RM30 
Women in Southeast Asia: A bibliography  - Fan Kok Sim ( G.K. Hall, 1982) RM280/RM200

More to come...


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